apple corporation: Apple Corporation Campus 2 - 19111 Pruneridge Ave Cupertino CA 95014 - 01/30/16 04:02 AM
The New Apple Campus 2 at 19111 Pruneridge Avenue Cupertino California 95014 has been under construction and in full swing for approx. one year now.
Robert Swetz has been a glazier (glass installer) for over 40 years now and there is a great possibility that he will be working on the New Apple Campus in 2016.

While Robert Swetz was in conversation with Business Rep. at the San Jose Glaziers Local, the BR mentioned that another approx. 40 acre expansion for Apple Corporation had been approved for the manufacturing of Electric Cars in the Future. 
Along with the booming construction taking place in Santa … (17 comments)

apple corporation: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz may be headed back to the Lower 48 - 12/27/15 11:24 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz aka Alaska Bob has only been in Alaska now for 7 days and it already looks like he may be headed back to the Lower 48.
There are 2 huge construction projects going on in the Bay Area, one is Apple Corporation and another huge project in downtown San Francisco consisting of 3 very large skyscrapers.
With the cold weather in Alaska there is very little work, and with the Boom going on in the Bay Area there is about a 98% chance AB/VB will be headed back to the Lower 48.
I will know in the next several days … (2 comments)

apple corporation: So Many Doors of Opportunity in 2016 for Robert Swetz - 09/08/15 12:13 PM

The Doors of Opportunity continue to open for Robert Swetz, but he will enter only through one door.
2016 is going to be a very busy year for Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob ... aka Vegas Bob.
Alaska Bob will be finishing up a construction project in San Jose California around December of 2015.
Around the end of December 2015 Vegas Bob has the opportunity to work construction on the new APPLE Headquarters in Silicon Valley for 2 years.
This project is so far behind that the workers will be working serious overtime which = BIG $$$$$$
Also around Feb-Mar of 2016, Alaska Bob has the opportunity to … (12 comments)

apple corporation: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz working at APPLE CORPORATION in The Bay Area - 10/01/14 05:54 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz working at APPLE CORPORATION in The Bay Area    
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz working at APPLE CORPORATION   Well it looks like Vegas Bob may be leaving very soon for San Francisco and The Bay Area. Construction continues to "BOOM" with the new Apple Corporation Building, Samsung and several other huge projects getting ready for Glass Installation.     Apple Corporation is building a new headquarters in The Bay Area. Around a 5 Billion dollar project and it sounds like Vegas Bob may be working on the project installing glass.     Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will keep everyone … (10 comments)

apple corporation: My Mac Computer doesn't like my other HD Sony Camcorder & I am sick of going to "The Genius Bar" ... ;o( - 07/20/11 06:44 PM
 Vegas Bob has around 600 short videos from Myanmar/ Burma & Thailand. 
 I am able to load up the video but the audio is not working. These videos were taken in 2010 with a smaller HD Sony Camcorder, and the attachments are loaded on my Mac Computer 
 I have had to go the "Genius Bar" at the Apple Store and they have even had problems trying to help me. I can not run the videos through my I-Movies because the Camcorder is not Mac friendly.
 There are several reasons I like my Mac Computer, but when electronics are not compatible to … (6 comments)

apple corporation: Vindictive people on the Internet ... "VIRUSES" ... ;o( - 04/29/11 03:00 PM
There sure are some weird people in this world with nothing to do but try and harm people that enjoy life.
What happened to you? Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby? Did your girlfriend or boyfriend break your heart and hurt you so bad you can no longer have a relationship except with your laptop? Did all your friends in school call you names because you wore NERD glasses and you had trouble communicating with them because you looked like a NERD? Are you so unsuccessful that you hate and have to try and harm people that … (10 comments)





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