phoenix home inspection: Phx Home Inspection on Money Pit - 03/06/12 02:59 PM
I performed a Phoenix Home Inspection on the money pit. I don’t make that comment lightly. I’ve been performing Home Inspections in Arizona for over 12 years and this is quite possible the worst home I have seen.
This home was in a rural area not far from Scottsdale and had a detached workshop, 4 horse stalls, a walker, a pool and someone had built a garage on the side with a workshop added later.
Every location I just mentioned has an electrical sub-panel and every sub-panel was wired wrong. The garage was a rats nest of improper wiring. After taking … (4 comments)

phoenix home inspection: Scottsdale Golf Course Homes (Hazards) - 10/05/11 05:17 AM
Golf Course Homes Hidden Hazards says Scottsdale Home Inspector. As a Scottsdale home inspector I get to look at some lovely properties including golf course homes.
The homes on the fairway always seem more open  since you can normally see through the fence instead of the masonry wall found in other areas.
However when purchasing a Scottsdale golf course home, pay close attention to which direction the balls are flying, where the trees are and look at the neighbors and see if you can see damage or evidence of numerous repairs.
Issues found by the Scottsdale Home Inspector I recently did a Scottsdale … (6 comments)

phoenix home inspection: Painting Counter tops, Good or Bad Idea - 10/02/11 08:08 AM
Is painting counter tops a good idea?  
I perform home inspections in the Phoenix area and lately I have seen a lot of painted counter tops. Home buyers ask me if this can be done. I will provide you with the same opinion I give my clients.
If you Google Painting counter tops you will find lots of articles from people saying how to do it, how great it looks, what products to use and most of the sites have adds for the products on the pages or a DIY sites that will also tell you how to install … (2 comments)

phoenix home inspection: Ceiling Fans - 10/02/11 08:05 AM
Ceiling Fans Tip of the week. I check the operation of ceiling fans during a Phoenix home inspection. But one thing I noticed is most people pay no attention to which direction the fan is spinning.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ceiling fan users can bump up their thermostat by 4 degrees and see no change in comfort level if the fan is spinning in the right direction.
Fans can be used to blow air down or pull air up. If your registers are adjusted properly they should blow across the ceiling, (not down like most people believe). Here … (2 comments)

phoenix home inspection: After The Phoenix Home Inspection - 09/06/11 06:03 AM
Your Phoenix home Inspection has been completed, Now What Often, after I am done with the home inspection, they buyers will ask me, now what? Do they have to fix everything that is wrong? Do we? Can we ask for the price of the home to be reduced to cover the cost of the repairs? There is no one easy answer. I say, the first you need to read the home inspection report and make sure you understand the issues before you ask for anything. Notice I said read the Phoenix Home Inspection Report not just the summary, it is very … (0 comments)

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