Resorts World Las Vegas by Robert Swetz Well finally after so many years in the waiting the Resorts World Las Vegas construction project will finally be going strong by winter of 2017 and spring of 2018.   I took this video and photograph of Resorts World almost 4 years ago when it was suppose t...
  Homes For Sale in Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz With cooler temperatures around the Las Vegas Valley it's a wonderful time to visit and look for homes.Whether you interested in moving to Las Vegas for a permanent residence, vacation home, rental properties, etc, Robert Swetz can help you fin...
 I am Confused about the the New Restroom Sign in California When I was in Whole Foods today in Santa Clara California I came across this strange new restroom sign on the door of the men's restroom.I understand the male figure on the left and the handicap figure on the right, but I am a bit confu...
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz predicts the End of the World Sorry for the gloom and doom post but I just had to get this post out so it could be documented on a timeline.We got some time but I would suggest that everyone start living and or bonding with loved ones and family members on a everyday basis....
Staying Possitive With all the natural disasters and bad news around the world it is hard to stay positive.I have been hanging in there and doing my best not to watch the news and be around negative people.For the last 3 years I have been traveling to Alaska, taking in the beauty and spending tim...
Las vegas Nevada Shooting is a Wake Up Call America by Vegas Bob Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been taking videos of shows and entertainment in Las Vegas Nevada for over 10 years now.Many of the events have very large groups of tourists and some locals from Las Vegas. The shooting incident that took...
 The Demon that was in the Shooters Head in Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz 10/1/2017 Well where do I start with such a tragic day in Las Vegas Nevada and the United States? Please note by all means I do not want readers to think very hard about my religious remarks made on this post, my words a...
Some very sad news has reached me early this morning ;o(With over 500 wounded and 50+ dead after a mass shooting in Las Vegas last evening, this is the worst in American History.My sister-in-law mentioned many of the 500 wounded at not making it and the death count is around 58 right now.I will p...
 Good News and Bad News for Vegas Bob The Bad News first ... Vegas Bob has lost his main connecting in Alaska. I will no longer be able to book a flight, have a place to hang my hat and a car to drive around beautiful Alaska to sight see ;o(  Vegas Bob has been traveling to Alaska to visit his wi...

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