Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz has been working on the Marriott Grand Chateau in Las Vegas Nevada since February of 2013. The Marriott Grand Chateau is constructing this 3rd tower attached to the other 2 existing towers, which will be followed by a 4th tower in 2014. The 3rd tower that Vegas Bob is...
   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz would like to wish everyone a wonderful "Fathers Day"  If your fathers are still with us on earth give them a great big hug, a kiss on the cheek and or anything to know they are loved. Take your father to the park, movie, fishing, a walk along the beach and just have f...
  Robert Swetz in Portand Oregon 1979   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz wanted to throw this post and photo pic out to everyone just to see who really takes time for themselves with travel and vacations from work. VB at this time works many different jobs: Sells Real Estate in Las Vegas/ Nevada, purcha...
    Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz has been with the Activerain network since January 2008 which would be 6 years now. Within those 6 years Robert has every once and a while thrown questions out to the professional members of Activerain because their advice is very knowledgeable. So today Vegas Bob is...
User:Swetz777 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search The book "Dark Side of David" by Robert Swetz was finally published in early May of 2013. It was very difficult to complete because of the many ups & downs in the last 3 ye...

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