construction: Vegas Bob's idea of beating skin cancer in San Jose California - 06/07/19 08:50 PM

Vegas Bob's idea of beating skin cancer in San Jose California
Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob landed a new construction job in Mountain View California located in Silicon Valley northern California.
Working in Las Vegas Nevada for 13 years in the extreme heat and sunshine Vegas Bob has brought his knowledge to California.
For the last 3 weeks working in NorCal we have been working 8 hours per day in direct sunlight with no shade and extreme hot temperatures.
The co-workers Vegas Bob has been working with are all very sunburned and will be copying him very soon ;o)

construction: Vegas Bob's Excitement About Future Retirement in 2 Years - 04/14/19 11:13 AM

As the days, weeks and months continue to pass by Vegas Bob's exitement about future retirement grows closer.
Time just seems to be going by so fast lately that I can't believe how old I'm getting and how close to retirement for me is around the corner.
Vegas Bob will be taking a 2 week vacation in Alaska around the middle of June 2019 ... Vegas Bob's 2 week vaction in Alaska
Here are some wonderful photos I have taken over the years when I visit Alaska and I will be taking many more this summer on my next visit.
I will be working another … (6 comments)

construction: Yes Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Reads Tarot Cards - 01/23/18 06:38 PM
Yes Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Reads Tarot Cards Robert Vegas Bob Swetz owns a Tarot card deck and has been reading Tarot cards for 35 years.Robert Swetz's ancestors on his mother's side come from Romania along with Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) on his Father's side so you could say Robert is a bit of a gypsy. There are some people that think reading Tarot is evil but I think it's just fine. Robert Swetz has a Riders Tarot Deck wrapped in Silk to hold the energy of the cards, and word has it people that read Tarot cards should never read their own.  Robert has to … (7 comments)

construction: I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working? - 12/16/17 11:48 AM
I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working? 
I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working?
With no mortgage payment, no car payment, no credit card payment, no utility payments and the only having to pay for food and gas for my car, what would be my reason for working.
In 2010 I had a bad back injury while working construction and collected workman's comp for 2 years, and only collected 18K for life on my back injury the attorney got the rest.
So around 4-5 years ago I paid off … (13 comments)

construction: LAS VEGAS RAIDERS STADIUM and Construction Las Vegas Nevada 2018 - 11/18/17 10:02 AM
  LAS VEGAS RAIDERS Stadium and Construction in Las Vegas Nevada 2018

The (New) Las Vegas Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas Nevada has already broken ground and by summer of 2018 there will be construction workers everywhere.
Also in Summer of 2018 the (New) project Resorts World Las Vegas will have construction workers working on the new project.

And straight across from RWLV Steve Wynn will have started his (New) project called Paradise Park in summer 2018.
So for any construction workers interested in working in Las Vegas Nevada during it's next boom, get ready because it's right around the corner.
For anyone interested in renting while … (11 comments)

construction: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be headed to Alaska soon - 07/23/17 11:27 AM

Sunday, July 23, 2017 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be headed to Alaska soon     Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be headed to Alaska soon   Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob will be wrapping up a construction job he has been working on for almost 2 years soon. Santa Clara Square located in Silicon Valley north of San Jose will be complete in 1-2 months.     As soon as I am finished with Santa Clara Square I will be going to Alaska to spend some time with my wife and boys. It will be great to visit family, take … (8 comments)

construction: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz might retire in the Philippines - 12/28/16 05:18 PM
 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz might retire in the Philippines Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob was talking with his wife yesterday and her 2 boys will be graduating from school in about 1-2 years.After the boys graduate the oldest boy will be going into the Air Force and the younger boy into the Marines.  Vegas Bob's wife has a home in the Philippines within walking distance to the beach that she wants to live in after the boys graduate, and she has asked me to retire and live with her there.So Vegas Bob needs to make some serious decisions within the next year or … (9 comments)

construction: Big changes for Vegas Bob coming in 2017 - 12/07/16 07:31 PM

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 Big changes for Vegas Bob coming in 2017  
  Big changes for Vegas Bob coming in 2017   With 2017 coming around the corner Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has some BIG changes up his sleeve.  Vegas Bob is really getting tired of working construction, his body and intelligence are being tested everyday. And Vegas Bob is also getting tired of the Real Estate Industry, and enjoyed purchasing Real Estate for investments more than being a licensed agent.   Robert Swetz heart is in traveling, taking photographs and videos so much more than construction and or selling … (25 comments)

construction: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ISO his purpose in Life - 11/26/16 11:01 AM
Saturday, November 26, 2016 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ISO his purpose in Life  
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ISO his purpose in Life   Vegas Bob aka Vegas Bob continues to search fro his purpose in Life and it has been a long journey There have been several times when Robert Swetz thought he might know his purpose in Life, and only to find out it wasn't.     Robert Swetz's purpose in life was not to raise a family because he only had one biological son.     Robert Swetz's purpose in Life was not to work construction, he was … (13 comments)

construction: Some BIG Changes coming in 2017 for Vegas Bob - 11/03/16 10:12 AM

Some BIG Changes coming in 2017 for Vegas Bob

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has some Big changes coming up in the year 2017 ...
Vegas Bob will be doing some traveling around the USA and possibly be traveling overseas. 

Vegas Bob would really like to take a trip to the Holy Land in Israel and possibly Egypt if it's safe for Americans. 
If Las Vegas picks up with construction projects Vegas Bob may be setting himself up to work construction in Las Vegas Nevada.

Vegas Bob has been asked if he would like … (13 comments)

construction: Raiders Stadium Las Vegas Nevada PASSED the Assembly by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 10/15/16 02:24 AM
Saturday, October 15, 2016  

Raiders Stadium Las Vegas Nevada PASSED the Assembly by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

The proposal for the $1.9 billion stadium, which includes $750 million in public funds via a Clark County hotel room tax increase, passed the Assembly in a 28-13 vote that was finalized at 11:50 a.m. 10/14/2014

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is very excited by the proposed decision made yesterday in Las Vegas Nevada on the NEW Raiders Stadium.
Finally as a licensed real estate agent in the state of Nevada and a union master glazier (glass … (15 comments)

construction: Every time Robert Swetz visits Alaska he goes through a transition - 09/04/16 10:38 AM
Every time Robert Swetz visits Alaska he goes through a transition
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been visiting Alaska off and on for 2 years now! Sometimes for 1 week, 2 weeks, 2-3-4 and even 5 months during this time.
There seems to be something going on between myself and Alaska that I can't grasp. When I'm in Alaska it's so different than the Lower 48, more relaxed and something that creates some change within my mind.
There is nothing wrong with this change, I like it and these types of thoughts really don't seem to cross my mind unless I visit Alaska.
Last year I … (18 comments)

construction: Glass & Metal Specialists - Licensed in California - Silicon Valley - 03/03/16 09:53 AM
Glass & Metal Specialists Inc getting Licensed in Silicon Valley California by Robert Swetz

As the founder and owner of Glass & Metal Specialists Inc, I would like to announce that we are in the process of getting a Contractors License in the state of California.
Glass & Metal Specialists Inc should have a Contractors License by spring of 2016 and we are contemplating opening up a location around the Silicon Valley and or the Bay Area in California.  Please stay tuned and I will keep everyone up to date on the progress of opening in California and working glass/metal on Commercial & Residential … (19 comments)

construction: Attention Hella M Rothwell & Georgie Hunter in Hawaii - 02/16/16 08:45 AM

Attention Hella M Rothwell & Georgie Hunter in Hawaii
I worked on a commercial building project in downtown San Jose California for 11 months in 2015 for a company named Center Glass.
When I was working for Center Glass the foreman mentioned a 27 story commercial building they may be working on in Hawaii.
When I heard this I mentioned several times to the foreman that if Center Glass landed the project that I would want to work on it.
Center Glass should know some time in 2016 if they get the project in Hawaii. And there is a chance that I will be working … (20 comments)

construction: Genting Group Resorts World Las Vegas by Robert Swetz - 01/27/16 04:56 AM
Resorts World Las Vegas is finally on it's way and what a huge project for Las Vegas Nevada. Construction Workers, Realtors,  "Locals" and people interested in moving to Las Vegas.
 Resorts World Las Vegas is a project that is owned by The Genting Group out of Malaysia, and there is also a Resorts World in Singapore.I am very excited about the Resorts World Las Vegas project because I will be working as a construction Glazier (Glass Installer) on this project.And as a Realtor (Real Estate Agent) I will be selling homes, rentals, etc. to construction workers and other people interested in moving … (5 comments)

construction: Alaska Bob's last day working in San Jose - set for November 25th - 10/21/15 10:56 PM

Alaska Bob is very happy to say that his last day working construction in San Jose California will be November 25th ...
AB/VB had set a previous date in December, but has recently changed it!
Vegas Bob is looking forward to getting back to Las Vegas, sleep in his own bed after staying in Morgan Hill NorCal since January 2015.
Vegas Bob is going to hook up with his brother and family, take some CE classes for RE, study for his Alaska state test for RE, update his passport and take care of some business transactions.
Its really going to be nice to get out … (17 comments)

construction: Vegas Bob predicts 2016 - 2017 boom of homes sold in Las Vegas - 09/16/15 10:45 PM
There are some very large construction projects coming up in Las Vegas Nevada in 2016 & 2017.
Along with a boom in construction projects on Las Vegas Blvd and other parts of the city, comes a boom in home sales.
Right now the wait is because election year in 2016 creates a slow down of construction and uncertainty of investors, corporate America, etc.
There is a great chance that Robert Swetz will continue selling Real Estate in Las Vegas and work on construction projects for the next couple years.
And of course if Robert Swetz stays in Las Vegas in 2016 & 2017 you can … (7 comments)

construction: Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob plans to live in Alaska in 2016 - 07/31/15 11:14 AM
                               Miss Moose from Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
Several months ago Robert Swetz picked a date in which he will be taking a break from construction and taking a year off.
December 21 2015 is the date that Alaska Bob aka Vegas picked to take a break. In fact 2 months ago Vegas Bob wrote the date 12-21-2015 on his hardhat, and shows the date all the time to his coworkers.
      Lucile Lake Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015   
Alaska Bob is very excited about taking … (16 comments)

construction: Are you with clients or relaxing on the Sabbath Day? - 06/07/15 12:26 AM
Working several months now on a project in San Jose, we were finally given a 2 day weekend.
I remember years ago when I would work real estate in the mornings till around 2-3pm and then change my office clothes into construction clothes and work until midnight.
I did this for around 5 years until the market crashed around 2006-2007.
These days when I try and think back, I wonder how I did it?
And was it really worth it? Losing all that time in my life.
It's all about money I quess, people with large overhead, maybe thinking if they work 2 jobs they can … (13 comments)

construction: This could Robert Vegas Bob Swetz last year as a Construction Glazier - 06/01/15 11:39 AM

 Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz Caesars Palace Las Vegas Nevada
In the late 70's Robert Vegas Bob Swetz father owned a glass company named "Larry's Metro Glass" in St Paul Minnesota.
Robert's father was a glazier (glass installer) all his life and Vegas Bob remembers sweeping floors when he was 11 years old, at that time VB's father was a foreman for "Brin Northwestern Glass"
Vegas Bob started working for his father's company Larry's Metro Glass" when he was 16 years old.
Vegas Bob has continued through the years working for glass companies in Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota, San Francisco California in 1982, Las Vegas Nevada 2004 … (13 comments)

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