california real estate: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz love for Las Vegas Nevada has changed - 12/05/14 11:31 AM

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz love for Las Vegas Nevada has changed    Robert Swetz has been doing so much traveling to California & Alaska that when ever VB returns to Vegas, it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Vegas Bob's love for Vegas is starting to fade over the years.       Construction continues to be slow in Vegas so VB is planning once again on working in the Bay Area and San Francisco until Vegas picks ups. Vegas Bob will always some how keep roots in Vegas and in the future spend the winter months in Vegas when he … (13 comments)

california real estate: Licensed to sell RE in Laguna Beach - What test does Vegas Bob have to take? - 05/31/11 10:27 AM
Laguna Beach California - photograph by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz 2011
Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz is very serious about getting licensed in the state of California. VB will live continue to be licensed to sell RE in the state of Nevada and also wants to sell RE in California, so does VB have to take the National & State test to get licensed or just the State test?
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california real estate: Crazy video of Vegas Bob thinking he's going to sell Real Estate in Laguna Beach California ... ;o) - 05/27/11 07:51 AM
Vegas Bob is interested in getting licensed to sell Real Estate in California. So here's a question for all you Real Estate agents out there ...
Can Vegas Bob live in Las Vegas Nevada, sell Real Estate and also be licensed in California and sell Real Estate there? I know what the answer is, do you? 
In order for Vegas Bob to get licensed in California to sell Real Estate, he would need to take the California State test.





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