aliens: by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 12/15/16 04:45 PM
  Thursday, December 15, 2016 by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Here is by far one of the strangest websites that Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has ever created, many years ago | do you believe? AREA 51 UFOs/ Aliens Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz www.UFOsAliens … 7:16 7:16 . Robert Vegas Bob Swetz was NEVER Abducted by Aliens at. ...
AREA 51 (Black Mailbox) Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz & Sherry AREA 51 (Black Mailbox) Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz & Sherry. ... UFOs & Aliens by Robert … (12 comments)

aliens: Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob express knowledge of UFOs & Extraterrestrials - 10/03/15 02:30 PM

With Halloween around the corner Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz wanted to share and express some personal knowledge of Extraterrestrials.
When I grew up I use to watch movies like War of the Worlds by George Orson Wells, Fire in the Sky by Travis Walton, Starman, Contact, Star Trek, Close Encounters, X-File Series and many other movies about UFO's & Aliens.
Vegas Bob has always had an interest in Sci-Fi but never thought in a million years that any of this UFO/Alien stuff was true.
 Around 25 years ago while fishing Big Sandy Lake in Northern Minnesota I decided to stay at a friends … (28 comments)

aliens: Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz was "Never" abducted by aliens - 05/28/15 11:34 AM
  Robert Vegas Bob Swetz was "NEVER" Abducted by Aliens at Roswell or AREA 51   Vegas Bob had to post this blog to the Internet/World Wide Web because there are some "Retards" out there that think VB was abducted by Aliens.   Vegas Bob has done interviews around AREA 51, book signings with Travis Walton, celebrations in Roswell over July 4th in New Mexico, formed a UFO/Alien website, etc.   But Vegas Bob has "NEVER" said anything about being Abducted by Aliens.     So for anyone that is surfing the net about Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, AREA 51, UFO … (18 comments)

aliens: Humpback Whale dropped by UFO, Pterodactyl or Big Bird in Salt Lake City Utah??? - 12/10/14 05:07 AM
    Humpback Whale dropped by UFO, Pterodactyl or Big Bird in Salt Lake City Utah???   A friend of Vegas Bob sent him a text about this story this morning about a Humpback Whale found in a cornfield on a farm in Salt Lake City. There are no tire tracks or any indication on how the 1000+ pound whale ended up in the field.       So Vegas Bob was thinking ...  Did a UFO drop this Humpback Whale from the sky in the cornfield in Salt Lake City Utah?           Did a Pterodactyl drop … (13 comments)

aliens: Blast from the Past Travis Walton & Vegas Bob at AREA 51 Rachel Nevada - 02/24/14 08:43 AM
Travis Walton bails Vegas Bob out of jail in (AREA 51) Rachel Nevada 5-30-2010    BY ROBERT (VEGAS BOB) SWETZ Real Estate Agent with REALTY ONE GROUP - LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 702.443.7156 211236 EMAIL  SHORT URL              Share: May 30, 2010 03:17 AM
 Dana Walton, Travis Walton, Connie & Pat (owners of the "Little A' Le" Inn) in Rachel Nevada May 29 2010
 Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) was busted crashing one of the gates at "AREA 51" Friday 5-28-2010 and thrown in jail. He was with his friend Travis Walton for a book signing at the Little A' Le' Inn and … (7 comments)

aliens: "Happy Fathers Day" (FUN) Extraterrestrial UFO/Alien AREA 51 Rachel - 06/16/12 04:26 PM
AREA 51 Extraterrestrial Hwy 375 Rachel Nevada 6-14-2012  

Extraterrestrial Hwy 375 Nevada AREA 51 Robert Swetz 6-14-2012 ... 1 day ago – AREA 51 - Extraterrestrial Hwy - Rachel Nevada & Vegas Bob 5-7 ... ► 2:22► 2:22 May 8, 2011 - 2 ... UFO found in Rachel Nevada - "Happy Presidents Day" - (No Cover ... Feb 21, 2011 – 375 approx. 130 miles north of Las Vegas Nevada, on Extraterrestrial Hwy. Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz visits Rachel Nevada around every other month and goes to the ... Aliens and around have of Humans work at AREA 51. Posted by "Super Star" at 11:04 PM 0 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook … (7 comments)

aliens: AREA 51 Adult Club "Totally Topless" ... but who cares! XXX RATED (TOP SECRET) - 04/10/12 06:42 AM

AREA 51 Adult Club "Totally Topless" ... but who cares! XXX RATED (TOP SECRET)
Take a look at this ... I burst out into laughter when I first saw this, and I guess the idea of TOTALLY TOPLESS  Aliens really doesn't do much for me ... ;o)
For anyone interested in purchasing Real Estate around Rachel Nevada ... (AREA 51) only 120 miles north of Las Vegas Neavda please contact VEGAS BOB at 702 443 7156
  More videos for Area 51 robert vegas bob swetz » MY PERSONAL STORIES: AREA 51 Nevada Robert (Vegas Bob ... Jan 15, 2012 – What can (Videos) do for … (15 comments)

aliens: Could December 21 2012 be a part of a "ALIEN INVASION"? (Area 51) Nevada - 04/09/12 02:08 PM
Monday, April 9, 2012
Could December 21 2012 be a part of a "ALIEN INVASION"? (Area 51) Nevada   Is everyone ready for DECEMBER 21 2012?  The end of the Mayan Calender, the beginning of a (New Age) ... What is really going to happen on DECEMBER 21 2012? Could this day be part of a "ALIEN INVASION"? Does Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz know something we don't? Could Robert Swetz be out of his mind ... or on to something in this video on this blog? Does life form from another planet want their planet back? "INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW" … (7 comments)

aliens: How about this for some Science fiction ... - 02/29/12 10:48 PM
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Governments around the World confess UFOs & Aliens are REAL - "Now do you Believe"?   Let's just say that Governments across the World come out and expose that UFOs & Aliens are True and that the cover up was for National Security, etc.What would your thoughts be on this subject matter that UFOs & Aliens do exist? Would your religious beliefs change in any way.I believe that if UFOs & Aliens do exist that this would open hundreds & thousands of questions about life, where we come from, if we related to ET's and so much … (9 comments)

aliens: "Good Morning" everyone and have a HAPPY DAY ... - 02/24/12 12:39 AM
Friday, February 24, 2012 "Good Morning" everyone and have a HAPPY DAY ...     "Good Morning" my friends and I would like to personally wish you all a HAPPY DAY ... I have been very busy with open houses on the weekends and preparing to visit California.  This funny photograph was taken at the Roswell Parade in New Mexico last year for the "Fourth of July" Celebration ... Celebrating Independence Day and the UFO Crash back on 7-4-1947 ... I am not really sure what these creatures are? "Alien Smiley Faces" Have a wonderful weekend everyone and "BE HAPPY"   … (13 comments)

aliens: Was Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz "Abducted" at AREA 51 in Nevada at the white/ black mailbox? - 12/27/11 02:39 AM

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz was last seen riding his BMW motorcycle on "Extraterrestrial Highway" by Alamo & Rachael Nevada several days ago. These 2 photographs and the video at the top of the page were emailed to authorities in Las Vegas Nevada.
Staff at the ActiveRain Network, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter and other networks have allowed rights to post this blog with photographs & video in search of Vegas Bob. If you or anyone has seen Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz please call this number 702-443-7156 and it will be directed to proper channels.
This video (above) is the very last we have heard … (25 comments)

aliens: (Freaky Friday) "Happy Holidays" from Vegas Bob ... ;o) - 12/15/11 11:24 PM

(Freaky Friday) "Happy Holidays" from Vegas Bob ... ;o)

aliens: I wonder what the "Aliens" are doing in Las Vegas on THANKSGIVING DAY???? - 11/24/11 03:09 AM

             I wonder what the "Aliens" are doing in Las Vegas on THANKSGIVING DAY????

aliens: If GOD created "Everything" from the Universe to Living Life, why do people disbelieve in Extraterrestrials? - 10/23/11 05:51 PM
 GOD created (ALL) the Universes, Galaxies, Life, etc ... so why do so many people disbelieve in Life on other planets and UFOs?
 Because these people haven't seen them?
 People haven't seen the DEVIL, Holy Spirit and many other things invisible to the naked eye ... so why are many peoples minds closed off the idea that we are not alone in the Universe?
 It's only a matter of time before so much cover-up on Aliens & UFOs is exposed by Governments across the world. And what is everyone going to believe once real photographs, alien bodies, UFO aircraft and so … (25 comments)

aliens: Vegas Bob's interview with Japanese Film Crew at AREA 51 in Rachel Nevada 5-7-2011 - 05/12/11 10:16 AM
Posted on May 12, 2011 by ufogemini Vegas Bob & Japanese Film Crew at AREA 51 Nevada 5-7-2011 On May 7th 2011 five people from Japan and one person from New York City flew into Las Vegas Nevada to interview Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz for a Japanese television program.
When I first received a phone call from from a person in New York City asking if I would do a interview about AREA 51 I thought they were “pulling my leg” but to find out later it was the “real deal.”
Vegas Bob met with the 6 Japanese people in the … (10 comments)

aliens: "Freaky Friday" - ET Phone Home! - 04/22/11 04:03 AM

Phphotograph taken by Robert Swetz - EXTRATERRESTRIAL HIGHWAY Hwy 375 Nevada 2011
Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz visits Alamo & Rachel Nevada located only minutes from AREA 51, most of the time when VB is up there he is always bumping into these "Grays, Greens and Tan" colored ET's.
The "Grays" like the one in this photo taken on hwy 375 between Alamo & Rachel are very aggressive, and have been know to hurt "Humans".
Well VB didn't back down to this "Gray" and after many minutes of being stared at VB yelled "ET Phone Home"!
Then VB & his … (10 comments)

aliens: AR members from Southern California are going to be so made at Vegas Bob! (Illegal Aliens from Tijuana) - 03/03/11 05:38 PM
AR members from Southern California are going to be so made at Vegas Bob! (Illegal Aliens from Tijuana)
Vegas Bob has been in Southern California since Tuesday and it was a spur of the moment vacation, and I was bouncing around so fast on the Pacific Coast I don't think any of you could have kept up with VB.
Tuesday I was in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar, La Jolla Beach, Torrey Pines State Beach, etc.
Wednesday I drove to Tijuana where I captured these Illegal Aliens crossing the border! I went to Imperial Beach, Silver Strand State … (24 comments)

aliens: Federal Bureau of Investigation career was one of my dreams! - 02/27/11 06:16 PM
Federal Bureau of Investigation career was one of my dreams!
That’s right around 30 years ago Robert Swetz was very interested in working as a Secret Agent for the FBI. I went to college for several years for Law Enforcement, sources from Portland Oregon and the State of Washington sent me letters wanting me to go through their 2 week boot camp and work for their division as a Police Officer.
What really stopped me from becoming a FBI agent was when I was told that I would have to beat the streets as a police … (9 comments)

aliens: Extraterrestrial CIA Secret Report Findings - 02/27/11 05:23 PM
Posted on February 27, 2011 by ufogemini In 1958 the CIA had Secret documentation covered up for over 50 years.
Major findings that Extraterrestrial (Aliens) were using humans and animals for a source of glandular secretions, enzymes, hormonal secretions, blood and in horrible to their genetic experiments. The aliens explained these actions as necessary to their survival. They stated that their genetic structure had deteriorated ant that they were no longer able to reproduce. They stated that if they were unable to improve their genetic structure their race would soon cease to exist. We looked upon their explanations with extreme suspicion. … (7 comments)

aliens: Astronaut Gordon Cooper interview – UFOs are Real - 02/20/11 03:53 AM
Posted on February 20, 2011 by ufogemini Exclusive interview with Gordon Cooper blows lid off 50-year cover-up
“I know other astronauts share my feelings” declared Cooper, 69, who went into space aboard a Mercury craft in 1963 and on a Gemini craft two years later.
“And we know the government is sitting on hard evidence of UFOs Cooper said he first encountered UFOs as a military pilot in Germany in the early 1950s, when unidentified craft were spotted over an air base. “We thought they could have been Russian, we regularly had MiG-150s overflying our base.” We scrambled our Sabre jets … (9 comments)

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