Vegas Bob gearing up for his next job in the Bay Area Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob is getting ready to start a new construction project in the Bay Area in Northern California. VB is not sure if he's going on a project in Silicon Valley Santa Clara County or in Downtown San Francisco.Most of the hug...
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been working one of the largest Google projects in the World now since February 2019.Chances are old VB will be working at this Google location for another 12 months. One of VB's coworkers captured him in rare form getting ready to fly glass panels to the roof ...  GOOG...
 Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day ...Let's try not to forget what Martin Luther King Jr was trying to say and do in his short years of life on earth. Let's do our best and try to love everyone as equals without racism and discrimination and express love instea...
What would a War with Iran do for the Real Estate Market? With the latest events from last Thursday it's possible the United States may go to war with Iran. And if the United States goes to war with Iran, what will this do for the real estate market. Will values go down?Will values go up?What abo...
 May your New Year 2020 be filled with good Health, Love, Happiness and Great Fortune. "Happy New Year" everyone ... 

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