book: Expressing Love, Fun & Positive Actions - photos attached - 06/07/15 03:03 AM
Love, Fun & Positive Actions are all around us, all we have to do is look and express these feelings.
After finishing a great book titled ...
by Eckhart Tolle
Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz is half way through Eckhart's other book titled ...
And half way through A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle, Vegas Bob's life and attitude have taken a complete turn.
Vegas Bob did a Google search this morning searching for photographs that he took over the years about Love, Fun & Positive Actions.
Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz has a new attitude and everywhere he goes he smiles, says hi and shows … (25 comments)

book: Why do Loving Positive circumstances continue to happen in my life? - 03/20/15 11:28 AM
Loving Positive circumstances continue to happen with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's life, and the reason is very simple.

For over 20 long years now Robert Swetz has been helping others every which way he can. 
Helping families to come to America from 3rd world countries ...
Helping authors publish books ...
Helping family and Friends when they are troubled financially and psychologically ...
There are many other reasons and these are just some to name a few.
Robert Swetz totally believes ...
"What comes around goes around"
"Do onto others as they would … (29 comments)

book: Novel "Dark side of David" by Robert Swetz finally published 4-26-2013 - 04/28/13 12:00 AM

 After a long grueling 3 years, Robert Swetz's (new) novel "Dark side of David" was finally published 4-26-2013. Robert really pushed the publishing company to get it published even if they could only print a small amount of books.
 On Friday Robert received 25 copies of the first edition to his dark thriller Dark side of David. Some family and friends have been waiting so long for this book that there are only a hand full left. Robert will be ordering more books soon from the publishing company. For anyone interested in reading a "great eye opener" novel by … (5 comments)

book: Dark Thriller with Murder, Rape, Sexual Abuse at Dark side of David - 04/12/13 10:02 AM
Friday, April 12, 2013 Dark side of David at (New BooK) Thriller, Sex, Rape, Children  
 Robert Swetz continues to wait patiently for his new book DARK SIDE OF DAVID to be published.
 It's been a long grueling 3 years now trying to finish this book. I have been waiting for the publishing company for a long time now and I wish they would push this project faster.
 I am hoping to have 25 copies by the end of next week, around April 19th. I am not holding my breath because I would turn blue in the face and more than likely … (4 comments)

book: Attention AR members: 'Happiness within" book Holiday Special ;o) - 11/29/12 01:41 AM

Robert Swetz is giving all Activerain members a chance to purchase his new book at a discount. The regular price for this book is $17.89 dollars and is available at
Robert Swetz will be selling his book for $15.00 to Activerain members along with a $5.00 shipping & handling change.
If you are interested please send a check or money order in the amount of $20.00 dollars to:
Robert Swetz
PO Box 26443
Las Vegas NV 89126
And I will mail you a copy
If you would like the book signed by Robert Swetz, please leave what you … (4 comments)

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