After a long grueling 3 years, Robert Swetz's (new) novel "Dark side of David" was finally published 4-26-2013. Robert really pushed the publishing company to get it published even if they could only print a small amount of books.  On Friday Robert received 25 copies of the first edition to h...
  Foreign Investors continue to purchase Real Estate in cities across the United States of America. In fact huge corporate banks are working on special package deals for Foreign investors ... "Will it ever End"?  HUGE Corporate Banks loaned money so many Americans could purchase Real Estate in Am...
"NEW YEARS" Water Festival in Myanmar/ Burma is going on right now! Cities across the whole country of Myanmar close businesses for 5 days straight including the weekend gives the Burmese a total of 9 days to celebrate.  I have been to the "Water Festival" in Yangon Myanmar 3 different years and...
Friday, April 12, 2013 Dark side of David at (New BooK) Thriller, Sex, Rape, Children    Robert Swetz continues to wait patiently for his new book DARK SIDE OF DAVID to be published. It's been a long grueling 3 years now trying to finish this book. I have been waiting for...

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