cell phone: Vegas Bob wants to know where is everybody??? - 09/24/16 12:09 AM

Vegas Bob wants to know where is everybody???
With the (new) platform at the ActiveRain network the beginning of this week there have been some down spots for Vegas Bob.
I spent a couple days trying to post and load up photos from my cell phone because being on the run 24/7 and the type of work I do during the week, my cell phone is sometimes the only way for Vegas Bob.
We live in the 21st century with voice activated text messaging from our cell phones, able to take videos & photos, so why can't we write a (voice activated) post to … (15 comments)

cell phone: After 2 days Vegas Bob is able to post & upload photo to ActiveRain with cell phone - 09/22/16 12:18 PM
After 2 days Vegas Bob is able to post & upload photo to ActiveRain with cell phone
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has finally, successfully accomplished posting a blog and photo from his cell phone on the (New) ActiveRain platform.
It took me 2 days of trying but VB is very excited because not being able to post from my cell phone has been very frustrating.
Well, it's been done and here is the proof ... (click on the blue letters)
 Mission Accomplished

cell phone: How can Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob blog with no Internet? - 09/26/15 12:38 PM
This totally frustrating for Alaska Bob, not having Internet and having to post from his cell phone ;o(
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz had to get a second cell phone because his service was not working. The Internet where I am staying is always in & out, I have even tried a (Hot Spot) and that doesn't even work.
I am starting to think that someone or something doesn't want me to blog ...
The Constrution Project that I am working on will be coming to a end in Feb of 2016.
This is too long for Alaska Bob to wait, so I will be leaving … (14 comments)

cell phone: Robert Alaska Bob Swetz gets his Mojo back ;o) - 09/25/15 12:56 PM
Robert Alaska Bob Swetz aka Vegas Bob was suffering for around one week with no Internet service.
AB/VB was posting blogs with his (not so smart) phone, and even leaving several comments which was a real pain in the butt ;o(
But finally Vegas Bob got his Mojo out, and was able to post a blog on Activerain without his cell phone ;o)
Robert (Alaska Bob) Swetz, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent ... activerain.com › Nevada › Clark County › Las Vegas  Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Nevada and Specializes in Commercial & Residential Properties in Las Vegas, Henderson an... … (12 comments)

cell phone: Vegas Bob would like to apologize to his Friends at ActiveRain - 02/12/15 09:47 AM

This is the 3rd post at the ActiveRain network that I have had to create from my iPhone ;o(
Vegas Bob has zero Internet service except on his cell phone, so it's very frustrating for me.
I posted a bunch of blogs at another one of my networks, but with my cell phone it's to difficult to "Cut & Paste"
Maybe VB is going to have to purchase a "Hot Spot" for his laptop because he doesn't have enough mega-bites on his cell phone.
So for now, please hang in there everyone because VB has … (36 comments)

cell phone: Can we please put down the Smart Phone for 1 hour, 2 hrs, maybe 1 day? - 03/15/14 08:58 AM

Two employees at one of our businesses
I know we live in a world full of technology, but where do we draw the line?
I remember when there were no cell phones for business, people had pagers. When a person needed to be contacted for business or emergency, their pagers would go off. Then they would use a land line to return the call.
Don't get me wrong, Smart Phones are a great way of communication. By instant calls, text messages, emails and more. But where do we draw the line?
Personally I think Smart Phones are creating isolation between communicating … (24 comments)





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