beautiful lake tahoe: For anyone who "Loves" Lake Tahoe or wants to visit ... - 10/19/11 06:30 PM

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz visits Lake Tahoe around twice per year, and there is a HUGE reason why!
Lake Tahoe is one of the "Hidden Gems" of California, a place that so many people love to visit, a place that so many people want to visit and a place that Vegas Bob just can't get enough of.
This photo (above) was taken in early September of 2011 and what better way to spend a warm weather day then sitting around Lake Tahoe without a care in the world!
VB has hundreds of photographs similar to this one and … (20 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: My two sweethearts at "Emerald Bay" at Lake Tahoe - 10/19/11 01:06 AM


beautiful lake tahoe: Vegas Bob needed some "FRESH AIR" around here after this weekend - 10/16/11 05:06 PM

The last couple of days around Activerain have been a little negative, I am not sure if it's something in the air, the planets or what?
So Vegas Bob went strolling through his photos he took at Lake Tahoe several months ago, and remembers this one quite well. When VB took this photo down by the shore line he was enjoying the scenery and "FRESH AIR" ...
And I can just imagine that these people in the boat were doing the same.
I also wanted to share with everyone viewing this photograph that I did not change any color, … (23 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: Relaxing in the sun at Lake Tahoe with about 3000 feet of shoreline to ourselves - 08/06/11 08:07 PM

 At about 12:00 noon on Saturday Nu Nu, Sherry and myself were looking for a nice beach to relax at Lake Tahoe. This was our 5th day at Lake Tahoe and with school still out it is quite busy even on the weekdays. But today being the weekend it was packed even by noon.
 So as we looked for a parking spot inside the parks, beaches, etc., there were no places to park. We found an area up on the road where we almost parked, to find out later that the cars were getting tacked for no parking for … (24 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: Lake Tahoe = Relreshing & Just plain beautiful by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz - 08/06/11 03:42 AM

 Today is our 5th day at Lake Tahoe and our little vacation will be coming to an end tomorrow, so today will be another fun day playing in the sun.
  In the photo above I captured several girls and boys sucking up the sun and worshiping the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. We will be going out again this morning on the "water-bikes" with a small video camera capturing some of HUGE homes with beach frontage on Lake Tahoe.
  The photo below was taken at the summit just north of North shore Lake Tahoe where flowers … (12 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: Nu Nu and Sherry sunbathing in Lake Tahoe with a Breath-Taking view - 08/05/11 04:46 AM

  I was viewing some of my photographs that I have taken in the last several days of our vacation at Lake Tahoe, and when I came across this photo I couldn't believe my eyes.
 Nu Nu and Sherry were sitting on this HUGE rock down by shore with their feet soaking in the cool clear waters. When I looked down at them with the view of the lake, the clear aqua-blue waters I could not help but snap a photo.
 We are headed to the beach now to ride wet-bikes because the mornings on the lake are usually … (18 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: Vegas Bob really wishes he could write you a post about RE but I am still at Lake Tahoe! - 08/03/11 08:44 PM

 I hope everyone at AR and some of the other networks aren't angry because I haven't been posting about Las Vegas, Real Estate and similar subject matter.
  We are just having so much fun at Lake Tahoe and I don't mean to rub it in! I am doing my best to capture the moment and beauty of Lake Tahoe with photographs and videos.
  We are headed to Pyramid Lake tomorrow just north of Reno/ Sparks Nevada to take a look and find out if it's worth photographing, and then it's back to Tahoe so stay tuned … (19 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: Playing around Lake Tahoe for several days can be very relaxing by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz - 08/03/11 04:12 AM
 Every time I come to visit Lake Tahoe I am always amazed by the color of the water. Word has it is that the "Native Americans" had a special name that they called Lake Tahoe "Da-ow-a-ga" which means "The Jewel of the Sierra."
 Below is some more History of Lake Tahoe and if you have never been to Lake Tahoe, I would suggest going some time in the future. It is quite an amazing place and I will bring more video footage soon.
Tahoe's shores have attracted summer visitors for thousands of years. The first humans to … (17 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: "It's been a long weekend" I am just going to play around the Lake & prepare for August - 07/31/11 05:23 AM


beautiful lake tahoe: "Just another beautiful day by Lake Tahoe" - 07/29/11 05:08 AM

 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz was born and raised for the first 20 years of his life in Minnesota, and still has family and friends that live there. With over 10,000 lakes in the State of Minnesota VB has fished, boated, swam and played in 100s of different lakes in Minnesota alone. Growing up in a area with so many lakes VB has learned to appreciate the beauty of lakes and really enjoys being around them.
  Back in 1979 when VB was hitch-hiking from Minnesota to California he was dropped off by a driver in Reno Nevada. VB had … (21 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: Some Summer Fun at "Lake Tahoe" ... ;) - 01/09/11 06:06 AM

 Photograph taken by Robert Swetz "Lake Tahoe" California 7-27-2010

beautiful lake tahoe: "Good Morning" Activerain and there more than one way to view (Lake Tahoe) - 11/27/10 02:04 AM

 "Good Morning" Activerain and there more than one way to view (Lake Tahoe)
 There are many different ways of traveling (Lake Tahoe) and looking at the beautiful scenery and the huge paddle boat in the photo (above) in just one of them. The MS DIXIE ll is docked at Emerald Bay at (Lake Tahoe) and there are boat tours from a short 2.5 boat ride to dinner tours. For more information please go to the link (below) ...
Lake Tahoe Cruises Cruises & Boat Tours on Lake Tahoe. Book Online and Save. 888-838-8923Boat Tours and Dinner Cruises … (3 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: Nu Nu, Sherry & Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) "Daydreaming" at Lake Tahoe ... - 11/03/10 12:52 AM

Nu Nu, Sherry & Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) "Daydreaming" at Lake Tahoe ...
Sorry but my mind was wondering this morning ...
Lake Tahoe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada range of the United States. At a surface elevation of 6225 ft (1897 m), it is located along the ... Geography - Natural history - Human history - Environmental issues - Cached - Similar

beautiful lake tahoe: Beautiful "Lake Tahoe" and please no cell phones! - 10/03/10 05:14 AM

beautiful lake tahoe: "Good Morning" & look Vegas Bob's new home at Lake Tahoe and it just needs a roof! - 09/16/10 01:03 AM

"Good Morning" & look Vegas Bob's new home at Lake Tahoe and it just needs a roof!
Here is a wonderful photo of Vegas Bob's new home at Lake Tahoe with Nu Nu sitting inside and Sherry looking at the fish.
All it needs now is a roof and a door to keep those long winters warm!
Photograph by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - Lake Tahoe California - 9-5-2010 - All rights reserved

beautiful lake tahoe: Vegas Bob is going Para-Sailing at Lake Tahoe today with his Video Camera in hand! - 09/03/10 04:45 AM

 Vegas Bob is going Para-Sailing at Lake Tahoe today with his Video Camera in hand!
Wish me "Luck" everyone and I hope I don't drop or get my exspensive Video Camera wet!
Vegas Bob headed to the "Redwoods" in Northern California after playing with "Bigfoot"  
Vegas Bob will be searching for "Bigfoot" in Northern California later this week!  
Vegas Bob will be flying high at "Lake Tahoe" September 2nd in the next few days!  
Chandelier Redwood Tree - 315 ft tall - Diameter 21 ft - Age 2400 years old All posts & photographs … (12 comments)

beautiful lake tahoe: Vegas Bob and his girls are in Lake Tahoe California and here is a teaser for you! - 09/03/10 03:27 AM

 This photograph was taken from the widow of my car because you can not park on the streets in this neighborhood. The homes in this neighborhood are all Million dollar plus homes and by looking at the view you can see why.
 I have been taking hundreds of photographs of Lake Tahoe in California one of my favorite places on Earth to be!
 Stay tuned for more posts from Northern California by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob).
 Post & photograph by Robert Swetz - All rights reseved - 9-3-2010





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