aka: Vegas Bob & Alaska Bob have a great idea - 11/07/15 03:58 AM
Vegas Bob & Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz have created a new idea on marketing there names within the real estate industry.
whenever Robert Swetz is in Las Vegas he refers to himself and Vegas Bob, and in Alaska ... Alaska Bob.
But Robert is thinking of switching it up and here's why!
When Robert is in Alaska, he should refer to himself as Vegas Bob and promote real estate in Las Vegas where the winters are warm.
And when Robert is in Las Vegas, he should refer to himself as Alaska Bob and promote real estate in Alaska where the summers are cooler and … (9 comments)

aka: Alaska Bob fishes Jim Creek in Palmer Alaska - 5th page of Google - 08/19/15 11:36 AM
Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob, also known as Alaska Bob is amazed that this post 'Alaska Bob fishes Jim Creek in Palmer Alaska' went from 11th page to 7th and now 5th page at Google.   And this post below is on the 2nd page of searching Alaska Bob under BING.   Whatever is happening, Robert is excited and continues to run with these 2 posts that were blogged several months ago ;o)     Alaska Bob Tours hits 7th page of Google ;o) activerain.com › Blogs › Robert (Alaska Bob) Swetz Aug 14, 2015 · Finger Lake - Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz Robert Swetz was shocked when he Googled the name Alaska Bob, … (15 comments)

aka: Google Juice booms for Alaska Bob - 08/18/15 12:16 PM

The Google Juice for Alaska Bob continues to boom and rise rapidly to the top on Google pages.
With all the written posts, blogging, photographs and videos that Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz continues to plug within the World Wide Web, the ranks continue to rise.
And of all the networks that Robert Swetz plugs to, YouTube and Activerain seem to be to be the top 2 ranked for search engine optimization.
So a heads-up for readers that want their posts to rise to the top of Google pages the fastest ...
YouTube and Activerain 
Here is a video Alaska Bob took in Alaska in 2014. … (12 comments)

aka: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz meets Alaska Bob in The Last Frontier ;o) - 06/17/15 11:13 AM

For anyone that follows Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, Alaska Bob and blogs about "The Last Frontier" here is another ;o)
Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has written several posts with beautiful photographs of Alaska.
And will continue posting until his next visit the second week of July 2015.
So if you come across any posts by Robert Swetz with "The Last Frontier" within the title, take note that there will be great photographs of Alaska from his vacations in 2014.
Here are two wonderful photographs taken by Robert Swetz in Whittier Alaska in 2014





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