death valley california: Can anyone please tell me where these people are going? - 04/02/11 09:37 PM

 Death Valley National Park by Robert Swetz 3-31-2011
 Where are all these people walking? When I pulled into the parking area of this part of Death Valley there were cars, buses and motorcycles everywhere, why? When I took this photograph the temperature was around 92 degrees. So with this HOT temperature what could be so interesting on this walk?
 I have the answer ... "Do You"?
Videos By Vegas Bob Apr 1, 2011 ... The Flowers are in Blume in Death Valley National Park, beautiful Death Valley National Park by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz Death Valley . … (21 comments)

death valley california: Death Valley California - Thousands of "WILD FLOWERS" everywhere by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz - 04/01/11 04:00 AM
My brother mentioned that he had viewed News channel several days ago about the "WILD FLOWERS" in Death Valley National Park, and how it's been almost 30 years since Death Valley has had such a huge turn out with some Wild Flowers.
So Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz jumping in his car March 30th and drove out to Death Valley, with the short cut he knows it only took VB one & half hours to get there from Vegas.
At first VB was looking around and thought that the News channels and other sources were pulling his leg, but after driving further … (17 comments)

death valley california: This post is dedicated to Activerain Members still fighting with "Old Man Winter" - 03/31/11 06:38 AM
This ones for you my friends & members from Activerain that are still fighting those Winter Blues, and just waiting for the snow to go away. This post is what some people would call a "Mirage" and what better place to capture a Mirage then the desert.
Hang in there everyone and the snow & storms will be gone before you know it, just a thing of the past!
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death valley california: Within the next month I will be bringing everyone the natural Beauty of "Death Valley" California - 02/09/10 11:10 PM

 Within the next month I will be bringing everyone the natural Beauty of "Death Valley" California
 Las Vegas and the surrounding areas have been getting hit real hard with rainfall. around 10 days ago Las Vegas Nevada had the same amount of rain in a day in a half then what we had in all of 2009.
 That means around the 2nd week of March the wild flowers are going to all over the "Death Valley" National Park area.
 So I will be going to Death Valley and sharing a part of the world that most people think is dead.

death valley california: Funny Friday's - Golf Anyone? - 03/05/09 01:27 PM

 When I first came across this sign I had to laugh because there is no grass here, just a bunch of dirt and dried salt from being a part of the ocean bed thousands of years ago.
 This was shot in Death Valley National Park and it might just be the Devil's Golf Course with temperatures through the Summer reaching 130 degrees plus.
 The reason for the early post is because I am getting up very early and I won't have time to post it before I go to work.
 Have a nice Friday and if you ever want to … (10 comments)

death valley california: Our visit to Death Valley by: Robert Swetz (Part Two) - 02/27/09 02:13 PM

 Our visit to Death Valley by: Robert Swetz (Part Two)
 Not everything is dead in Death Valley and I have the proof to show it. I posted several blogs before this one on Death Valley and I have so many photographs that I wanted to share with everyone.
 This photograph above was taken right in the middle of Death Valley and there were Palm trees every where, it was so beautiful, green and alive.

 The photo above is of Old Dinah that dates back to 1894

 The photo above is another shot of vibrant life in Death Valley.

death valley california: Our visit to Death Valley by: Robert Swetz - 02/23/09 02:34 PM

 We had a wonderful time in Death Valley and the different colors of the sand and mountains is breath taking. We may have planed our visit a little early because the flowers bloom in March some time, so we will be taking another drive to Death Valley in March.
 In the photograph above it looks like water or ice in the middle of the picture, but that is salt!
 The photos below show the many different colors of sand to create the striped colored mountains.

 Below is another photo and the different colors.

 Below is a Hotel over … (7 comments)

death valley california: On our way to Death Valley California by: Robert Swetz - 02/22/09 02:41 AM

 Our trip to Death Valley California was cut short because of business reasons.
 Death Valley was nothing like I expected, we had a wonderful time and we will be going there in March because the flowers will be bloom, and we will stay for a few days.
 In the 5 hours that we spent in the park I shot a 227 photographs and the ones that I have attached to this blog are areas that we saw before reaching Death Valley.
 I will have around 4 parts to my Death Valley blogs because I would like everyone to really get … (8 comments)





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