2014: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz meets Alaska Bob in The Last Frontier ;o) - 06/17/15 11:13 AM

For anyone that follows Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, Alaska Bob and blogs about "The Last Frontier" here is another ;o)
Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has written several posts with beautiful photographs of Alaska.
And will continue posting until his next visit the second week of July 2015.
So if you come across any posts by Robert Swetz with "The Last Frontier" within the title, take note that there will be great photographs of Alaska from his vacations in 2014.
Here are two wonderful photographs taken by Robert Swetz in Whittier Alaska in 2014

2014: Vegas Bob - Counting the days until he visits Alaska The Last Frontier - 06/15/15 11:26 AM
 South Anchorage Alaska from a bluff by Robert Swetz 2014 Every day that comes to an end brings me closer to my next visit to "The Last Frontier" in beautiful Alaska.And for anyone that has been following Vegas Bob and his  posts about Alaska know how excited he is to get back up there ;o)In fact most of Vegas Bob's friends ask him all the time, why he doesn't live up in Alaska?The second week of July will make Robert Swetz's 5 time to Alaska. Robert's first visit was in 2000, followed by three visits in 2014 and now July in 2015.Vegas … (13 comments)

2014: Denali National Park Mount McKinley Alaska The Last Frontier - 06/13/15 06:28 AM
Denali National Park around Mount McKinley in Alaska is by far one of the most beautiful places in the state of Alaska.   Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has only been on the edge of Denali National Park, and never had the chance to get into the heart of the park.   Robert Swetz is hoping sometime in 2015 or 2016 that he will be able to take the tour into DNP in Alaska.   When Vegas Bob was traveling towards Fairbanks Alaska in October of 2014, in DNP when the sun was rising, he captured this photograph reflection on "Byers Lake" … (11 comments)

2014: Alaska the "Last Frontier" - New Beginning for Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 06/11/15 02:30 PM
Alaska the "Last Frontier" - New Beginning for Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Robert Swetz spent almost 3 months in Alaska in 2014. And Robert will be in Alaska for 10 days fishing the second week of July 2015.
And it is looking like Robert will also be visiting Alaska around December of 2015. 
And Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is planning on spending around 9-10 months in Alaska in 2016.
Robert has hundreds of some of the most beautiful photographs he took last year while he was in Alaska.
Instead of sharing many photographs within one post, Vegas Bob is going to post around one dozen different posts … (9 comments)

2014: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz meets Alaska Bob (Eye Candy) - 05/12/15 11:34 AM

Here are some great photographs that Robert Swetz took in 2014 while he was on vacation in Alaska.
Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has traveled all over the United States, from ... Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, California, Utah, etc, and has never viewed a more beautiful place like Alaska.
Robert Swetz's first visit to Alaska was back in 2001, followed by approx 90 days in a 4 month period in 2014.
Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob will be traveling once again in the middle of July 2015. Alaska Bob will be visiting with his new wife and fishing Halibut, and taking new photographs.
Vegas Bob … (27 comments)

2014: The Best of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz at ActiveRain 2014 - 12/31/14 05:49 AM
The Best of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz at ActiveRain 2014
Here are just a handful of some favorite posts blogged by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz in the year 2014 ... "Enjoy" and have a wonderful New Year 2015 
Merry Christmas 2014 from Robert Vegas Bob Swetz at the North Pole Alaska ;o)
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz "Embarrassed" after referring ActiveRain client to Las Vegas Realtor
How do you feel about letting another agent borrow your Supra Key?
ATTENTION bloggers around the World Please shut off computers & phones 
Will the Real "ActiveRain Network" Please Stand … (8 comments)

2014: "Who wants to be a part of Vegas Bob's Empire"? ;o) - 02/20/14 12:02 AM

I am sure there are many of you thinking what kind of a weird question is this … “Who wants to be a part of Vegas Bob’s Empire”? But this question is not at all weird to Vegas Bob! In fact Vegas Bob is really serious about this question.
Now if there are any of you out there that personally know Vegas Bob, related, close friends, etc, that are reading this post … “Read it Closely.”
Vegas Bob has some very-very HUGE plans up his sleeve. And he is not talking about being licensed to sell Real Estate in Nevada … (30 comments)

2014: Vegas Bob's REAL ESTATE License & Contractors License ;o) 2014 - 02/03/14 09:37 AM
Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz is spending the first two weeks of February 2014 taking CE Real Estate classes to keep his license active.
 Between CE classes VB is going through the steps on obtaining a Contractors License so he can start his own Glass Company. There is a lot of steps involved in obtaining a Contractors License but VB feels with his 40 years experience it will be worth having his own glass business.
 VB has put so much energy into so many different glass companies in his career with very little in return. It's time to really start making money for himself … (8 comments)

2014: Resorts World Las Vegas March of 2014 another BOOM by Vegas Bob - 01/26/14 03:13 AM

Summer of 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada is going to be the start of another "BOOM" in Las Vegas. Followed by 2015 at full peak for the (New) RESORTS WORLD LAS VEGAS.
Resorts World Las Vegas will be breaking ground around March of 2014 and will continue being built for around 3+ years. The total acreage of the site of Resorts World Las Vegas is Larger than the acreage at City Center and will hold Asian Type High Rise buildings and more.
Word has in the owners of Resorts World Las Vegas want the project built ASAP and will be working … (14 comments)

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