A Slice of Heaven by Robert Swetz On our drive back from Homer to Anchorage my wife was sleeping because she had to work this morning, I captured a Slice of Heaven. There was quite a bit of traffic headed into Anchorage driving around Turn Again Arm but I had to turn around to take in the beauty ...
 I have lost Face with FaceBook by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Around 2 months ago I closed 2 FaceBook accounts and still have 2 others active. The problem is with all these privacy breaches that have been going on with FaceBook I am very disappointed. Also July 14th FaceBook has a (NEW) privacy polic...
 I was a teenager when I learned my purpose in Life - What's Yours? I was very lucky to have been shown my purpose in life at a very young age and have carried it with me still today. One of my purposes in life is to show people the beauty of the world through my camera lens.When I was a teenager...
Incredible Mountains and Colors of Alaska by Robert Swetz Every time I visit Alaska I take hundreds of photographs because I have been into photography most of my life.I have been to this area where this photo was taken around 50 times and for some reason every time I visit areas in Alaska the sc...
Beauty within Beauty in Homer Alaska ... My wife and I have been traveling around Alaska now for 4 years and Homer is by far our favorite place to visit and stay.When ever we come into town we always take a drive to Homer Spit to walk around, eat lunch and sometimes even go on a charter fishing f...
Happy Father's Day - 4 Generations of Swetz's Well here is a priceless photograph taken at Knife Lake in Mora Minnesota around 1992.Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz on the far left, my grandfather Steven Swetz in the middle, my father Robert Swetz Sr pointing at the camera on the far right and my son Jef...
 The sun set in Homer Alaska finally at around 2:00am and then came up at aroun 4:00am. While the sun was coming up there was a morning fog floating around the land in from on my home.Here is a interesting photo of the sunrise that I captured in Homer this morning ;o)
I have been traveling to Alaska for the last 4 years now, and spending many weeks and months in this time. After visiting Alaska once again I am into the 7th day now.All I can say from this visit is Alaska continues to impress me with it's beauty. Everyday I spend in Alaska I am caught off guard ...
 Here is a great photograph driving south from Anchorage to Kenai last evening. When I took this photograph it was around 12:30am and (NO) this is not a misprint ...When we arrived in Homer 2 hours later it was still light out, and it was around 3:00am when we finally went to sleep. Besides the b...
Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz arrived in beautiful Alaska several days ago, and wow how nice it is to be back.I will be spending over one week in Anchorage, Soldotna, Homer, Palmer, Wasilla and other wonderfully beautiful places. I have been taking many new photographs and this is just one of them. It...

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