abducted: UFO’s and Extraterrestrials are REAL by Robert Swetz - 04/09/17 11:03 AM
Sunday, April 9, 2017 UFO’s and Extraterrestrials are REAL by Robert Swetz  
UFO’s and Extraterrestrials are REAL by Robert Swetz Posted on April 9, 2017 by ufogemini  
UFO’s and Extraterrestrials are REAL by Robert Swetz
With all the advanced technology with computers, computer chips, smarts phones, etc, one can not begin to wonder really where all this technology came from. Well Robert Swetz can tell you that this technology came from another world.

Robert Swetz also believe that we are all off spring from extraterrestrials that have actually been coming here for thousands of years before they … (11 comments)

abducted: Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob express knowledge of UFOs & Extraterrestrials - 10/03/15 02:30 PM

With Halloween around the corner Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz wanted to share and express some personal knowledge of Extraterrestrials.
When I grew up I use to watch movies like War of the Worlds by George Orson Wells, Fire in the Sky by Travis Walton, Starman, Contact, Star Trek, Close Encounters, X-File Series and many other movies about UFO's & Aliens.
Vegas Bob has always had an interest in Sci-Fi but never thought in a million years that any of this UFO/Alien stuff was true.
 Around 25 years ago while fishing Big Sandy Lake in Northern Minnesota I decided to stay at a friends … (28 comments)

abducted: Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz was "Never" abducted by aliens - 05/28/15 11:34 AM
  Robert Vegas Bob Swetz was "NEVER" Abducted by Aliens at Roswell or AREA 51   Vegas Bob had to post this blog to the Internet/World Wide Web because there are some "Retards" out there that think VB was abducted by Aliens.   Vegas Bob has done interviews around AREA 51, book signings with Travis Walton, celebrations in Roswell over July 4th in New Mexico, formed a UFO/Alien website, etc.   But Vegas Bob has "NEVER" said anything about being Abducted by Aliens.     So for anyone that is surfing the net about Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, AREA 51, UFO … (18 comments)

abducted: My Close Friend Travis Walton's Birthday 2-3-2015 by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 02/03/15 04:21 AM
  My Close Friend Travis Walton's Birthday 2-3-2015 by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ;o)   Well today Febuary 3rd 2015 is my friend Travis Walton's birthday. Robert Swetz met Travis many years ago in Snowflake Arizona. At that time Travis's book "Fire in the Sky" had been out of print for approx 15 years. Travis and I discussed why he book had been out of print for 15 years.  I mentioned to Travis that I had a close friend in the Midwest that worked for a publishing company.     Travis mentioned at that time that his funds were tight so … (3 comments)

abducted: Was Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz "Abducted" at AREA 51 in Nevada at the white/ black mailbox? - 12/27/11 02:39 AM

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz was last seen riding his BMW motorcycle on "Extraterrestrial Highway" by Alamo & Rachael Nevada several days ago. These 2 photographs and the video at the top of the page were emailed to authorities in Las Vegas Nevada.
Staff at the ActiveRain Network, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter and other networks have allowed rights to post this blog with photographs & video in search of Vegas Bob. If you or anyone has seen Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz please call this number 702-443-7156 and it will be directed to proper channels.
This video (above) is the very last we have heard … (25 comments)

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