Build up your immune system and help fight the Corona virus ...Here is Vegas Bob's list on building your immune system to help fight the Corona virus. Vegas Bob has studied and sold homeopathic medicines for 25+ years, and here are some natural herbs that can really help you in this time of need....
Please be careful out there my friends We are living in some crazy times with the Corona-virus and the impact across the nation & world.All I can say is be safe, stay indoors with your family & loved ones, go to the bank & take out some extra money for emergency, don't count forever on credit/deb...
 Vegas Bob stuck at home with Water, Food, Toilet Paper till April 7 Monday afternoon we were told we will not be working tomorrow in San Jose California, "We are shutting down the project till April 7th".Some crazy times we are living in and just to let everyone know ...Vegas Bob has plenty of w...
Just another form of NEW WORLD ORDER ... Come on people, who's really buying into this Corona Virus garbage?Looks like too many people! People that are so caught up in the news, social media, etc.Get grip & all this is another form of NEW WORLD ORDER from governments across the world. The New Wor...
 Lies, Lies and more Lies on the Corona-virus   I haven't watched the news in over 25 years, thank God and all I hear about is the Corona-virus 'Day in & Day out' ... Come on people get your crap together! More people have been dying from the common flu, car accidents, murder, old age, common inj...

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