animals: Patience and Happiness from Mother Nature by Robert Swetz - 02/03/16 11:04 AM
Patience & Happiness from Mother Nature by Robert Swetz
Within our busy everyday lives comes stress, anger, frustration and so much more.Life in the Fast Lane and trying to keep up with The Jones with heavy traffic while driving to work, paying high property taxes where we live, paying high income taxes, etc. can really make it hard to make ends meet.
 For the most part everyone works very hard to feed their families, make the mortgage payment, car payments, insurance payments, medical & dental bills, etc. With all of our hard earned money going towards bills and everyday living it becomes very … (11 comments)

animals: Please Watch the Story Of Nico an Abused Dog - Carry the Messages with You - 10/10/15 04:02 AM
Here is a post my friend Robert (Bob) Gilbert posted about Nico an Abused Dog.
NOBODY has the right to abuse humans, animals and or any living creature period ;o/
 It's very hard for me to watch videos like this, because when I do I can feel the pain of the animal and or the person taking the video ;o(
I seriously believe that anybody that abuses has EVIL running through their brain.
Please take a moment try to watch the Story of Nico, and help spread the word and or help animals around the shelters ;o)
Please Watch the Story Of Nico an Abused … (9 comments)

animals: I am "Tired" of staying in your Trailer - 02/18/15 09:25 PM
Vegas Bob is "Tired" of staying in your Trailer
For anyone that's been following the stories about Vegas Bob with no Internet, etc, here is the latest.
Vegas Bob has been working on a project in San Jose for around 3 weeks now, and has been staying in a friends RV Tailer.
The RV Trailer has some engine problems so the license tabs are expired, which means its not up to code for the RV parks.
well for 9 days now poor Vegas Bob has had no wifi and or Internet, no place to shower or go … (9 comments)

animals: Where did Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's 'kind-heartedness' come from? - 06/22/14 02:46 AM
Sunday, June 22, 2014 Where did Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's 'kind-heartedness'' come from? 6-22-2014  
Where did Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's 'kind-heartedness' come from?   Robert Swetz's kind-heartedness' all started at the very young age of six years old. Robert's father started sharing with him love, kindness, honesty, etc, before he was six years old. But is wasn't till Robert's parents divorced around the age of 6 that Robert really started developing a kind heart.   At the age of six, Robert and his older sister would go up to their grandparents cabin on the lake. Robert's grandfather was from Czechoslovakia and … (12 comments)

animals: Friday Funnies - Prairie Dogs playing or mating? And what's up with Mr Owl? - 07/23/10 03:25 PM
Video by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - All rights reserved - 2010

animals: Betty the Beaver taking a dip in her Pool ... - 07/10/10 03:56 PM

animals: "Friday Funnies" - 07/09/10 01:43 PM

 Photograph by Robert Swetz - 2010

animals: What's for dinner? - 07/19/09 09:18 AM

 What's for dinner?
 Number one above.................
 Or number two below .................


 Can anyone tell me the name of this furry creature?
 As me and my friend were hiking in Cedar Breaks Utah last year taking in the beauty, we came across this furry creature sunbathing on the rocks, about the size of a small cat.
 We were not sure what it was when we first saw  the furry creature, it looked like a badger at first glance. There was a couple standing there looking at it also and we asked, "it that a badger"? They replied no, "That is a ____________". I cannot remember what they called it, but it was a very strange name.

 My brother-in-law sent me this email that I would like to share with the members of Active Rain and other groups with AR. I really like the information and numbers used in this article, and how we can make a change.
 When I was in Myanmar (Burma) in May of 2008 I noticed plastic bags all over the country side, it was ugly. Even in Las Vegas when driving to Salt Lake City, California and or out of Las Vegas, I notice plastic bags all over that have blown around. It's ugly.
 If you can, please read this article and help … (3 comments)

animals: ARE THE PAWS COLD ON THIS DOG? - 06/30/08 04:17 AM
 What's up with the booties on this dog? Are her feet cold? Did she just have a pedicure?
 I don't think any of the above! When I shot this photo at Lake Mead the temperature was around 90 degrees. I really don't think the dog's paws where cold.
 The reason the dog has the booties on is because there is dirt ad mud all over by the shore line and her owners don't want her tracking the dirt into their Motor-home.

Photo by:
Robert Swetz

animals: " Don't Worry The Seals Are just Fine " (Just Sun Bathing) - 06/07/08 04:35 AM
  I hope everyone will have a relaxing weekend just like my friends here laying around the beach in Southern California. And yes the seals are just fine, they are just taking a little nap.
Take is easy and until Monday, have a safe and wonderful weekend.
Photo by:  Robert Swetz

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