arizona: 3 Day Getaway Trips from Tucson, AZ - 03/28/24 03:33 PM
Now that Spring is in the air, often one thinks about possible short trips to explore while the weather is cool and balmy! Tucson, Arizona, is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and interesting destinations that make for great three-day getaways.
Sedona, Arizona (Approx. 4-hour drive): Known for its stunning red rock formations, Sedona offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and Jeep tours. You can explore the scenic trails of Red Rock State Park, visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross for breathtaking views, or simply relax in one of the many spas in the area. Personally, I … (5 comments)

arizona: Taking the Time to Find the Right Real Estate Agent for You - 02/16/24 01:13 PM
Finding the right real estate agent is crucial when navigating the myriad details of buying or selling your home, often one of the largest transactions in your life. You'll want a REALTOR who not only possesses the necessary education but also exudes compassion and excellent communication skills.
It's essential to recognize that not all real estate agents are cut from the same cloth. If you're a type A personality, your ideal match might differ from someone with a right-brained, creative disposition. Likewise, if you're a dreamer seeking a connection on a spiritual level, a strictly analytical, by-the-book agent might not be the … (5 comments)

arizona: 5 Quick Measures to Guard Against Rattlesnakes in Tucson AZ - 01/20/24 09:24 AM
Discover Effective Measures to Guard Against Rattlesnakes in Tucson, AZ
Rattlesnakes are often a topic of conversation when relocating folks are thinking about purchasing a home in the Tucson, AZ region.

Here's some quick tips to help you avoid that dangerous desert dweller!   (this probably isn't a rattlesnake, but I'm using my own photos!) 1. Maintain a snake-free zone around your property by trimming brush and removing items that may provide hiding spots for rodents. Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings.
2. Be cautious when outdoors on sunny days, as snakes may seek shade under rocks. Avoid lifting rocks … (0 comments)

arizona: Roadrunners in Southwest United States - 06/20/23 11:43 AM
A good friend of mine is an avid bird watcher and amateur photographer and lucky me, I get to receive and share his photos
Today I thought I'd share information on a bird seen regularly throughout our Tucson , Arizona region.  The Roadrunner.
I can't say I've seen them running down the road, or outsmarting a Wyle E. coyote, but I've certainly seen them darting bush to bush.
Roadrunners live in arid climates are quite adaptable to Southwestern United States and Mexico. Amazingly, roadrunners do not have to drink water. They get all the hydration they need from their diet -- can you imagine?  … (3 comments)

arizona: Make Tucson your Home - 01/13/23 10:51 AM
This was taken from an email sent from "VisitTucson" this week and it really, really resonated.
To quote:  "Deep breath. New year, new you – right? Time to sluff off the holiday weight. Or reinvent your wardrobe. Or spend three months trekking through the wilderness to reveal an undiscovered version of yourself.
 At least that’s what all the emails in your inbox are you telling you is apt for January.
But in Tucson, we’re of a different breed. Don’t get us wrong, we embrace wellness. But we don’t think integrating wellness into your everyday life means you have to reinvent yourself. After all – … (3 comments)

arizona: The Tucson Desert Speaks to Us - 07/30/22 07:40 AM
The desert speaks to us in quiet ways;
Purple mountains,
Dazzling sunsets, 
A society of cacti where we can 
visit our ancestors if our ears are open to the voice of the Saguaro
Riotous blooms of color --

Create their own beguiling melody within 
your mind.
There's a danger here, a power, and yet it whispers to the soul; 
Inviting solace,
and reverence,
Come, live in Tucson.  All but one of these photos were taken at a coming soon listing, available for viewing August 1, 2022.  It is located at 4405 N Old Ranch Rd - Tucson, AZ 85743-8875
Contact me for more information and photos of the Brick Adobe, 4/2 home, 1991 … (2 comments)

arizona: Please Don't Pee in the Pool! - 06/08/22 04:07 PM
According to an article I read in last summer, there were some interesting factoids about pool water.
Makes me think it's really awesome to just have your own, backyard pool.
According to the CDC, the average swimmer CAN introduce these tiny organisms into the pool simply by taking a dip.
For further definition, I TRIED to look up the size of a microbe, but they vary.  They are not visible to the human eye, so there's that.  You can google it yourself and come out as confused as I.
But I digress... the stats are as follows from your average swimmer:
10 million microbes of … (6 comments)

arizona: Do you Recycle Your Grease? - 11/02/20 09:45 AM
You can, yes you can!
I tend to pour mine in a can and refrigerate, throwing away when hard, but this can be trickier when it's a FryDaddy that needs changing, or something larger.
Tucson area residents can participate in the Recycle your Cooking Grease event just after the new year!  January 9, 2021
Save your used cooking fats, oil and grease to drop off at the free 16th Annual Grease Collection & Recycling Event, Saturday, January 9, 2021.
I'm sure you know,  cooking grease in your kitchen should never be poured down the drain. Instead, store it in containers and bring it to the 16th … (2 comments)

arizona: Updating Your Profile, Bananas, & Meet-Ups -- Love the Rain! - 08/21/17 10:08 AM
Got a nice reminder today to do a little profile updating from one Anna Banana, aka Anna Banana Kruchten,CRS,CRB,GRI 
Anna Banana Kruchten,CRS,CRB,GRIArizona's Top Banana of Real Estate!
It was great advice as always, in her post.  I knew I had "learned" it years ago when I first began blogging in the rain, but thought I'd better do a quick check.  
I knew I had updated some of my bio a few months back, but today's reminder had me adding my associate broker license number, as well as a video.  I don't think it used to be this easy to embed a video.  It's amazing how … (2 comments)

arizona: Rural or City or Freeway Driving - Save a Life ! - 06/07/17 03:51 PM
I was curious about Arizona driving statistics as I just returned from another harrowing 60 minute round trip circuit.
Road rage and impatience run rampant on our roads. I mean that collectively of course - on America's roads... Folks from LA find our one freeway and narrow main streets laid back!
But as a regular and daily driver, the near-misses and close calls and dangerous drivers out there - well they bear paying attention to.
In looking at statistics, I could only get 2015 numbers.
(2015 Motor Vehicle Crash Facts for the State of Arizona prepared by ADOT, Published June 1, 2016)
These numbers are up from … (7 comments)

arizona: Putting Out the No-Vacancy Sign for Scorpions in Tucson, AZ - 02/11/16 10:23 PM
Putting Out the No-Vacancy Sign for Scorpions in Tucson, AZ
I read an interesting article on Scorpions in the Phoenix area this morning and was curious about how many varieties are taking up residence in our SWDesert area of Tucson, AZ.  It seems we predominantly run into three varieties -- the worst of which is the bark scorpion.  Bark scorpions are light brown or flesh tone  in color and can get up to just over 3 inches in length!  Mothers give birth to up to 25-35 at a time and may live up to 6 years;  And, like the cockroach, are incredibly … (1 comments)

arizona: Market News in NW Tucson, AZ Neighborhoods - 02/10/16 05:00 AM
Market News in NW Tucson, AZ Neighborhoods
It's important when viewing, to avoid skewing!  What do I mean by that?  Well, a true picture of the real estate market statistics tends to be in continuing trends, not so much month to month.  For instance, total sales volume in our Tucson AZ area decreased almost 21% from December to January -- but is still up over 33% from a year ago.
You may have read some of the news regarding inventory.  We need listings.  The buyers are out there!  Interest rates are still low!  It's still early in the election year and folks aren't yet allowing … (1 comments)

arizona: Baffling Butter Stick Basics 101 - 02/15/15 12:31 AM
Baffling Butter Stick Basics 101
I came across this question to a newspaper a while back and thought the Trivia Group of Active Rain might find this interesting.  The question was: Why are sticks of butter sold here in Arizona not the same as butter sold in the East? The Arizona kind is shorter and fatter. (You see, this causes a problem with the butter dishes bought back East)
Well, that just hit me right upside the side of my head.  Why didn't I notice that, or, more likely...why didn't it connect to my conscious - because reading this question was certainly … (3 comments)

arizona: Fog Over Gladden Farms - 01/31/15 11:43 PM
Fog Over Gladden Farms
Metropolitan Tucson Arizona.  Home to over 358 days of sunshine per year.

Having a rare week - everyone is out taking photos of fog, clouds, rainfall.

When I moved here in 2000 I thought people were crazy to get so excited about a little rain.
Now I understand.

(Lake Gladden Farms)
The desert is refreshed now.
The air smells like spring.

arizona: From Wisconsin To Arizona - Making the Move - 10/28/14 12:51 AM
From Wisconsin To Arizona - Making the Move
As a buyer's agent, I'm always happy to welcome folks moving to our lovely SWDesert from the Midwest. 

Of course, you can move here from Mars if you wish, and I'd be happy to help -- but after spending 23 years of my life in Wisconsin, and making a new life in the Tucson area since 2000,  I have to say I'm always pleased to help another resident leave their snow shovel behind forever.

New clients are closing on their Marana, AZ home this weekend, and took one last trip … (3 comments)

arizona: Road Trip to the Arizona Chiricahuas! - 05/12/14 03:06 AM

Road Trip to the Arizona Chiricahuas!

The Chiricahua National Monument is about 36 miles southeast of Willcoz, AZ.  From Houghton Road in South Tucson, the trip took about 2 hours.  It’s a scenic drive through Texas Canyon and northern parts of the Dragoons, as well as grasslands, wine-land, and rolling hills filled with cattle and horses.

In studying the area information, Geologists say there was a huge volcanic eruption 27 million years ago. White-hot ash spewed forth from the Turkey Creek Caldera, (at 1000 times the velocity Mt. St. Helens)  eventually laying down almost two thousand … (1 comments)

arizona: Visiting Casa Grande and Casa Grande - Part One - 09/11/13 01:58 AM
Visiting Casa Grande and Casa Grande
Way back in 1878, the sprawling city of Casa Grande was founded.  A mining town, the Southern Pacific Railroad played a big part in its history. Casa Grande grew slowly, and suffered large fires within the town in 1886 and 1893-- all wooden structures were destroyed. As agriculture progressed, Casa Grande was eventually incorporated in 1915.
Thompson Rodney Peart was a founding father. Peart Road, Peart Park, and the Peart Center are all named after him.

Over Labor Day weekend, I really wanted to take a day trip, and my husband, really wanted NOT to.  … (12 comments)

arizona: Fireworks and Activities - Fourth of July Things to do in Tucson - 07/04/12 01:24 AM
Fireworks and Activities - Fourth of July Things to Do in Tucson
Woke up today to heavily overcast skies here in Tucson and my first thought was....fireworks. 

I've seen many a firework show interspersed with monsoon lightning my 12 years here in Tucson, but with the fire hazards in a desert, always happy to see a little rain with my sparkling Fourth of July displays. 
My favorite year was my first summer here...I drove up Catalina Hwy to the extreme NE of town and progressed up the first foothills towards Mt. Lemmon.  Just ten minutes up afforded a few … (3 comments)

arizona: Gladden Farms Marana Community-Wide Yard Sale - May 5, 7 - 1 - 04/24/12 11:49 PM
Gladden Farms Marana Community-Wide Yard Sale - May 5, 7 - 1
Community-wide garage sales - I love 'em!  My luck generally runs to finding only baby clothes when I randomly stop to peruse what looks like an active garage sale.  Being that my kiddies are all grown, I like to see what little knick-knacks and odd pieces of furniture folks have instead!

Nothing better than dozens of garage sales all packed together!  It's a great way to spend a sunny morning in beautiful Arizona, and you might find a bargain as well.
Gladden Farms is located just 5 … (3 comments)

arizona: Taking a Vacation in Arizona - Things to Do and See! - 03/08/12 02:04 AM
Taking a Vacation in Arizona - Things to Do and See!     A friend of mine from rural Green Bay emailed me a short while back, sharing her intention to visit Arizona.  She and her husband love hiking, walking, and exploring - and wondered what high points I thought she shouldn't miss.     Wow...Hiking and many choices!  So many things to do!  I told her that she will love their visit.  Here's a few of the thought's I'd shared...and trust me...this is just a FEW.  As a (lol) professional tourist of Arizona...I love day trips, weekend trips, and … (6 comments)

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