happy blogs: Vegas Bob would like to wish everyone a wonderful safe "Thanksgiving Day" from Las Vegas Nevada - 11/25/10 02:51 AM
Vegas Bob would like to wish everyone a wonderful safe "Thanksgiving Day" from Las Vegas Nevada
"Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone from Activerain and around the world! Today is a day to give thanks as we cook, eat and spend quality time with Families & Friends.
It is also a day when everyone let's their guards down on their diets and eating habits, a day when people will say well it's "Thanksgiving" so it's OK if I eat that ...
And it's OK if I have a couple extra plates of Turkey, it's OK if I have an extra piece of … (10 comments)

happy blogs: Vegas Bob is so "HAPPY" the Activerain is up and running in full force! - 08/31/10 12:41 AM
Vegas Bob is so "HAPPY" the Activerain is up and running in full force!
"Thank You" - "Thank You" - Thank You" Activerain for taking care of business so VB can get his Stories, Photographs & Videos out to all his Friends, Associates & Future Clients!

happy blogs: Can anyone please tell me where this FUN place is? - 06/03/10 12:43 AM

 Can anyone please tell me where this FUN place is?
 I shot this colorful photograph at a very fun place located in Southern California and have you ever been there? And would you like to view more photographs like this one above?
 I will be posting more stories and photograph's like this one (above) and some great Videos also so stayed tuned through out the rest of the week!
 This is the second time I have ever been to this FUN place and it made me feel like a kid again.
 So until then have a wonderful Day/ … (16 comments)

happy blogs: Vegas Bob is very "Happy" to be back ...... - 05/02/10 02:08 PM
Vegas Bob is very "Happy" to be back on the Activerain Network!
Vegas Bob is the "Happiest" when he is around his friends & associates at Activerain!
Vegas Bob felt "Happiness" within when he was able to log onto Activerain!
Vegas Bob Happier when he is at Activerain!
Vegas Bob is a "Happy Camper" and can anyone tell?
Vegas Bob would like to invite you to one of the "Happiest" groups at Activerain, and we want to read your "Happy" stories, and view your "Happy" photos & videos at the group ...........

happy blogs: When is the last time you said "I love you" to your parents? - 01/15/10 01:05 PM

 When is the last time you said "I love you" to your parents?
 My parents live around 2000 miles away in another state so I really don't get to visit with them very often. They are getting older and I am not sure really how much longer they will be around.
 I know that some people believe you can show love to others with out saying "I love you" and that the word is used to loosely in our conversations with relatives, etc.
 It has been a long time since I have told my parents I love them and I … (29 comments)

happy blogs: If you want Happiness - 10/10/09 01:31 PM
                                                      IF YOU WANT HAPPINESS
                                                  If you want happiness for an hour -
                                                               take a nap.
                                                   If you want happiness for a day -
                                                                go fishing.
                                                 If you want happiness for a month -
                                                               get married.
                                                  If you want happiness for a year -
                                                            inherit a fortune.
                                               If you want happiness for a lifetime -
                                                              help others.
                                                        - CHINESE PROVERB 

                                                      photograph by Robert Swetz

happy blogs: "That has to be the BIGGEST nose I have ever seen" - 09/20/09 11:36 AM

 "That has to be the BIGGEST nose I have ever seen"
 If you think this is funny you might think about reading some of the posts that members have been writing at one of my favorite groups.
 Please feel free to join the fun at ............ HAPPY AT ACTIVERAIN 
 There is a contest going on within this group and another group called............
 If you like Happy, Fun, Uplifting posts to break up the day please join the group so we can read about HAPPY things in life.
 This moose was trying to kiss Vegas … (20 comments)

happy blogs: "Good Morning and could you tell us when Vegas Bob leaves!" - 09/09/09 11:41 PM

 By Robert Swetz

happy blogs: I am so Happy it's Friday! - 08/21/09 11:58 AM
It has been a long hot week in Las Vegas Nevada and Vegas Bob is so Happy it's Friday!
 I am so excited I think I will go down to The Strip and let every tourist in town know how Happy Vegas Bob is and that I am so Happy to see all of them having a fun time.
 Early tomorrow morning I will be bonding with "Mother Nature" and please take a look at my post!
 Robert Swetz is going to be so lonely this weekend, could any AR members meet me in Mammoth Lakes California?
 If there is … (10 comments)

happy blogs: OK! We are looking for some "Happiness" around the Activerain network and here is where you can find it! by:Robert Swetz - 08/15/09 05:22 AM
 Where is the "Happiness" around the Activerain network?
 There is a very large group of AR members at ........ HAPPY AT ACTIVERAIN  and we are searching for "Happy" posts, do you have any laying around to share with us?
 We would love to have all the "Happy" people at Activerain join this wonderful group, and if you "Rain" on our parade you post may just be deleted!
 We look forward to seeing some new faces and some new post's at the (number one) future group at Activerain, and why do I say this?
 Because 'Happiness" will prevail over all!
 Robert … (2 comments)

happy blogs: When This House is Rocking Don't Bother Knocking (Come on in) - 07/24/09 12:09 PM
  When This House is Rocking Don't Bother Knocking (Come on in)
 I was with some clients showing them some homes and one of the homes had some tenants renting it. On the MLS listing sheet it stated to call first to contact the tenants before showing, so I called and set up a time to show my clients.
 When we got to the house there were cars parked everywhere, we could hardly find a place to park. We thought maybe the neighbors were having a party or something.
 When we came up to the home there was this blaring Rock and … (22 comments)

happy blogs: Are there any (Happy) campers around Activerain? - 07/23/09 11:12 AM
 Are there any (Happy) campers around Activerain?
 In search of Happy campers, Happy blogs, Happy members, Happy stories, Happy pictures, Happy families, Happy friends, Happy religious encounters, Happy visions, Happy dreams, Happy children, Happy parents, Happy Real Estate stories, Happy school experiences, Happy movies, Happy weddings, Happy networking stories, Happy traveling stories, Happy gifts, Happy holidays, Happy games, Happy cars, Happy boats, Happy airplanes, Happy pets, Happy work, Happy plants, Happy clothes, happy shoes, Happy friends, Happy love, Happy food, Happy thoughts, Happy books, Happy music, Happy, Happy, Happy!
 Please post your Happiness at ......... HAPPY AT ACTIVERAIN

happy blogs: Where can I find happiness? - 07/12/09 02:33 AM

 Where can I find Happiness?
 When we are first growing up and very young Happiness comes much easier to us like illustrated in the photo above. A little Hi-five from (Elmo) to the little girl sets off a start of Happiness.
 And as we get older in life Happiness becomes a little more difficult to find, especially when we become teenagers and we are getting prepared for adulthood. We are more confused and start thinking we have all the answers to life, only to find out we know very few.
 Then there is short time Happiness like when you purchase … (17 comments)

happy blogs: There are about 104 members that want to read (Happy) posts, do you have any? - 07/11/09 05:26 AM
There are about 104 members that want to read (Happy) posts, do you have any?
 If you have any Happy stories and want to share the with people that love Happiness please post them here .......
 We look forward to reading them

happy blogs: "Is that a Bad Moon a Rising?" - 04/09/09 01:14 PM

 "No that is not a Bad Moon a Rising"
 "There is nothing but (Good) around here and if you don't believe me than (check it out) for yourself at ...................
 All I want around this group is "Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!!!!!!
 And when (Vegas Bob) is in a good mood, watch out!
 And I am in a good mood and I hope I have set the moment for some of you at "The Rain" here with this ...............
 Lovely Romantic (Pic) of the moon taken at (Lake Las Vegas) in the wonderful (Silver) State of Nevada.
 Post and … (11 comments)

happy blogs: Realtor's are very important in America - 03/27/09 11:00 AM
 Realtors are very important in America and they do take on a big responsibility.
 With all the contracts, disclosures, legal terms, etc., Real Estate agent's have to make sure they have all their ducks in a row.
 There are so many Realtors in America and I have always wondered, what is the count on active & non active agents? I remember some one mentioning to me that 50% of Californians are licensed agent's.
 Does anyone at Activerain know these numbers?
 Does anyone think there are to many Realtors in America?
 Many years before I became a licensed agent I use … (3 comments)

happy blogs: Funny Friday's - Check the on switch! - 03/27/09 10:18 AM

 Sometimes when we get new electronics we need to read the manuals, it looks like these two men didn't. The man in the hat with the video camera below is my brother-in-law and he has never used a video camera, so I can't really say too much. The other man I'm really not sure about, but he seems to be having trouble also.
 I did mention to both of them that they need to check the on switch.
 My camera was turned on and ready to go and this is the lovely photograph they were trying to capture, what a sweet … (5 comments)

happy blogs: Happy - Happy - Happy :o) - :o) -:o) - 03/26/09 01:44 PM
 The market has been picking up now for quite some time and I want to hear all the (Happy) stories!
 I am searching for (Happy - Happy - Happy) blogs!
 There has been a wonderful place for all the Happiness with some very (Happy - Happy - Happy) friends. And that wonderful place is ...................
 Let's read what your (Happy) about and the (Happier) the better, we love this stuff!
 Remember everyone our (Happiness) comes from within ourselves, no one can make you feel (Happy) this is your choice.
 Here are just a few things I am … (12 comments)

happy blogs: I may be joining a new Real Estate Team that I met through Activerain! - 03/12/09 09:17 AM
 I may be joining a new Real Estate Team that I met through Activerain!
 I spoke with a huge player at Activerain today and a huge Real Estate agent in Las Vegas, Nevada.
 Within the next 30 days I may be making a big move and joining this persons team within a new Real Estate company.
 I met this person through Activerain just over one year ago and I never, never thought I would ever possibly work with them.
 This person is the head of a huge growing lead generating company in Las Vegas, Nevada and I can not share any … (14 comments)

happy blogs: My huge (HAPPY) Family! - 03/08/09 10:56 AM

 This blog is all about being (HAPPY) and here is a photo of my Burmese family in Las Vegas Nevada.
 We meet at the Buddhist Monastery early Sundays and eat food from Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). The money that is collected at the gathering is donated to the monastery to help pay for the building, food for the monks, etc.
 The Burmese population is growing in Las Vegas and 5 of these people in this photograph are really my relatives. Anyone that really knows me and follows my blogs has seen some of these people before, can you tell me … (5 comments)





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