God displays his beauty for Robert Swetz in a moving way!  I have traveled many places around the world and photographed God's beauty but when I came across this scene I was very moved.  God displays his beauty to all people and so many of us miss the change to take it in.  Well I made sure I d...
 If your clients asks if a house or building is Haunted, can you tell them?  State Regulation across the country are different for disclosing if properties are Haunted or there has been a suicide or murder.  What are your State Regulations for clients asking you questions about these subjects.  ...
 Beautiful Rainbow Falls ........  When I was a teenager we use to hike through the mountains of Oregon and northern California and I have always been amazed by waterfalls.  The water falling over the rocks to create a white, blue, green color and the noise of the water can be so relaxing and hy...
  I would like to "Thank God it's Friday" but I can't!  Do you see these buildings in the photograph above? Well I have been working on this project called "City Center" in Las Vegas now for 3 1/2 weeks solid with no break.  MGM MIRAGE CityCenter  That's right 7 days per week 12 hours per day and...
 Please read and take a look at this post about some very old strange rocks in Mammoth Lakes area. Can anyone please tell me what this person is sitting on and where these rocks might be located?   I would like to congratulate James Malanowski for guessing the right answer to my question about he...
 Can anyone please tell me what this person is sitting on and where these rocks might be located?  These rocks are some of the strangest rock formations I have ever seen and when I came across them I had to really take a close look at them. These rock formations are millions of years old and it ...
 Anyone interested in purchasing some acreage to build a Summer home, retirement home, etc ............  I came across the unbelievable area around Mammoth Lakes California and fell in love with it right away. Who wouldn't enjoy such a beautiful back drop as what is shown in the photo (above).  ...
 Vegas Bob lost around 700 points yesterday because his computer crashed!  Yes it's true my computer was down yesterday and I wasn't very happy about it because I average approximately between 700-1000 points per day.  So now I have to make up for it but I have to work a 12 hour shift!  Later th...
 "Good Morning Activerain Members" and here is a Halloween sunrise to get you in the mood!  Check out the deep red orange colors of this sunrise, it looks kind of scary and Halloweenish. This photo was taken on Cross Lake in Minnesota and I have posted several others that are very similar, but n...
Vegas Bob's opinion on U2 concert 10-23-2009 (please read to help FREE Burma).  

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