happy pics: I may be joining a new Real Estate Team that I met through Activerain! - 03/12/09 09:17 AM
 I may be joining a new Real Estate Team that I met through Activerain!
 I spoke with a huge player at Activerain today and a huge Real Estate agent in Las Vegas, Nevada.
 Within the next 30 days I may be making a big move and joining this persons team within a new Real Estate company.
 I met this person through Activerain just over one year ago and I never, never thought I would ever possibly work with them.
 This person is the head of a huge growing lead generating company in Las Vegas, Nevada and I can not share any … (14 comments)

happy pics: What really brings happiness to you? - 12/21/08 04:25 PM
 Before you comment quickly with your words, I would like if you took a moment and really thought about the question in the title.
 Most people are going to come back quickly with family in their comment. What about the family brings you happiness.
 For me, it's not family because I come from a family of broken marriages and family dysfunctions, so this answer will not work for me.
 Like I mentioned in my blog before this one, this is happiness week because of the holidays and I don't want anything bringing me down.
 Happiness to me is traveling and taking … (16 comments)

happy pics: Can I help bring some happiness into the hearts of sadness! - 12/15/08 06:12 PM

  Let me try to bring some happiness into the hearts of sadness!
 From some of the posted blogs that I have been reading the last couple days, there seems to be sadness and despair. Even this morning I posted a sad blog about the it raining in Las Vegas, it never rains in Vegas!
 If there was something I could do to cheer people up, believe me I would do it!
 If there was something I could do to bring the market back up and help people earn some commission checks, believe me I would do it!
 If there was … (8 comments)

happy pics: Wordless Wednesday - (part of my family) - 12/09/08 05:27 PM


happy pics: With the colors displayed in this Flower pic - (no words needed)! - by Robert Swetz - 11/15/08 08:25 AM

 Photograph taken by Robert Swetz - Las Vegas, Nevada 11-15-2008

happy pics: Friday Fun - Forget the Words (my favorite girls) - 11/14/08 04:08 AM

 photograph by Robert Swetz

happy pics: Beautiful Lake with very unusual colored sand - by Robert Swetz - 11/11/08 10:48 AM

 Beautiful Lake with very unusual colored sand - by Robert Swetz
 This has to be some of the strangest colored sand I have ever seen, I did not change the color on this beautiful pic shot just out of Hurricane Utah.
 The water in the lake is spring water from the mountains and it is crystal clear with trout and other fish swimming around.
 If you wade around the shore line the sand around the whole lake is this color, only a little darker when it's wet.
 Photographs by Robert Swetz

happy pics: Very, very old temples in South East Asia - 11/07/08 06:19 PM

 These temples in South East Asia - Myanmar date back around 2000 years.
 These temples are in Bagan which at one time was a very powerful city, full of Kings that built around 7000 temples like the ones in this photograph.
 Many of them became damaged by earthquakes and weather, but the people of Myanmar have been fixing the damaged ones. As you can see in this photograph, the one with the painted gold top has be rebuilt.
 When I was on my vacation in Bagan, you could climb many of these temples to the top. When you looked across … (4 comments)

happy pics: The rugged coastline of California - by Robert Swetz - 11/06/08 06:46 PM

 The rugged coastline of California - by Robert Swetz
 These photographs were taken at Trinidad Beach in California July of 2008. As you can see by all the large rocks, it is very rugged and beautiful with flowers and green plants every where.
 In the photo below, I became very worried because my wife took off ahead of me and when I got down to the beach, I could not find her. If you look real close you can see her sitting up on a rock dressed in black about in the middle of the page.
 And the last photograph shows … (13 comments)

happy pics: A hot Summer day at Lake Tahoe and is that Jason Crouch? - by: Robert Swetz - 11/06/08 06:04 PM

 Please don't be angry at me for posting this blog!
 I know it's getting colder around the country, even in Las Vegas it was 70 degrees today.
 I wanted everyone to use your imagination and place themselves on this little beach on a hot Summer day at Lake Tahoe.
 As we get older the months and years start to go by very quickly, so for you to imagine yourself being at Lake Tahoe in the Summer of 2009 is really not that long.
 I will be here next Summer playing on the beach of Lake Tahoe. And anyone else that likes … (2 comments)

happy pics: A very beautiful quiet place to rest - by Robert Swetz - 11/02/08 03:27 PM

 A very beautiful quiet place to rest - by Robert Swetz
 Inlay Lake has to be one of the most beautiful quiet places to rest.
 When we were on vacation there were very few tourists visiting Inlay Lake because it was off season. Maybe 4-5 couples at the most. Most of the docks and gazebos were empty and quiet.
 If you take a close look at the photo above, on the far top right is a gazebo. The same gazebo as the one in the photo below.
 This Hotel was a 5 star and the cabins were 32 American dollars … (12 comments)

happy pics: Sunset in Singapore - by: Robert Swetz - 10/30/08 03:41 PM

 This beautiful photograph was taken in Singapore by Robert Swetz in May of 2008.
 On my trip to South East Asia in May of this year we had to leave Myanmar (Burma) because of a huge storm that hit the delta by the ocean that killed over 100,000 Burmese.
 It was either Thailand or Singapore and I chose Singapore because it is one of the cleanest cities in South East Asia.
 I took this photograph from a ride that you take straight up and it turns so you get a 360 degree view of Singapore. The view was much better than … (9 comments)

happy pics: Beautiful Utah By: Robert Swetz - 10/23/08 07:57 PM

 Good morning members and non-members of Active Rain and Happy Friday.
 What is so Happy about today, well you try to decide why you would like it to Happy.
 For me, when I look at this photograph that I took in Utah 2 weeks ago and how beautiful the colors are and the Happy feeling that I felt when I was there, it makes me Happy.
 Try to imagine the feeling that you would feel if you were sitting on cliff looking at this beautiful site? And the thousands of years that the waters have been cutting through these rocks … (13 comments)

happy pics: Great story from a different culture - by Robert Swetz - 10/20/08 07:13 PM

 When I first saw this being done I was simply amazed and could not believe my eyes. You would have to see it to believe it. And there are many different things that people do around the world that are unbelievable.
 When you take a boat ride out to Inlay Lake in Central Myanmar South East Asia, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the middle of the Lake. The lake is huge and there is a town around the middle where families of Burmese live, go to school, work, play and spend most of there life.
 When you … (23 comments)

happy pics: Good Morning Active Rain Members breath-taking view of Lake Tahoe by: Robert Swetz - 10/18/08 09:09 PM

 Good Morning Active Rain Members and have you ever seen a view of Lake Tahoe like this?
 This view was not easy to capture because of the height I was at and the moving around by the gusts of wind at the high level. This shot was taken 1500 feet para-sailing from a two person sail.
 My wife and I stopped by Lake Tahoe to play in July of this year when the fires were burning up California. We were on our way to visit my first Active Rain member since I joined the network, Jessica Bigger -
 This post … (26 comments)

happy pics: Great New Group (CALIFORNIA DREAMING) by: Robert Swetz - 10/17/08 04:10 AM

Everyone that knows me figured it would just be a matter of time before I formed a group about California. I have bloged so many photos and stories about the West Coast State, I had to go beyond the realms of duty.
 My first visit to the wonderful State of CALIFORNIA was back it 1974 when I was only 16 years of age.
 I moved to the West Coast from Minnesota when I was 16 years old with a friend from school and lived in Portland Oregon. At this time I would hitch-hike down the whole West … (16 comments)

happy pics: If your not happy with your job, these men might be hiring! by Robert Swetz - 10/16/08 07:43 AM

 If your not happy with your job, these men might be hiring! by Robert Swetz
 I think these men are always looking for a hand if you disappointed with you job. It's not a real difficult job and the scenery is wonderful. I also think you get to eat for free. Good exercise, laid back, you may get a little wet sometimes but you can always dry off.
 One of the draw backs to this job is the wage. I think these men are making only $5 US dollars per day. This might be a little difficult for us to … (8 comments)

happy pics: Beautiful Snow fall in Cedar City Utah by: Robert Swetz - 10/12/08 08:11 PM

 On my visit to Cedar City Utah and other areas in South West Utah we came across some snow on Saturday and Sunday.
 The snow was coming down at different times Saturday afternoon and then in the evening. I knew that Sunday morning would be a great time to drive towards the mountain, Brian's Head - Cedar City where many people from Las Vegas going skying, because of the large amounts of snow fall.
 And I was right, we drove up 3 miles up the road out of Cedar City and I shot these wonderful photographs of the snow and … (21 comments)

happy pics: Look at these beautiful colors? by Robert Swetz - 10/12/08 04:49 PM

 Look at these beautiful colors? by Robert Swetz
 Have you ever seen such Beautiful Colors before?
 I took this photograph today on my way home from South West Utah. This photograph was taken just west of Hurricane Utah on some small reservoir.
 These are some of my groups if you want to join or view any of my photographs:
 This post has been included in Utah Information Washington County, UT Information Hurricane, UT Information Post is included in group: MY VACATIONS AT ACTIVE RAIN Post is included in group: LATE NIGHT - EARLY MORNING AT ACTIVE RAIN Post is included in group: … (26 comments)

happy pics: Take a look at this! by Robert Swetz - 10/12/08 04:26 PM

 This beautiful Sunset photograph was Taken in Colorado Utah this evening.
 I spent the weekend in Cedar City Utah and around South West Utah only 2 hours from Las Vegas Nevada.
 There are so many National and State Parks in Utah, almost half of the state is made up of Parks. I took some very - very beautiful photographs I will be sharing through different groups at Active Rain.
 If your leaving any comments, at the bottom of my blog there are names of five different groups. Any group that has capital letters in the name is one of my groups and please feel free to join … (9 comments)





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