A Thief in The Night ... Well some may be wondering when the next Real Estate crash will take place and then some don't even care.But for anyone in the Real Estate Market it's important to hopefully have some type of idea when a crash is coming.Problem is the last crash around 2007-2008 came like...
I searched the web this morning trying to find out why people slam doors. I did find some articles that stated some of the reasons for slamming doors, anger, frustration, etc.But it did not explain "why" some people slam doors everyday, all day long, all week long and so on. There are several rea...
Here are so great photos of wild life that I captured on my properties in Alaska.On my last visit to Alaska every once and a while I would step out the front door of my house only to be greeted by mother moose and her two babies.Then several days later I stepped out the front door only to be gree...
Fireweed Flowers are a native wild flower that grows all over the state of Alaska, and these beautiful flowers are growing on our properties in Alaska.My wife has been pointing out to me beautiful moved green lawns in Alaska saying she wants our properties to look like this.But low and behold onl...
Well I am very excited about my next vacation to Alaska around the first week of September. I was in Alaska for 9 days around Memorial Day and I am amped up once again. And of course I will be bringing my cameras so I can share the beauty of Alaska with all my associates and friends from Activera...
Business Opportunity For Robert Vegas Bob Swetz While visiting in Las Vegas weekend over the Fourth of July Vegas Bob had breakfast with one of his business associates. Is was brought up that one of the largest contractors of new homes and small commercial work wants my business associate and I t...
I would like to wish all my friends at Activerain a very Happy 4th of July and a great weekend ahead.Let's please try and remember that 4th of July isn't just about BBQ's and family gatherings but about our Freedom and the hard work it has taken to achieve this Freedom ;o)
Who wants to meet Robert Vegas Bob Swetz in Vegas for the 4th of July?That's right Vegas Bob will be in Las Vegas celebrating The 4th of July with around 1 million others on Las Vegas Blvd.It's going to be a blast and great celebration so please let me know if you'll be in Las Vegas July 4th, 5th...

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