Here is a fun Halloween video from Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas Nevada ...  Vegas Style Havr a Fun Safe time today and please drive slow through the neighborhoods ... HAPPY HALLOWEEN    
 Here is a great video from Fremont Street downtown Las Vegas Nevada by Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz. In 2011 Vegas Bob captured over one hour of great Halloween video footage of music bands, costumes and so much more. Here is one video of 7 videos that Robert Swetz loaded to two different YouTube ac...
Everyone once and a while maybe twice per year, Vegas Bob will throw this question out to his Friends & Associates at the Activerain Network. Now I know that many of us at AR are here to make money and create business by expressing ourselves with subjects about real estate, etc. But personally I ...
Around the middle of 2016 Las Vegas will be starting another Boom Time in Commercial Construction. New homes across the Las Vegas Valley and Henderson are being built everywhere, and now it's time to start really filling these homes. With Resorts World Las Vegas taking full swing around the summe...
Good Morning Activerain ... Vegas Bob, Alaska Bob, etc is Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed today ;o) Have a wonderful day my Friends & Associates and just remember ... BE KIND   
While searching the name Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz  at Google, I came across this on page one. So for anyone that might not know Vegas Bob at the Activerain, here are some great links that you can search. And for some of Vegas Bob's friends and associates that think they might know everything abou...
 I wanted to post a blog with some great photo pics because this could be my last blog from my laptop in the next 2-3 weeks ;o( I might be moving to another place to stay around the Bay Area, and this place might not Internet.So for the next 2-3 weeks my blogging more than likely will be coming f...
 With comments, replies to comments, etc, it has been like a Ghost Town around the Activerain Network. This has not happened before and when AR members are real busy selling homes, etc, it get like a Ghost Town around here.  I know members find it easier to just roll through blogs by other member...
This was a very long read for me, but I was determined to read Tai's heartfelt post from beginning to end. All I can say is "WOW" and my hat goes off to Tai, his wife and unborn child Creed ... When I first started reading Tai's post I thought with advanced technology in medicine that doctors cou...
Is there a Magical place where people can't control you? Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob is always searching for Magical quiet place where he can be alone, free his mind of all the mumble jumble of city life, certain people, etc.  AB/VB feels he shouldn't have to drive or travel 100's of 1000's of miles...

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