Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is very disappointed with computor technology with yet another laptop going down ;o(In the last 3-4 years I have purchased 2 Microsoft computers which lasted about 6+ months and then they fail with different problems. By the time I bring them in, get them fixed and pay the ...
 I have several books by Eckhart Tolle and what I like about his writing is he believes the past doesn't exist and the future hasn't come yet so the focus is on the present moment ... NOWHere are some words of advice about negativity from Eckhart Tolle that makes sense to me and maybe you ...And ...
 The interesting thing about clouds is they are everywhere all over the world. Some are fluffy white, some are dark and scary, many come in different colors depending on a sunset or sunrise and some clouds actually can form into different figures.So any way a person sees clouds they are very inte...
 Here is a great quote by Mark Twain that I really like because I can relate to it.I knew very early in life what my purpose in life is and that is to show the beauty of the world through the lens of my cameras.I can show viewers the beauty of places they have never seen and places they have may ...
 Here is a photo I took at around 6:00am four weeks ago on our drive from Homer to Anchorage. If you look real close you can see rain drops hitting the water with no people, no homes, just total Alaska beauty.And it doesn't get much better then this ;o)
 As many people know Alaska is known for having heavy snow fall through the spring, fall and winter months.For Alaska snow is around the corner ...By September Alaska can get hit with snow storms which creates snow cap mountains like this one I took around November of 2016.And then again Alaska c...
 Big Sur California is by far one of the most beautiful areas on the whole Pacific Coast.I have been traveling around the Big Sur area for approx 35 years and it's beauty never bores me.In this photo that I took around 2 months ago you can see that the hills are a little dry but look at this amaz...
 Last Sunday Robert Vegas Bob Swetz took a step back into the past when he was growing up.My older sister and I grew up with the story of Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and the other characters many moons ago. Winnie the Pooh was by far my sister's favorite and even while she grew up as an ad...
 Several weeks ago on our drive to Homer Alaska we passed over the bridge that crosses Moose River in Sterling Alaska. Sterling is approx 7 miles north of Soldotna.I took another photo of Moose River 2 years ago when it was frozen and no leafs on the trees so it was quite bland.We have crossed th...
 This has to be one of the best posts I have read in a very long time!With all the raping of our privacy by FaceBook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Bing, LinkIn, Twitter all search platforms on (smart phones) computers, cars and so much more.It's a wonder that we humans just bow down to tech companie...

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