activerain network: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is Back in the Saddle at the ActiveRain Network - 07/22/17 01:51 PM
Saturday, July 22, 2017 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is Back in the Saddle at the ActiveRain Network     Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is Back in the Saddle at the ActiveRain Network   For the next 4 days Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob will be posting blogs at the ActiveRain network,, Google+, FaceBook and Twitter.     So for anyone that enjoys reading Robert Swetz's blogs and viewing his photographs and videos please stay tuned ;o)   Here are some interesting photographs I have taken over the years with horses in them representing Vegas Bob being back in the saddle. … (13 comments)

activerain network: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be going through withdrawals in 2017 - 12/29/16 05:09 PM

 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be going through withdrawals in 2017
Starting January 1st 2017 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will no longer be writing posts about his personal life, vacations, etc but will only be posting material about real estate.
Real estate in Las Vegas, Henderson Nevada and other states and cities across the nation.
January 1st will mark the 9 year anniversary of when Vegas Bob first joined the ActiveRain network.
Vegas Bob has posted his fair share of material on his personal life, traveling and so much more.
Vegas Bob has made so many great associates & friends at the ActiveRain network and I love … (20 comments)

activerain network: Winning Over The Naysayers - 02/24/16 03:29 AM
What a great blog by Amanda Davidson and this young lady has really come a long way within the ActiveRain network.
I have been following Amanda ever since she first joined the ActiveRain network and I have also noticed Amanda has been selling quite a few homes.
"You Go Girl"
Winning Over The Naysayers
BoomTown has challenged us to write about our most common or most annoying objection we receive online. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts and get a positive feeling after seeing how many objections Rainer’s have overcome. Winning over the naysayers can be done and it’s a big feeling of … (11 comments)

activerain network: What would be the perfect blog at the ActiveRain network? - 02/23/16 02:32 AM
What would be the perfect blog at the ActiveRain network?
There are hundreds of thousands of blogs that have been posted to the ActiveRain network over 9+ years so it may be very difficult to find that perfect blog.
In my eyes blogs are just a way of individuals expressing themselves through their businesses, everyday life, vacations, opinions and so much more.
So that being said I really don't believe there would be the perfect blog at the ActiveRain network.
There are some ActiveRain members like LENN HARLEY that have paved the way with their highly rated blogs with hundreds of comments and likes. And there … (15 comments)

activerain network: Early Merry Christmas Activerain Members and Vegas Bob is staying ;o) - 12/20/15 06:15 AM
I  would like to wish everyone from Activerain a Very "Merry Christmas" early because I will be very busy the week of Christmas.
I would also like to thank all my Friends & Associates for all your emails about wanting me to stay with the Activerain network.
I even received a email from one person on AR staff that shared some of the reasons to stay ... ;o)
So that being said, have a safe Christmas week and Vegas Bob aka Alaska Bob will be back with some fresh (New) blogs with (New) photos of Alaska attached in January 2016
And let's try and not forget … (13 comments)

activerain network: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz aka Alaska Bob might leave Activerain? - 12/17/15 02:34 PM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz aka Alaska Bob might leave the Activerain network ...
Robert Swetz first joined the Activerain network back in January 1st 2008, coming up this January will make it 8 long years.
So many friends & associates have come and gone in the 8 years.
Vegas Bob & Alaska Bob have been really pushing the platform at several other networks and will know more in the next couple weeks which direction he will go.
And if Robert Swetz leaves he would like to get other Activerain members to moderate his many groups.

activerain network: What are your favorite interests at Activerain? - 11/08/15 09:39 PM
The Activerain network has been a part of my life now for 7+ years when I first joined in January of 2008.
It's hard to believe I have been with Activerain that long and time seems to be flying by so fast.
When I first joined the Activerain network, I did it for exposure and didn't even know what a blog was, Google or Twitter.
After several months I started to focus on plugging my businesses, forming friends & associates, etc.
Then after a year I started to experiment with loading photos, and at that time photos were now very popular, mostly words.
Then back to … (13 comments)

activerain network: It's like a Ghost Town around Activerain and it's not Halloween - 10/25/15 03:45 AM

With comments, replies to comments, etc, it has been like a Ghost Town around the Activerain Network.
This has not happened before and when AR members are real busy selling homes, etc, it get like a Ghost Town around here.
I know members find it easier to just roll through blogs by other members and click on the like button.
But I find it much more personal and more connected to other members to leave a short comment and also click on the like button.
Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob will leave a quick comment like ...
Wonderful post ...
Congrats on another sale ...
Congrats on the … (41 comments)

activerain network: Personally I think business cards are a way of the past, but ... - 10/20/15 10:55 PM
Personally I think business cards are a way of the past, but ...
Robert Swetz will be designing a new card this week, and I should have some printed in the next couple weeks.
It's been around 4 years now since I last had business cards printed, and I am due for some new ones.
I am going to design a very simple basic card which should cover all my different businesses.
When I meet people and hand them a card, I will share a little bit about my businesses and they can search and decide if my any of my business fits their needs.
After … (14 comments)

activerain network: Thanks Activerain for bringing Alaska Bob to the first page of Google - 10/09/15 11:26 AM

The strangest thing happened to me while the Curtain was down at Activerain for maintenance yesterday October 8th.
Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob (did not) know that the Activerain network would be shut down for maintenance Thursday October 8th.
So I Googled the name Alaska Bob like I do everyday just to check it's ranking.
Low and behold, around the same time I searched Alaska Bob and was writing a post, the Activerain network was getting ready to Close the Curtain.
The results of AR closing the curtain, etc shot the name Alaska Bob down to page 20, and days before it was showing up on … (24 comments)

activerain network: How many Activerain members want the Suggest Button brought back? - 08/29/15 09:16 AM
The Suggest Button was taken away from the Activerain network many years ago, and later the LIKE Button was added.
I know that the Activerain network puts posts by members that are getting large numbers of likes on the front page stating Popular Question, Popular Answer, High Traffic blog, Featured blog and so on.
So my question is ... what makes these certain posts so special?
I have viewed so many High Traffic blogs that have (only) 1 comment ;o/ ... so why are they so special?
I am always viewing the Activerain page that comes up whenever I log off, and I am very … (14 comments)

activerain network: Has the LIKE button replaced leaving Comments at Activerain??? - 08/25/15 11:10 AM

 Punk Rock Dog at Pacific Coast by Robert Swetz
Comments around the Activerain network have been fading away, and more members are just hitting the LIKE button.
Vegas Bob remembers so many moons ago when the Activerain network didn't have a like button. 
And members would leave more comments to the posts they like.
Now it's easier just to skim over the different blogs at Activerain and just click the LIKE button.
What are your thoughts on the subject of the LIKE button vs leaving a comment?
It seems like the Activerain network continues get less and less personalized ;o(

activerain network: Activerain Friends & Associates - Thank you ;o) - 08/16/15 01:46 AM
Every once and a while I like to reach out to my Friends & Associates, and today is one of those days!
Since January 2008, I have seen so many Friends & Associates come and go at the Activerain network.
I am not sure if some of them retired from the real estate industry or just took a few years off.
And of course along with some of the originals that have left, has come a (new) group of Friends & Associates and you are all welcome.
I know that the real estate industry can be very busy at times along with our everyday lives, … (11 comments)

activerain network: Robert Swetz continues to brag about Activerain - 08/13/15 12:30 PM
Whenever Robert Swetz finds himself in conversation with family, friends and clients, he still brags about the Activerain network.
In fact whenever people are talking about states and cities across the United States and Canada, Robert always mentions his associates and friends connected to the Activerain network.
And if Robert ever comes across people talking about cities and states across the U.S., he asks them in they have a Realtor working with them.
The Activerain network is by far the largest group of persons connected to Real Estate, and Robert will continue to mention all of his associates and friends connected to the Activerain network.
And … (18 comments)

activerain network: Has anyone noticed old Activerain members coming back? - 07/21/15 01:08 PM

Lately Vegas Bob has noticed older members posting again and quite a few new members joining the Activerain network.
And I think the number one reason is because Ben Kinney now owns the Activerain network, and he brought Bob Stewart back.
Has anyone else noticed older members blogging again or more often then before?
Has anyone else noticed quite a few new members at the Activerain network?
What ever the reason may be for some old friends and faces appearing once again at Activerain and the new faces jumping aboard, Vegas Bob likes it.
And I personally think the Activerain network is going to take a full … (26 comments)

activerain network: Positive Attitudes are Accepted - Please refrain from Negativity - 07/17/15 04:16 AM
Many years ago when I first joined the Activerain network back in January 2008, Robert Swetz was a babe in the woods.
And yes Robert Swetz had his many ups and downs with members, being accepted and learning to post blogs.
Within 2 years at the Activerain network, Robert Swetz was given the name "Vegas Bob" by some of his favorite friends and associates.
Vegas Bob formed over 20 groups at Activerain, formed over 600 friends and associates, and did his best to fit in.
We as members don't have to agree with every ones posts, opinions, etc at Activerain.
So that being said, let's do our … (43 comments)

activerain network: Is it possible that Vegas Bob may have outgrown the Activerain network - 06/23/15 12:24 PM
When Robert Vegas Bob Swetz first joined the Activerain network back in January 2008, it was exciting ...
In fact Robert Swetz was so into the Activerain network back in 2008, that he founded 20+ groups at the AR network that he continues to moderate.
The Activerain network has had it's ups and downs over the years, but then again so does every network.
Over the many years that Robert was plugging the Activerain network, he was given the name "Vegas Bob" from some of the members that have now since left AR.
And when Activerain was purchased by Trulia which was then bought out … (32 comments)

activerain network: What will happen to posts - Trulia in the name? Ben Kinney purchase - 06/21/15 04:56 AM
There are going to be many questions that will be on the minds of the Activerain members after the purchase of AR from Zillow to Ben Kinney.
A member left a good question on one of my earlier posts today ...
I wonder what will happen to all links to our previous posts. I assume they are not going to work anymore, since they would have trulia in them?
Jun 21, 2015 01:21 AM
This is a very good question!
All of the posts that AR members have blogged in the time that Trulia/Zillow owned them, what will happen to them?
Will the Activerain techies upload … (36 comments)

activerain network: Newbies at the Activerain network are very important - 05/31/15 04:40 AM
Remember when you first joined the Activerain network?
Remember when you didn't have any friends and associates at the Activerain network?
Remember your first posts at the Activerain network when you first starting blogging at the Activerain?
Remember when you didn't know how to work the Activerain network?
Remember when you didn't know anything about the groups, posting photos, etc?
There are still many "Newbies" joining the Activerain network. And Vegas Bob has always gone out of his way to welcome "Newbies" because Vegas Bob remembers when he was a "Newbie" ;o/

activerain network: Some days you are the grasshopper / Some days you are the Sensei! - 05/29/15 01:21 PM
This post by Tammy Adams is a great write and Vegas Bob featured it to one of his groups.
I am hoping that Tammy figures out what exactly she needs to do so this post can be part of the contest going on at the Activerain network.
Vegas Bob has decided to reblog this post by Tammy so he can feature it at his other group:
If I'm Going to Be Honest...
My Sensei / Grasshopper is You!
I have been reading a lot of these posts and they actually support something I have felt for quite sometime. And if I'm … (4 comments)

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