The US Dollar could Collapse by the end of 2021With everything that has been going on around United States of America in the last 30 days, I am predicting a Economic Collapse. Please Note: This (Is Not) a political post, this is a post to help anyone working in the Real Estate Industry and or pu...
The Real Estate Market in Jan/Feb 2021 The next 2 months is going to be crazy around the United States of American in most major cities when it comes to Real Estate.There will be many home owners that will be in a hurry to sell their homes and many people getting close to retirement wanting to bu...
 "HAPPY NEW YEAR" 2021 I know many of you are thinking by the title of this post how could we possibly have a Happy New Year with all the stuff that's going on around the world!Well I am here to say there are some very exciting events coming in the beginning of 2021. Then through out the year 202...

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