working with a realtor: Tucson Treasures 4 Teachers: Got Stuff??? - 04/12/19 11:26 AM
Tucson Treasures 4 Teachers   
Treasures 4 Tucson has a mission statement on their webpage that helps summarize the role they play in helping our educators:
Mission: To provide educators with hands-on interactive learning materials for use in their classrooms through donated and re-purposed items, as well as for raising funds to support this purpose.
Their resource center is dependent upon donations, both materially and monetarily, and raise some great thoughts about de-cluttering when you're doing your spring cleaning this year. Whether it’s plastic bottle caps, straws, tongue depressors, fabric scraps or golf balls and office supplies, Treasures 4 Teachers can make … (1 comments)

working with a realtor: Selling your Home - What do Your Walls Say About You? - 10/25/18 01:08 PM
Selling your Home - What do Your Walls Say About You?
Yesterday I enjoyed another weekly home tour with available listings for sale in Dove Mountain, Marana, AZ.  We saw homes priced from $300,000 up to 1.4 million.
One of the things that enters my mind when looking for a new home with a buyer is...what mind set is the seller in?  Are they motivated to sell, or are they just listing to "see what happens"?
One of the advantages of a home tour is, we can ask a question like, "Why is the seller moving".  When I ask that question on behalf of … (1 comments)

working with a realtor: 2018 Continental Ranch Safety Fair Sponsored by Long Realty - 10/23/18 08:25 AM
The Continental Ranch Safety Fair Returns for 2018
Public Service Event for the community sponsored by Long Realty - Twin Peaks,
8651 N Silverbell Rd #101, Tucson, AZ 85743
Visit the Continental Ranch Community Center located at 8881 N Coachline Blvd, near Silverbell and Coachline intersection.
Free trick or treating and photos for kids & families in costume!
Admission is a donation to the Marana Food Bank
Some of the featured attendees offer CPR Compression Techniques, Flu Shots, Online Safety, Health Care Tips, Pool Safety and More!
Saturday October 27, 10-1
Sponsors include Long Companies, 2-10 Home Warranty, American … (0 comments)

working with a realtor: A September 2018 Look at the Tucson Real Estate Market - 10/17/18 09:40 AM

Is now the time to list your home?
Let's take a look at the September 2018 Monthly stats from the Southern Arizona Multiple listing service.   
Below are some points regarding residential sales:
Total Sales Volume  has dropped by close to 18% from August. Average Sales Price has dropped just over 4% as well. Those that have received offers and gone under contract have decreased by 13.23% in that same time frame. Total units of sales (both buying and selling) have decreased 4.7% from a year ago same time but median sales price is up just about 1.5%. Total units of sales (both buying and … (1 comments)

working with a realtor: Find Your WOW - 10/16/18 08:55 AM
Every so often I run across statistics that make me say WOW outloud. The most recent, and I can’t remember the source (sorry) said that in the first few years of a Real Estate career, 80% fail.
WOW. 80% fail.
I’ve heard different statistics for different time frames but they all point to the same thing...if you’ve been around in Real Estate for more than a few years – WOW you’re doing something right!
I started in 2005 and homes were selling in what seemed like seconds – I was terrified. Multiple offers, cash deals – it was all such an overwhelming WOW to … (23 comments)

working with a realtor: Let's Have Fun - 06/27/18 11:04 AM
An escrow officer partner shared a nice story/meditation today, written by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.,  about having fun.
How when we were young, it was fun to pretend to be a grownup acting out a job.
But, somewhere along the way, we forgot that it WAS fun. Life is full of responsibilities, but we CAN HAVE FUN. We can choose to enjoy.
This made me think back to my own growing up.  I remember a weekend, (we had MANY such weekends) where we went out cutting down trees, hauling and burning branches, cutting firewood, stacking the truck and coming home, where I … (1 comments)

working with a realtor: Earning Income from Purchasing A Tucson Home to Rent - 10/20/17 12:28 AM
Investing in real estate might be a good decision for you.
Purchasing a single family home to rent out, either managed by yourself or a professional team can help simplify the details as well.  Generally, professionals charge around 10% of the monthly rent here in Tucson, Arizona.
Tomorrow I'm taking an investor out to look at several rental possibilities for his second investment in communities around NW and W Tucson, as well as parts of Oro Valley. 
Wondering what homes rent for in some of these communities?  Wondering if putting your money into a rental property might work for you?
Talk to me.  I'll help … (0 comments)

working with a realtor: Engage in Blogging - 10/05/17 03:40 PM
In about three weeks, I'm going to be talking to a dozen or so agents from my office about getting started in blogging.
Oh what to say -- what to focus on -- what's most important?
I want to share a list of blogging ideas so folks realize they don't have to stare at a blank page. I want to share the importance of knowing your voice, and the style in which you plan to post I want to share about niche marketing, and,  I want to share about the power of online networking, referrals, information, education. In addition to that,

working with a realtor: Discovering Your Backyard Retreat - 09/21/17 08:05 AM
What are the features most important to you in your Tucson, Arizona back yard?
Deck use?
Outdoor kitchen or barbecue?
Knowing your criteria and what is most important is one of the initial steps during your search for your your new home in Tucson and Marana, Arizona. Knowing what's important FIRST, helps set you up for success.
Call or email me today for a sit-down meeting so we can discuss your goals and timeline, set up a search based on your key priorities, and move one step closer to your dream house!
Details matter!  Let's talk.
Cara Mancuso, Associate Broker with Long Realty, 520-909-2988

working with a realtor: Re-Direct!! One Bad Apple Won't Spoil the Whole Bunch Baby - 09/17/17 08:46 AM
This week I am reading a book that was referred to me by the name of  "Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive" by Noah J. Goldstein, Steve J. Martin, Robert B. Cialdini and I wanted to share an aha moment with you all. 
"More generally, to prevent a good apple from getting spoiled by a bunch of bad ones, remember to show your appreciation for it."   This was a quotation following an example of 5% of students arriving tardy to class and the importance of promoting the 95% who arrived in a timely manner to class instead ...for overall … (4 comments)

working with a realtor: Let Me Tell You 'Bout my First Place Karaoke Contest - 06/13/17 01:25 PM
An article caught my eye yesterday when receiving a new issue of REALTOR Mag, and I felt led to comment. (i.e. blog)  The Story was titled, "8 Ways to Make Yourself a More Likable Agent"

Heh, heh...figured it wouldn't hurt to read it, right?
I thought I'd comment on a few of them, below.
#1 Use people's names repeatedly. Someone confessed a few years ago she just calls everyone "darlin" because then that way it didn't matter if she didn't remember their names. Hmmmmm
#2 Let other people speak first. Well now this made me think of furniture store shopping where they follow … (3 comments)

working with a realtor: You And I -- A Successful Real Estate Experience - It Takes a Team - 06/13/17 10:17 AM
It's my seven year blogging anniversary and I've been re-reading blogs of my first few months on ActiveRain.  It's interesting to re-visit, and some times re-write what caught my attention so many years ago.  
Today, I was catching up on Top Ten Signs that Tell It’s Time to Fire Your Realtor.  
It was written tongue in cheek, an entertainment piece with a message. 
But I can't help reflecting on my 12 years as a REALTOR and the real disappointment some of my clients have gone through in past transactions.  As our clients, you have the right to receive FIDUCIARY duty from us. 
(Arizona Dept. … (1 comments)

working with a realtor: Property Value Estimates through Long Realty - 06/07/17 01:06 PM
Property Value Estimates through Long Realty
Thinking of selling your home?
My Long Realty website is a great place to investigate initial home values.
You can access the information by clicking this handy link:
Here's how it works.
Type in your address, including city and state, in the search bar.  Your home should come up.
Along with an aerial view, three valuations will be provided.
Zillow - Because accurate or not, the public looks at Zillow and Zestimates, and we must be prepared to defend our pricing if it doesn't match.
Quantarium - Takes public sales along with public information sites and compares properties to find an average market … (0 comments)

working with a realtor: 7 Easy Ways to Sabotage the Sale of Your Home - 03/06/17 04:00 PM
INCREDIBLY well written blog posting reminding sellers that SELLING should be their goal, and ways to achieve that closing day sooner rather than later.
As agents, we want to help you sell your home, but it takes teamwork!  If you are thinking of selling your Tucson, Marana, or Oro Valley home in the near future, take a little read below - you'll be glad you did!
Thanks Jeff Dowler!
7 Easy Ways to Sabotage
the Sale of Your Home
There’s a certain thrill and excitement once the decision is made to sell your home, and you start the process. And when you … (3 comments)

working with a realtor: Know Your Budget When Buying a Home - 03/02/17 07:53 AM
I just read a great little blog posting by @CoreyMartin and got to reflecting on his first point.
He wrote:  1- Know your budget. It is important that you buy a home at a price that you’re comfortable with.
I can't tell you how many times I've had that discussion with my buyer clients.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know what payment you will be comfortable with...not how much the lender says you can afford.  Most of us want a life outside of our mortgage payments!
CONTRARY to what the "internet says", your average REALTOR does not want to earn a higher commission by you … (3 comments)

working with a realtor: What's Your Networking and Marketing Angle? - 10/03/16 10:14 AM
Home Buyer Event with a Free Beer.
Just got an email about that and got to laughing.  Whatever angle works, I guess.  Perhaps no different than the meet and greets with open bar, the networking events, broker opens with wine...
As we enter fall, it is good to switch our thinking towards the New Year and our pipeline of work and how to fill it.
What are your marketing techniques?
I've been calling my sphere of influence and touching base.  It's amazing how a phone call gets folks remembering their friends and relatives that may need our services.
Happy Fall Everyone.  Happy Networking and Marketing.

working with a realtor: The Loss of a Co-Worker - 09/20/16 08:26 AM
A lovely, professional co-worker of mine at Long Realty Dove Mountain passed away last night.  She was in her 50's.
It is with extreme sadness that I share this tragic news.
I met her in 2009 on the opposite side of a sales transaction.  She was communicative, friendly, detailed, and a great negotiator.  When the sale closed, she invited me to become a part of her office, but I'd politely declined.
Years later, a manager at Dove Mountain had given me a call and asked to talk about joining Long Realty. Barb was the first person I called to talk about the move.  We'd kept … (4 comments)

working with a realtor: The Secret to Your Success - 09/19/16 01:55 AM
First, are you cream of the crop in your industry? Second, are you accepting new clients ... building your business? Third, does your ideal market include the most affluent residents of Tucson? Fourth, are you a smart enough business owner to invest 30 minutes in growing your business? If so, watch the attached video, contact me and I will share with you how you can grow your business on less than what you spend on coffee each day.
I received this email through LinkedIn this weekend, for the second time, and got to ruminating about the different spiels one hears on a daily … (2 comments)

working with a realtor: Thankfulness this Labor Day Weekend - 09/02/16 05:19 AM
I woke up this morning full of anticipation.
No particular reason, just happy to start another day.
A couple of hours in, my inner reflection hit my actual consciousness and I thought, "Wow, I am so lucky to be in a career that I wake up eager to start my day."
Where are you in your career?
Do you wake up ready and raring to go?!
If not, maybe you need to reflect this Labor Day Weekend.
It's truly a blessing to have a job  you love - and I have a passion for helping folks buy and sell Real Estate in NW Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley … (2 comments)

working with a realtor: Crushing the Numbers: Market Stats for Gladden Farms in Marana, AZ - 08/18/16 04:39 AM
Crushing the Numbers: Market Stats for Gladden Farms in Marana, AZ
In looking at the past month, stats are really UP in Gladden Farms; So many more closings than multiple years' preceding.  
Currently, there are 18 homes on the market including distressed sales (2). Years built range from 2005 to 2011 on lots of land from .14 to .23 in size.
11 of the 18 homes are under 2000 square feet. All of the homes together average 100.13 a square foot, but this number drops dramatically when taking in the very large floor plans ranged from 3683 to 4045 square feet.
Seventeen homes are … (1 comments)

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