washington: Intriguing History, Facts and Gorgeous Views Everywhere - 07/11/14 01:10 PM
Don't you love to travel, sightsee, and even learn a bit of the history of a new area?  Here's one charming and historic town full of history and firsts. For example, it was the first town incorporated in its state. This charming town is built on the side of a hill. The awesome thing about that? Lovely water views from so many locations as you walk or drive in and through the city. The hard part is finding real estate here that is aging in place-friendly. There are some homes we spotted. But many more that my own senior mom would not have been … (0 comments)

washington: 5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready To Sell - 04/06/14 10:56 AM
Spring fever time and based on our market report of homes listing and selling, it's definitely having an impact here in Pierce County Washington. If you are one of many who is working hard to get your home ready to sell, Michael J. Perry has some excellent tips for you and I wanted to share them with you. 
You can also find more ideas and tips at my Pinterest Board, Sell Your House Preparation, and at my site, KayeSwain.com. Of course, the most important tip is, GET STARTED. So without further adieu...  
The Spring market is here! Having your … (4 comments)

washington: How Are You Doing With The Time Change? - 03/09/14 12:46 PM
Oh my! I don't know about you, but these time changes just seem to get harder and harder. This time around I was so busy with various real estate and caregiving issues, I didn't even realize it was changing til earlier in the week and promptly forgot it. Then I remembered last night. But forgot when I woke so I ended up getting out of bed earlier than planned. The good thing was, I got more done in the morning. But I'm definitely a bit draggy tonight. Then again, that should help get me to bed earlier and more quickly acclimated to … (5 comments)

washington: Real Estate Broker Tours Are Profitable in Many Ways - 03/01/14 06:12 AM
Real Estate Broker Tours are a grand way for REALTORS® to get together, preview houses that have just been listed, network with real estate brokers and agents from other companies, as well as get to know agents from their own office a bit better. 
Going in groups to various homes is beneficial to each other and to everyone's clients, as one broker will highlight something they like that the rest of us hadn't always noticed. For example, I am always looking for things to make life easier for elderly seniors who may be living on their own or moving in with … (0 comments)

washington: Researching Senior Care Facilities? Pinterest Can Help - 01/20/14 03:35 PM
Pinterest is a gorgeous site, often described with terms such as delightful eye candy. Most of the photos you find there are just about perfect and it is fun to look at them. I have several Pinterest boards and you can definitely find plenty of photos like that from various sites.
Some of my pictures are a little more muted though. But that's OK. The information you can find when you click on those pictures is well worth it. For example, in my Pierce County, Washington board I have several items pinned like bike trails, the library, my favorite radio station, … (8 comments)

washington: Staying Proactively Busy During the Holiday Peace and Quiet - 12/27/13 01:43 AM

It's that peaceful (hopefully) time between Christmas and New Year's. The presents and shopping and card-sending should all be done. Perhaps you've started de-decorating, or maybe you're waiting til after the 12th Day of Christmas. But things are often quiet at work and at home.
It's a grand time to review your websites and other online sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, ActiveRain, etc. An annual check-up is always wise to ensure all your links are still active and relevant. I found a couple of sites where I needed to add updated email addresses and new website links. I've visited … (6 comments)

washington: Keep The Fires Burnin.... - 12/18/13 04:35 AM
In the past few weeks, I've read several blogs and tweets, here and elsewhere, on the pros and cons of buying or selling in the winter and how to deal with it - grand advice all. I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in, well 4 cents really since I've written two articles on the topic at KayeSwain.com. You might even find a familiar link or two from others here at ActiveRain.com :)
Selling Your Home? Keep Those Utilities On Along with Your Heater Or Air Conditioner! Buying or Selling Real Estate in the Winter? Some Food For Thought For You… … (5 comments)