beautiful: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz finds JADE on Beaches in California - 02/04/18 09:33 AM
 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz finds JADE on Beaches in California   
Well I would have to say February 3rd 2018 was quite a lucky day for Vegas Bob walking along the beaches.

 I left the house at about 7:00am yesterday to beat the traffic and walk the beaches with the tide out in search of Jade.  I started walking and looking as soon as I reached my destination because the tide was slowly coming in. Right away I came across the piece of Jade that's in my hand in the photo at the top of the page.  Followed by the other pieces just above this photo … (12 comments)

beautiful: Laguna Beach one of the most Beautiful Coastlines in the World - 08/07/16 08:00 AM
Laguna Beach one of the most Beautiful Coastlines in the World
Well this is the 2nd time that Thomas has rolled around to leave a comment to one of Vegas Bob's posts at the ActiveRain network about how much he loves Laguna Beach. So I have written a special post with 2 great videos, photographs and a actual comment Thomas left at a older post I wrote about the beauty of Laguna Beach in California.
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has viewed hundreds of beaches around the world and the beaches of Hawaii are some of the only ones he has not viewed, but … (23 comments)

beautiful: Hiking Blue Ice Glaciers with Robert Swetz in Alaska - 01/23/16 05:47 AM
 Hiking Blue Ice Glaciers with Robert Swetz in Alaska Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob will be hiking along trails Sunday 1-23-2016 cover with Blue Ice Glaciers.Robert researched several great spots to walk on Glaciers very close to the Kenai Peninsula several hours south of Anchorage Alaska.  Robert was going to hike today but there is a 50% chance of rain and temps will be around 25 - 28 degrees.But Sunday there will only be a 15% chance of rain and temps are will reach around 35 - 38 degrees.Robert will be taking photographs and videos of the Blue Ice Glaciers … (30 comments)

beautiful: God Whispers . . . - 01/19/16 05:09 AM
Tuesday, January 19, 2016God Whispers                I can across this post and video from a friend of mine at the Activerain network and when I watched it I was taken by how true this fits in life.   I was so taken by this wonderful video along with the photographs, that I created my own post with the video and photos I have taken over the years.   What really sets some people apart from others is noticing the little things in life, that are free and priceless.   Thanks for for listening and reading … (11 comments)

beautiful: High Rise Luxury Condos For Sale in Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz - 01/06/16 02:24 AM

High Rise Luxury Condos For Sale in Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz ...
For anyone that is interested in relocating to Las Vegas, Henderson or surrounding areas ...
For anyone interested in spending long cold winters in a climate that's warmer ...
For anyone interested in the night life, night clubs, entertainment, etc ...
Or for anyone that likes gambling, golfing, or rubbing elbows with celebrities ...
Robert Swetz knows the perfect place!

The Las Vegas Valley on Las Vegas Blvd and surrounding beltway overlooking the Las Vegas Strip has beautiful High Rise Luxury Condos … (15 comments)

beautiful: Eye Candy from Alaska "The Last Frontier" by Robert Swetz 2015 - 12/15/15 05:31 AM
Robert Alaska Bob Swetz would like to share some "Eye Candy" from Alaska "The Last Frontier" of 2015The photo (above) was taken from 30,000 feet from a jet coming into Anchorage AK.
Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz wanted to share some of his favorite photos that he took in 2015.The photo (above) was taken at Jerome Lake approx 60 miles south of Anchorage.You may have viewed some of them in other posts, but it never hurts to do a double take.

The photo (above) is Thunderbird Falls approx 20 miles north of Anchorage AK.

The photo (above) was taken at Tern Lake … (9 comments)

beautiful: Is there a beautiful heavenly place to find Peace of Mind? - 12/13/15 12:41 PM
I have traveled to some of the most beautiful places around the world and I know there will be new places of beauty.For the last five years I have been in search of more beautiful heavenly places to find Peace of Mind.A place where you can open your eyes in awe at the beauty that surrounds, a place where you can close your eyes and hear the sounds of the waves crashing, sounds of birds, etc, or the Sounds of Silence.The photo above was taken in the Redwoods in northern California by Eureka, approx 100 miles south of the Oregon Border.The … (15 comments)

beautiful: Can you view the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights like this in Alaska? - 12/12/15 05:49 AM

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Light) in the state of Alaska are by far some of the best to view, video and photograph.
Here are just a couple of photos of just how beautiful the Northern Lights are in Alaska.
And viewing the lights in person is so much more breath-taking than any photograph or video.
Robert Alaska Bob Swetz will be taking photographs & videos of the Aurora Borealis in the months of January & February 2016 from Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, Homer and possibly Fairbanks if Alaska Bob can handle the extreme cold temps in Fairbanks.
So stay tuned into the World Wide Web on … (16 comments)

beautiful: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz sells NEW HOMES Summerlin Red Rock LV NV - 12/04/15 05:14 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz sells New Home in the Summerlin Red Rock Canyon LV NV

For anyone interested in purchasing a new home or having a custom home built in the Summerlin Community around the Red Rock Canyon area, Vegas Bob can help you with your needs.

In one of my CE classes I attended yesterday our teacher mentioned that there are 210 different areas around the Las Vegas Valley and Henderson that are building (New Homes).

This is huge for Las Vegas and the surrounding communities and the Summerlin Red Rock area is just one of many places to purchase new homes and … (3 comments)

beautiful: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz sells homes at Lake Las Vegas Nevada - 12/02/15 12:32 AM
That's right "Lake Las Vegas" ... is there such a place?
Yes there is a beautiful place in Henderson Nevada called ... Lake Las Vegas.And Robert Vegas Bob Swetz specializes in homes at Lake Las Vegas.
 Here are some great photos along with a short video at the top of the page about Lake Las Vegas.The photo above was taken when I was flying around Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley showing clients great areas to purchase homes and investment properties.  Lake Las Vegas is far enough away from the tourists and business of the Las Vegas Strip and located in a remote area … (5 comments)

beautiful: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz sells Custom Homes in Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas - 11/28/15 03:09 AM

One of the most beautiful places around the Las Vegas Valley has to be Red Rock Canyon around Summerlin in Las Vegas Nevada.
And now is your chance to own a piece of Red Rock Canyon before it's gone!

Vegas Bob has been hiking around the Red Rock Canyon now for over 20 years and it is one of his favorite places to hike.
In fact around 5 years ago Vegas Bob missed the opportunity of own a 5 acre parcel in Calico Basin in the photo (above).

To this day Vegas Bob almost cries every time he thinks about missed the chance … (11 comments)

beautiful: The Beauty of Nature can catch you by Surprise - 10/03/15 03:50 AM

Several days ago after spending several hours in the lodge at Morgan Hill California working the Internet, I was surprised by such beauty.
As I walked out my head slowly turned to the right and "WOW" ... this bright red and blue colored sunset sky was just staring me in the face.
I quickly grabbed my iPhone and snapped this beautiful photo, and within 10 seconds the bright colors started to fade.
Videos By Vegas Bob  Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob continues to plug his new nickname ALASKA BOB .... then he has over the years, knowing the nature of his twisted life on earth ;o(. Robert (Vegas Bob) … (25 comments)

beautiful: Alaska Bob enjoying the warm weather in BIG SUR California - 09/27/15 04:25 AM

Unbelievable ... Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob finally was able to get Internet service where he is staying in Morgan Hill California.
Saturday Robert Swetz spent around 5 hours at the beaches of BIG SUR, relaxing and hiking around.
In fact VB hiked down some cliffs that other travelers were scared to hike down.
Which gave VB the whole beach to enjoy with his higher power ... God ;o)
As I sat there in privacy, I spoke with my higher power working on which direction he wanted me to go.
Thanking him for the my health, success, beauty of the BIG SUR, Pacific Coast and so … (28 comments)

beautiful: Alaska Bob Tours by Robert Swetz - 08/11/15 12:37 PM
   Eagle River Alaska by Robert Swetz
After a long conversation with my wife in Anchorage Alaska this evening, we both came across a great idea.
The idea crossed my mind several times when I was shooting videos in Alaska in 2014.
Along with working on getting licensed to sell real estate in Alaska, Robert Swetz will be taking new videos and promoting the beautiful state on Alaska.
 Big Lake Alaska by Robert Swetz
And Robert might possibly start his own Tour guide service called Alaska Bob Tours.
Alaska Bob loves taking videos and has promoted Las Vegas, the state of California, Utah, Arizonia, New Mexico, Minnesota, … (28 comments)

beautiful: Alaska Bob & Robert Swetz Thunderbird Falls Eagle Creek Alaska - 07/30/15 01:20 PM
Alaska Bob & Robert Swetz Thunderbird Falls Eagle Creek Alaska  … (5 comments)

beautiful: "The Last Frontier" beautiful Alaska - 07/17/15 03:46 PM

Fireweed in Willow Alaska by Robert Swetz July 7-17-2015
For anyone that is not familiar with Fireweed, it is a natural flower that grows wild across the whole state of Alaska.
In fact most of the flowers that are in fields across the state of Alaska are wild. 
There are a handful that have been planted around porches, patios and in front yards of homes.
Fireweed on the shores in Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz 7-15-2015
Robert Swetz's trip to Alaska will be coming to an end in the next several days, and he can't believe how fast time has flown by ;o(
Robert Swetz has been … (21 comments)

beautiful: The Transfiguration of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Church - Alaska - 07/16/15 04:09 PM

Transfiguration of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Church by Robert Swetz 2015
The Transfiguration of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Church located in Ninilchik Alaska is the (number one) most photographed of any church in the whole state of Alaska.
Robert Alaska Bob Swetz aka Vegas Bob took some photographs in November 2014 of this old beautiful Russian Orthodox church.
Robert Swetz once again took some new photos of the church, only to find out from "Locals" that this church is the number one photographed church.

Cemetery at The Transfiguration of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Church by Robert Swetz 2015
This beautiful Russian Orthodox Church was built in 1901, … (17 comments)

beautiful: Water Reflections Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz, Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob - 07/12/15 02:11 PM

 Beluga Lake Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob came across great water reflections on Beluga Lake in Homer "Spit" Alaska at 5:00am July 12th before his halibut fishing trip.

 Beluga Lake Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
Robert Swetz wanted to share these great water reflections on Lake Beluga in Homer.
As you can see there are several airplanes on the Beluga Lake that locals use for charter trips.
Beluga Lake Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
Please stay tuned because Vegas Bob aka Alaska Bob will be posting about his halibut fishing trip today or early tomorrow with (Photos Attached) … (11 comments)

beautiful: Will Vegas Bob live in Alaska in 2016? - 07/08/15 12:48 PM
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 Will Robert Vegas Bob Swetz live in Alaska in 2016?   Will Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz live in the state of Alaska in the year 2016?   Well this is a very good question and many readers of Vegas Bob's posts and blogs might already have the answer.   Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz tries to live in the "NOW" and believes that yesterday is the past (over) and tomorrow doesn't exist. Vegas Bob also believes that the Past and the Future are only illusions, and until the Past and the Future become NOW ...   They … (17 comments)

beautiful: In 10 days Vegas Bob will be in Alaska (Photos Attached) - 06/30/15 11:59 AM

 Palmer Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been counting the days until he arrives in beautiful Alaska.
Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz will be arriving late Friday night July 10th, which would make that 10 days and counting.
Girdwood Anchorage Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
Here are some fun photographs that Robert Swetz took in 2014, and there are a couple late fall photos.
Like the one above of the snowfall which looks like a B/W photo, but it isn't.
And the funny photo below of Frosty the Snowman driving and old pickup truck in Homer Alaska ;o)

Frosty the Snowman in Homer Alaska … (22 comments)

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