Manu War came to the United States of America from Myanmar (Burma) in the year 2002. It took Manu 5 years to even get a Visa to visit the USA. Before she came to the USA she sang for over ten years to support a family of 8 because her father had died of a heart attack  at age 55. Manu adopted 2 t...
I purchased Toni Braxton tickets from a ticket vendor in Las Vegas one week before the show. I mentioned to the man that I wanted to get as close to the stage as possible. It was me and my wife's wedding anniversary, and I wanted the best seats. It wasn't me and my wife's anniversary, but I thoug...
As I was walking down the quite west coast beach of California, some feelings had come over me. Feelings that I have felt many times before, feelings of Love, gentleness, warmth, comfort, & completeness.My sweetheart from so many years ago has come across my mind. She has come across in such a wa...
As everyone knows the Real Estate market is down right now. One of the reasons is because it is election year and everyone is waiting to see who becomes our new President. The other reason is because all these Banks & Mortgage companies put home buyers into interest only/ option arms. Most of the...

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