beautiful pics: Beautiful Flowers around the house by: Robert Swetz - 05/31/09 03:04 AM

 I wanted to capture the flowers around the house before the heat starts to burn them up. Temps in Vegas have been around 95 - 100 and going strong.
 Here are some very colorful pics of flowers around our home, some flower plants are as tall as 15 feet.

 Beautiful pinks


 Blues/ Purples


 And a little something extra ....................
 These photographs were taken by Robert Swetz 5-30-2009 in Primm Nevada - duplication is prohibited by copyright laws - all rights are reserved. I have re-sized the photos so they may be a little fuzzy. … (9 comments)

beautiful pics: Hiking in Red Rock Canyon Nevada by Robert Swetz - 05/04/09 12:27 PM

 I went for a hike in Red Rock Canyon Sunday 5-3-2009 and when you look at this photograph above you start to wonder "where does this road go?"
 Well let me tell you! It goes to Calico Basin Park where there are hiking trails, picnic tables, and the best part is it's (FREE) to get in!
I hike around Calico Basin all the time and below are some of the wonderful things you will see!

 Beautiful wild flowers every where like the photo (above) and the photo (below) is my favorite with the bumble bee taking pollen from a … (14 comments)

beautiful pics: Speechless Sundays - Textures & Patterns from my Hike at Mt. Charleston Nevada 5-2-2009 - 05/03/09 03:24 AM

 Speechless Sundays - Textures & Patterns from my Hike at Mt. Charleston Nevada 5-2-2009 by Robert Swetz
These photographs were taken by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) and duplication is prohibited by copyright laws - all rights are reserved.
 Please feel free to look at my wonderful Real Estate web site at:
 Or my photography web site at:
 Vacant Land web site at:

beautiful pics: Flowers at Legg Lake in Los Angeles California - 04/21/09 09:50 AM

 Flowers at Legg Lake in Los Angeles California - 4-19-2009
 While waiting for the Water Festival to start last Sunday I came across these very colorful flowers. I couldn't help myself and walked over and captured them in their display of beauty.

 Back in the mid 70s when I first started taking photographs I found a place where there are hundreds of different kinds of flowers from around the world. I am going to have to visit that place again so I can brush up on my photographing flowers.

 Photographs taken by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) in Los … (6 comments)

beautiful pics: Wild Flowers blooming in the South West Desert - 03/17/09 10:09 AM

 The wild flowers are blooming all over the South West Desert.
 We came across these beautiful wild flowers over the weekend at Mojave Lake 9 miles east of Searchlight Nevada.
 Mojave Lake is just south of the Hoover Dam/ Lake Mead and is formed by the Davis Dam just south and is approximately 45 miles south east of Las Vegas.
 It is a beautiful area and a little more laid back and more quiet then Lake Mead.
 I wasn't aware that there were so many wild flowers in the desert and this is just the first batch. There will be … (11 comments)

beautiful pics: Kenny Rogers Home - 01/14/09 06:25 PM

 Rumor has it that many years ago Kenny Rogers had this home built in Dayton Minnesota over looking the Mississippi River over 20 years ago.
 I have drove by this home over 100 times when I use to drive up to northern Minnesota to my cabin. And now I just had to post a blog and throw it out there to see if the rumor is true.
 I took this photograph of the home 1-11-2009 on my trip to Minnesota.
 If for any reason you may think that this rumor is false, please come forward. And no matter who owns … (39 comments)

beautiful pics: Beautiful Sunrise on a humid day! - 01/06/09 11:14 AM

 Beautiful Sunrise on a humid day!
 I am not in the mood for posting to localism or about Real Estate, so I thought I would leave you with this wonderful photograph of the sun rising in Myanmar (Burma) Southeast Asia.
 This photo was taken in Yagon the capital of the country. April is there peak summer and temps run over 100 degrees with very, very high humidity.
 In the photo it looks like fog, but this is humidity and you could cut it with a knife it is so thick.

beautiful pics: Beautiful Cedar City - Utah - Growing Pains - 12/23/08 03:04 PM

 Beautiful Cedar City Utah has been having some growing pains.
 This very small city just East 45 miles East of St George Utah and 60 miles East of the Nevada State Border and only 127 miles from Las Vegas Nevada has been growing up some.
 With higher elevations, many people have grown to love the lower temperature climates verses the hot desert temps that are usually over 100 degrees 6 months out of the year.
 Many people from Las Vegas ski through the winter months instead of taking the 5 hour drive to Salt Lake City.
 The reason I blog … (4 comments)

beautiful pics: Beautiful Sunset at Redrock Canyon - 12/16/08 04:34 PM

 Beautiful Sunset at Red Rock Canyon
 This wonderful sunset at Red Rock Canyon right on the edge of Las Vegas Nevada was taken 12-16-2008. I wanted to share it with everyone before you went off to bed, but I may be a little late.
 So when you view this photograph in the morning, just try to imagine that it is a sunrise.
 As you can see the mountains have snow on them because Las Vegas had some cold weather come in and all the mountains surrounding Las Vegas are all snow capped. It is a beautiful sight to see for us locals, … (7 comments)

beautiful pics: Beautiful Clouds in Hurricane Utah - 12/13/08 06:11 AM

 Several months ago when we in Hurricane Utah there were these Beautiful Clouds floating around. Floating around like they had no care in the world.
 Well I wanted to capture these Beautiful Clouds and share them with everyone at the new group:
 If you have any cloud photographs that you would like to share with us at Activerain please feel free to join the group. There are quite a few great members already that have posted some very wonderful cloud photographs.
 Please be sure to attach a cloud photo with you blog and (Happy Cloud … (2 comments)

beautiful pics: Friday Fun - I would like you to meet my new friends! - 12/12/08 04:53 AM

 I would like for everyone to meet some new friends I made yesterday.
 This cute little guy in the (photo above) I want to call puffy, we really bonded and it made me real sad when I had to leave the little fella.
 (photo above) This little friend above is Jelly and she is quite bigger then what she may look like in the photo. Jelly is about the size of a softball and I think she's beautiful.

 (photo above) This beautiful lady is Amber and she was showing off her new look.

 (photo above) This handsome … (12 comments)

beautiful pics: Beautiful Ancient temple in South East Asia - 12/11/08 07:49 PM

 I have been taking photographs for almost three weeks solid every day and posting to Localism covering Las Vegas, Nevada.
 I am very tired of getting up every morning and going to The Strip in Las Vegas and taking photographs. After taking photographs in the morning I work another job from 2:00pm till 11:00pm, it makes for a very long week.
 So Friday I will not be going out to shoot photographs so I wanted to share with you one of my favorite photos from Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) South East Asia.
 It is hard to believe that this temple was … (5 comments)

beautiful pics: Beautiful Flowers - by: Robert Swetz - 12/09/08 03:15 AM

 Here are some very wonderful photographs of flowers that I have taken.
 When ever I cruise around The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada and take photographs of buildings, if I see any flowers I snap a few photos just to break up my time.
 From buildings made from steel, concrete and glass, to fragile little flowers made from God himself.
 When I first started taking photographs in the late mid 70s I was in Los Angeles at a flower warehouse and there were thousands and thousands of flowers from all over the world. I took many, many photographs and have … (10 comments)

beautiful pics: Beautiful Cedar City - Utah - by: Robert Swetz - 12/07/08 05:11 PM

 Beautiful Cedar City - Utah - by: Robert Swetz
 While a friend of mine was working on my car in Cedar City Utah, me and my wife took his 4x4 on a winding road very close to Cedar City.
 If you look real close at this photo, you can see a small area of homes on the bottom left hand corner. That is part of Cedar City, Utah.
 In the photo above there are some very big expensive homes with beautiful views of the Cedar City Valley.

 In the photograph above we ran into some snow that very … (6 comments)

beautiful pics: Some beautiful flower photographs by: Robert Swetz - 12/05/08 04:24 AM

 Some beautiful flower photographs by: Robert Swetz
 Hello Activerain members! I wanted to share some very beautiful flower photographs I shot yesterday when I was taking some photos of some buildings. I wanted to break up my blogs a little bit because most of my blogs have been focused towards Localism and about Las Vegas buildings, etc.
 When you look at these photographs, it makes you wonder who could make something as beautiful as this. Humans will never be able to duplicate something so beautiful and real as the photos attached to this blog.
 Have a wonderful weekend everyone and … (20 comments)

beautiful pics: California - "One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth" - 11/16/08 07:18 AM

Everyone that knows me figured it would just be a matter of time before I formed a group about California. I have bloged so many photos and stories about the West Coast State, I had to go beyond the realms of duty.
 My first visit to the wonderful State of CALIFORNIA was back it 1974 when I was only 16 years of age.
 I moved to the West Coast from Minnesota when I was 16 years old with a friend from school and lived in Portland Oregon. At this time I would hitch-hike down the whole West … (4 comments)

beautiful pics: Beautiful Flowers in Nevada - by Robert Swetz (Part One) - 11/15/08 05:28 AM
 When I first started taking photographs 30 years ago I use to take close-ups of flowers and insects. This was with regular 35 mm cameras.
 Now in the digital world I have to start from scratch. One of my digital cameras is a Nikon D70 and I have a Macro lens I purchased with it.
 I am trying to get the bugs out, no pun indented and it is quite frustrating because I don't have the time to read the manual.
 Here are several photographs I took today and yes the flowers in Las Vegas come out in the winter, … (13 comments)

beautiful pics: This has to be one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen! - 11/14/08 04:14 PM

 This has to be one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen!
 When I first saw this horse, I thought wow is that pretty horse and many other people were stopping by to take a look.
 So I just had to get a photograph and to top it off, I set my beautiful wife Nu Nu in front of the horse.
 I really wanted the title of my blog to be, this has to be the most beautiful Ladies I have ever seen, but there would be less people coming by to view the post.
 I know that … (15 comments)

beautiful pics: Are we talking reflection or what? - 11/14/08 03:23 AM

 This photograph was taken on a small river in the Redwood Trees in Northern California. It shows a wonderful glass reflection of the tree that has passed away.
 I wanted to post this photograph to encourge members of Activerain to join my California group.
 If you really like California, live in California of have always dreamed of going to California, there are many photographs of great places to visit.
 Please spread the word about the group and enjoy the photos and stories
 Photograph by Robert Swetz

beautiful pics: Great Sunset with no points - by Robert Swetz - 11/13/08 07:28 AM

 I really wanted everyone to see this wonderful photograph that I took several months ago. I posted a blog that had a photograph that was very similar, but different.
 I don't get any points for this post because I am over my limit, but I do receive some points for comments. Please enjoy my photograph taken on a small lake over by Reno, Nevada.
 And have a wonderful day!
 Photograph by Robert Swetz  2008





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