exciting: Vegas Bob headed to U2 concert tonight! (Biggest Rock Show Ever) - 10/23/09 12:40 PM

  Vegas Bob headed to U2 concert tonight! (Biggest Rock Show Ever)
 U2 has been touring the United States and tonight October 23 2009 they are going to rock Las Vegas Nevada, I am very excited and the camera is staying home tonight.
 The Sam Boyd Stadium is going to pack more U2 fans to the top, there are going to be records broken on the number of people the stadium will hold.
 I wonder if they are going to call (Vegas Bob) up to the stadium to announce their appearance to the stage, (I wish) that would be exciting.

exciting: Las Vegas Harley-Davidson & buell by: Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) Part 1 of 2 - 08/20/09 12:47 PM

 After work today I stopped at one of my favorite places to look around, dream and snap some photographs.
 The Harley Davidson located on 2605 S. Eastern, Suite #100 has some very great deals, clothing and rentals for anyone coming to visit Las Vegas.
 Their Main Website is ......... www.lvhdstore.com
 For clothing and accessories go to .......... www.lvhdstore.com which is a (Online Store)
 And if your into Twitter @lasvegasharley .......... www.twitter.com/lasvegasharley
 When ever my family and friends come to visit me in Las Vegas we always plan a little day or over-nite ride on the Harley's. I am sure that some of you … (5 comments)

exciting: How do (You) measure Success? - 04/22/09 03:49 PM
 How do (You) measure Success?
 For some this may be a very easy answer, but for others it may be more difficult. And people have different opinions, values and definitions of Success.
 I would like to share a little Success story with you about a young girl in Las Vegas Nevada. Her name is Zin Zin and she lives with her Mother, Uncle and two sisters.
 Zin Zin has not seen her Father since she was very, very young and never even speaks with him, he lives some where in New Zealand. Zin Zin is Burmese & was born … (5 comments)

exciting: Could this be a Activerain Dream come True? - 04/01/09 09:05 AM
 The strangest thing happened to me when I turned on my computer to check my emails. Someone that read my post ............. Vegas Bob's first picture meme! left me a very surprising email.
 This person has asked me to take some photographs for them in New Zealand. They came across my blog and then started searching through my blogs and looking at my photographs, they were very impressed!
 I emailed them back and mentioned that my wife and I will be flying to Myanmar (Burma) & Thailand before Summer. Myanmar & Thailand are just north west of New Zealand.
 This person said … (10 comments)

exciting: "On the Road Again" by Robert Swetz - 02/28/09 01:59 AM
 "On the Road Again" by Robert Swetz
 Yes (Vegas Bob) is on the move again, a "Rolling Stone gathers no moss"
 My wife and I are headed to a (Area) that has a number behind it. It is about a 3 hour drive north of Las Vegas Nevada.
 I have two cameras, three lens, extra batteries and extra sim cards for the cameras. We will be taking photographs along the way and when we reach our destination. If there is a place to stay when we get there, then we will do an over-nighter. I really don't think there will be a place … (6 comments)

exciting: I just broke 150,000 points at Activerain! by: Robert Swetz - 12/09/08 03:55 AM

 I just broke 150,000 points at Activerain! by: Robert Swetz
 Yes I finally broke 150k and it took longer than I thought. Some members say points mean nothing to them, so let's start by bringing their point count down to zero. Points mean something, other wise they won't have them at the network.
 I am leaving everyone with some very colorful different photographs that I took at Circus-Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada a few months ago.
 I would also like to thank everyone for all their comments to my photographs and blogs I have posted to Activerain, with out all … (20 comments)

exciting: It's a small world, my son found me through my blogs at Activerain! by Robert Swetz - 12/06/08 11:20 AM
 It's a small world, my son found me through my blogs at Activerain! by Robert Swetz
 Beleive it or not! My son Zach (Jeff) sent me a text message last night when I was at work. Then when I got home and checked my email, there was this email from Zach. I have changed the phone numbers to zeros for privacy reasons.
 Zach googled my name and all my blogs from Activerain showed up, and then he sent me a email through activerain.
Dear Robert,
It has been a while since I have contacted you. I had to complete Teen … (28 comments)

exciting: What would you do if you won a Million Dollars? - 11/18/08 03:19 PM

 What would you do if you won a Million Dollars?
 I am looking for some dreamers and throwing this question out there because I am very curious.
 If you were to win a Million Dollars, what would you do with it? There are many different things I might do if I was to win a Million Dollars. I could go live in South East Asia, Mexico and some other counties like a King. I could invest into some bonds, Real Estate Investments, stocks, etc. I could give it away to charity. I could help families in other countries that are … (17 comments)

exciting: Robert Swetz just broke 100,000 points at Active Rain - 10/21/08 06:49 PM

 I finally broke 100,000 points at Active Rain and I am telling you it's not easy, maybe for some but not for me. I wanted to reach 100K months ago, but kept plugging & plugging away.
 While I was commenting tonight - early morning I noticed the numbers for my points with a bunch of nines, and then the next time I logged in it was over 100K.
 I wanted to post my achievement with a very colorful photograph, so I picked one of course from Myanmar (Burma) South East Asia. This was taken at a very beautiful flower park … (33 comments)

exciting: Good Morning Active Rain Members breath-taking view of Lake Tahoe by: Robert Swetz - 10/18/08 09:09 PM

 Good Morning Active Rain Members and have you ever seen a view of Lake Tahoe like this?
 This view was not easy to capture because of the height I was at and the moving around by the gusts of wind at the high level. This shot was taken 1500 feet para-sailing from a two person sail.
 My wife and I stopped by Lake Tahoe to play in July of this year when the fires were burning up California. We were on our way to visit my first Active Rain member since I joined the network, Jessica Bigger -
 This post … (26 comments)

exciting: GOLF ANYONE? by Robert Swetz - 10/15/08 03:27 AM

 11th Hole - photo taken by Robert Swetz
 This has to be one of the most different and beautiful Golf Courses I have ever seen.
 Just 7 miles south west of Hurricane Utah is this Golf Course in the middle of these mountains with colors of bright red, greens, and other mineral deposits colors.
 It is a eighteen hole Golf Course and to get to the greens you take Golf Carts down these winding roads and zig-zag back and forth to get to the next hole.
 As you can see by this photo below, you drive off of this cliff … (12 comments)

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