attitude: Are You Practicing the Law of Attraction? - 05/29/19 06:54 AM
I had my third listing appointment this month last week and in looking back, was surprised at my "inner" attitude.
We all know, especially as folks in Sales careers, about that Law of Attraction.  According to Wikipedia, "the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life."
I look at cashiers, ticket folks, waitstaff - these people "people", working so closely with the public - I truly feel their attitude is contagious. How about when someone let's you cut in in traffic, or go ahead of you in the checkout line, or hold a … (6 comments)

attitude: What's Important in the Day in a Life of a REALTOR®? - 06/18/16 03:49 PM
Long ago (over 25 years!) when I was a new school secretary, a  student interviewed me about my position that I held.  One of the questions was, "What do you dislike the most about your job?"  
I said, "the interruptions". I just wanted to do my work!
As time went on, I grew to realize my job WAS the interruptions.  The typing, the bookkeeping,  the lunch ticket sales, etc -- that just fit around what WAS IMPORTANT.
This served me even better years later when I worked in the office of a church.  The people, the happenings, life around us -- THAT was … (5 comments)

attitude: Work. Life. Balance (Go Pack Go!) - 01/14/16 08:58 PM
Work. Life. Balance (Go Pack Go!)
Reading emails this morning and I got this heading in my inbox and stopped to do a little reflecting.
As a REALTOR, we tend to work when the work takes us.  I've had months with multiple closings, and months with one or none.  I've juggled a couple of dozen clients at a time, to just a few.  I've written 5 offers a week...well, you get the jist.
Fitting in regular exercise is a very difficult thing.  Articles talk about time blocking, but my clients don't follow my schedule.
Eating healthy is another challenge.  When you're running out the door at … (5 comments)

attitude: Capitalize on Joy - 12/01/15 07:07 AM
Capitalize on Joy

My son has a habit of capitalizing on moments in time,
wherever he is,
whatever he's doing.
In fact, he spreads a little joy wherever he goes.
It's a good practice to foster in ourselves.
Making a "routine" of being happy.

Imagine, making a routine of being happy.

That's capitalizing on joy indeed.

attitude: Perception and Captioning - One Person's Hill is Another's Mole Hill - 03/27/13 01:04 AM
Perception and Captioning - One Person's Hill is Another's Mole Hill

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on "puffing" and talked about some of the positive methods we use when describing our listings online.
Today I was looking at a possibility for one of my clients and was impressed by the positive flavor.
Here's a statement from one of his captions of a dirt back yard: 
"View of spacious back yard that awaits your creativity. Gas stub available for your future outdoor grill."   Personally, I see nothing wrong with a positive twist.  In fact, a part … (6 comments)

attitude: It's All in the Attitude!! - 09/02/11 01:41 PM
It's All in the Attitude!!

 A little rain...
A flash flood...
A mud puddle...
Isn't it amazing how perception can color our response to the things that happen in our lives?
Hope you all have amazing three day weekend ahead of you - whether you're working, vacationing, nursing a loved one, or more - remember, It's All in the Attitude!!
Happy Labor Day Weekend Folks! … (3 comments)

attitude: I CAN Handle 365 Days of Rain... - 06/06/11 06:32 AM
I CAN Handle 365 Days of Rain... Exactly one year ago today, I became a rainmaker on Active Rain and "re-blogged" this lovely sentiment from Sharon Lee. 
"Every once is a while, we all need a pick-up. It's human nature. I really have to appreciate Sharon's post below, as it spoke to me personally. I decided to join Active Rain because I needed a new direction, and new life in my attitude as a real estate agent. Things had gotten slow, and I didn't want negativity to become my new mantra. And what did I find during my first AR … (10 comments)

attitude: Hey! Those are Flowers Blooming in the Midst of My Crises! - 04/29/11 04:14 AM
Hey!  Those are Flowers Blooming in the Midst of My Crises!
Let's face it - in most places in the USA, winter is, well -- CHILL.  Howling winds, racing sleet, blankets of snow, freezing temps.  Brrrrrrr, I shudder just thinking of it.
But then a funny thing happens.  And, it ALWAYS happens. 

One morning we are suddenly met with the tiny blooming crocus, the cheerful daffodil, the bouncy tulip.  These vibrant harbingers of spring put color in our drab environment and inspire a smile or two for the day.
I'm sure you know what I mean.  Take a look … (12 comments)

attitude: A Milestone in Active Rain - 04/26/11 06:23 PM
A Milestone in Active Rain
Kind of excited about this --

Right before bed last night, and just after I took my reading glasses off, I captured this nice round figure.  Rather than WAIT for the big 200,000 I wanted to share just a bit of what the last 75K did for my business and me, personally.  Unfortunately, I saved it as Members Only instead of Draft!  And I woke up to all these lovely comments!
Here's what I wanted to write.
Round about 100K I believe I wrote about the technology I learned, and the friends and networking … (24 comments)

attitude: Surviving your Serengeti - What's Your Endurance Level? - 02/22/11 05:27 AM
I just finished reading the wonderful advance copy of  Surviving your Serengeti, written by Stefan Swanepoel    I was invited by Active Rain to preview Stefan's book, take the quiz about myself, and share a post about the first two chapters.
Reading?  I'm in!
Knowledge?  I'm hooked!
Personal growth?  SOLD!
Could reading this book contribute to my potential in business, networking, and personal goals?  It was worth a two-chapter preview to find out!The section that jumped out to me, personally, spoke about endurance.  It went on to say that, "while staying the course in and of itself is obviously not a … (10 comments)

attitude: Life's Little Pleasures - 02/17/11 03:04 AM
Life's Little Pleasures
This has been an interesting morning so far.  Today is catch-up day on the computer - read the emails, do the home searches, keep in touch with my SOI, etc.
So my daughter missed the bus.  I had her make me a pot of coffee (necessary to have a cup for the 20 minute drive) and I got up and did my hair.  Along the way, the sky was incredibly cloudy, and brilliant in its shadows and sunlight peaking through the fluffy masses.  If you look really hard, you can see the Marana Balloon businesses taking flight.  There … (7 comments)

attitude: Adrenaline Phone Calls - 02/11/11 02:32 AM
Adrenaline Phone CallsDon't you love it when the phone rings with a new client or an unexpected surprise with good news?I was up many hours last night, laying awake, completing details in my mind instead of resting for the day ahead.  It happens every so often, but fortunately I don't have a class today where I'll be sitting.  Instead I'll be out on the road getting a new listing ready and greeting out of state clients.  I love days like today!
But, this morning, further to help me from my groggy start - I received two fantastic phone calls. I met … (11 comments)

attitude: Are You Pretty? - 02/08/11 03:41 AM
Actions can speak louder than words...
Are You Pretty?
I was watching Harry's Law last night - my mother had recommended the show and after watching the first two episodes on Hulu, decided that it was ok for winding down on a Monday night.

Last night, an actress on the show suffered a brutal assault.  She was beat up quite a bit in an alley behind her store, but fortunately, her father heard and intervened.  During the course of the show, the victim began to isolate herself in her own home.
Another co-star came to visit her, and talked a … (12 comments)

attitude: Where Does Your Passion Take You? - 01/26/11 02:46 AM
I love the English Thesaurus:  "Passion: fervor, ardor, excitement, enthusiasm, zeal, delight..."
Where Does Your Passion Take You?
It's interesting, the many posts on political issues--sports teams--gun laws--border patrol-- talk shows--etc. etc. etc.
People take a stand.  Some louder than others, more colorful than others, more stubbornly than others, but they take a passionate stand.
Others spread happiness and sprinkle enthusiasm like a contagion - the kind of folks people gravitate to, the kind of folks that make things happen.

What is your passion?
Have you found it?
My daughter, a sophomore, comes home from school many a time, upset … (16 comments)

attitude: 2010 - Out with the old, In with the New - 01/01/11 08:31 AM
2010 - Out with the Old, In with the New I was listening to Matchbox 20 today, having a little quiet time this first day of 2011. 
I’m optimistic for this year – I can’t help it.  Every time I watch the balloon drop I remember my mother’s paraphrase as I was growing up:  “Out with the old, in with the new.”.

I spent much of today putting away gifts from under the tree, replacing other items seldom used, outgrown, etc, and filling the local Veteran’s Bags that the Relief Truck will pick up in our neighborhood on Tuesday.  … (4 comments)

attitude: Taking Time to Smell the Roses - 10/19/10 03:55 AM
Taking Time to Smell the Roses
Monday started out really great this week - lots of leads and possible opportunities.  It inspired me to look at the glass half-full instead of half-empty once again.

We had the most glorious sunset!
"Miracles happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives."  Deepak Chopra

My favorite mortgage guy sent me a thank you letter scan that he'd received from my clients, and it was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes."Don’t judge each day by the … (14 comments)

attitude: Service With A Smile - 09/29/10 03:31 AM
Service With a Smile
When I was 16 and got my driver's license, my parents said I had to get a job.  "Learn about the real world", they said.  The thought filled me with trepidation because my best friend was a paperback book and I was very shy.My first job (outside of picking strawberries) was picking daffodils.  Spring in beautiful Puyallup, WA valley, the daffodil capitol of the USA, was rainy, and bordering cold. It's a season of almost daily, slow rain.  We called it drizzle.  It is what helps keep Puget Sound so glowingly green!
My memories include arriving to … (9 comments)

attitude: Anticipation...Is keeping me Wa-ai-ai-aiting! - 08/27/10 03:15 AM
Anticipation...Is keeping me Wa-ai-ai-aiting!
Wikipedia defines anticipation in the following manner: "an emotion involving pleasure (and sometimes anxiety) in considering some expected or longed-for good event, or irritation at having to wait. Anticipation can be shown in many ways; for example, some people seem to smile uncontrollably during this period, while others seem ill or sick. It is not uncommon for the brain to be so focused on an event, that the body is affected in such a way. Stage fright is a type of anticipation, stemming from the actor or actress hoping that they perform well"

Merriam Webster has … (2 comments)

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