In November of 2012 the United States will either have a new President or OBAMA for another 4 years.   I did not for any reason post this photo and or post to create a war within the people of AR and or any other place this post/blog may be loaded. The only reason I chose this photo is becaus...
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 FASTRAK Bridge/Toll Fraud San Francisco CA USA 8-21-2012    Well it looks like FASTRAK Bridge & Toll stations in San Francisco California are trying to pull a fast one on Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz.  Here is a NOTICE OF TOLL EVASION ticket I received in the mail today. T...
 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz his brother and some friends went to "Willow Beach" fishing for trout on the Colorado River 8-26-2012. Willow Beach is located approximately 20 miles south of the Hoover Dam/ Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, and is in Arizona with Nevada across the river.  While we were fis...
Clint Eastwood's Multi-Million Dollar Mission Ranch (Flowers Attached)
 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz has had the privilege of visiting The Mission Ranch now owned by Clint Eastwood aka "Dirty Harry" three different times now.  Every time I visit The Mission Ranch located in Carmel Monterey Bay Peninsula I am blown away by it's beauty. There are several different buildi...
 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz is in the process of purchasing a 2 bedroom condo in California for early retirement in the next several years.  So my question to California Locals  and or people that have lived in California is ...  What would be a better place to retire and hang a persons hat ... Th...

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