Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz has been traveling through the state of California since the mid 70s, and still continues to travel to Cali as much as possible.  When Robert was a teenager living in Portland Oregon he use to hitchhike up and down the Pacific Coast of Oregon and California all the wa...
 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz would like to personally thank all the men & women that fought for our FREEDOM in America.  The Freedom to walk around anywhere, with anyone, anytime, etc. I just spent 4 days walking miles & miles of beaches in San Diego County and several beaches like Laguna Beach in ...
 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz just spent a wonderful 4 day weekend in San Diego, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Dana Point, Laguna Beach and for anyone that knows Laguna Beach is NOT in San Diego.  2 weeks before this Memorial Day weekend Vegas Bob spent another 4 day weekend in San Diego county, he just can'...
     Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz is very excited because his (new novel) Dark Side of David is now available at  It took Robert around 3 weeks of begging the publisher to make it available at Amazon Books as soon as possible.  There are hundreds of people that registered on one of my wed...

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