happy: Are you dressing up for "Halloween" this year? - 10/09/09 05:32 PM
 Halloween is the second largest money producing holiday next to Christmas at (number one)!
 Between the candy and costumes people spend large amounts of money and if your planning on dressing up this year here is a great (link) for looking at costumes.
Halloween Costumes and Costume Accessories for Adults, Teens and Kids.

 Las Vegas is a great place to celebrate "Halloween so if your headed to Las Vegas for "Halloween" please don't forget to hook up with Vegas Bob!


happy: Vegas Bob is headed to Minnesota for three days to do some walleye fishing! - 09/24/09 10:44 AM
 I am headed to Minnesota for three days to visit with family and fish. There might not be any Internet there so I am letting you in advance if anyone is looking for me.
 Here is a link with some fishing information on it........
 Whitefish Chain Fishing Reports
 I will be taking many photographs and I have a back up camera for emergency, if I find any Internet you better believe I will be on it posting photos, etc.
 Wish me luck!
 Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)

happy: Robert Swetz is going fishing in Minnesota this weekend! - 09/21/09 01:04 PM

 I will be spending next weekend fishing on "The White Fish Cain" in Cross Lake Minnesota, minutes north of Brainerd. There are 13 different lakes that all connect to each other with small channels and the fishing is the best.
 I will be spending some time with my folks because they are getting older and my step-mother has not been doing very well.
 The rest of the weekend will be spent with my brother, my sister-in-law and their wonderful three children. I rented a 3 bedroom cabin right on the lake with a sauna, horseshoe pit, fire pits for singing … (8 comments)

happy: "That has to be the BIGGEST nose I have ever seen" - 09/20/09 11:36 AM

 "That has to be the BIGGEST nose I have ever seen"
 If you think this is funny you might think about reading some of the posts that members have been writing at one of my favorite groups.
 Please feel free to join the fun at ............ HAPPY AT ACTIVERAIN 
 There is a contest going on within this group and another group called............
 If you like Happy, Fun, Uplifting posts to break up the day please join the group so we can read about HAPPY things in life.
 This moose was trying to kiss Vegas … (20 comments)

happy: Some great new ideas for (Land Scaping) your back yard! - 09/12/09 11:58 PM

 Some great new ideas for (Land Scaping) your back yard!
 I came across the very fun back yard displays in Arizona and they are so colorful, and talk about different. Your really don't see this kind of stuff in to many neighborhoods, and you would be an original in your community!

 It could very well be a new trend in back yard fun and the kids, they would just love this stuff!

 And to really add some spice and a realistic look you can even throw some (Dino Droppings) behind these lovely creatures, and at 80 cents each … (8 comments)

happy: "Good Morning and could you tell us when Vegas Bob leaves!" - 09/09/09 11:41 PM

 By Robert Swetz

happy: These girls are so "Lucky" to know Nu Nu! - 09/05/09 04:47 AM

 Some of you may know who these girls are in the photo above, on the far left in the pink dress in Zin Zin, next to here is Happy (Samantha), Nu Nu and some strange man in the middle, on the far right we have the youngest of the girls Me Me.
 These girl's mother Cho was born in Myanmar (Burma) and the three girls were born in Thailand and when they were very young the family came to the United States of America.
 We have known these girls for almost three years now and two of the oldest girls … (9 comments)

happy: One of my (Happiest Posts) Ever & I Love these Girls! by Robert Swetz - 08/22/09 06:16 AM

 Yes this has to be the (Happiest) Posts I have ever posted to Activerain right next to finding my son after 14 years.
 These are my favorite girls Cherry & Nu Nu, both born in Myanmar (Burma) Southeast Asia. Nu Nu has been in America since 2002 and finally became a citizen of the United States 2 months ago.
 We have been to Myanmar 2 times in 7 years to visit Cherry and Nu Nu's family and now Cherry is finally going to set foot on American soil in the next few months. And take one guess where Cherry in … (28 comments)

happy: I am so Happy it's Friday! - 08/21/09 11:58 AM
It has been a long hot week in Las Vegas Nevada and Vegas Bob is so Happy it's Friday!
 I am so excited I think I will go down to The Strip and let every tourist in town know how Happy Vegas Bob is and that I am so Happy to see all of them having a fun time.
 Early tomorrow morning I will be bonding with "Mother Nature" and please take a look at my post!
 Robert Swetz is going to be so lonely this weekend, could any AR members meet me in Mammoth Lakes California?
 If there is … (10 comments)

happy: OK! We are looking for some "Happiness" around the Activerain network and here is where you can find it! by:Robert Swetz - 08/15/09 05:22 AM
 Where is the "Happiness" around the Activerain network?
 There is a very large group of AR members at ........ HAPPY AT ACTIVERAIN  and we are searching for "Happy" posts, do you have any laying around to share with us?
 We would love to have all the "Happy" people at Activerain join this wonderful group, and if you "Rain" on our parade you post may just be deleted!
 We look forward to seeing some new faces and some new post's at the (number one) future group at Activerain, and why do I say this?
 Because 'Happiness" will prevail over all!
 Robert … (2 comments)

happy: Did Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) win some kind of prize for joining Activerain in 2008 - 08/05/09 03:47 PM
 Did Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) win some kind of prize for joining Activerain in 2008?
 My dear friend Robert May from Canada sent me a comment to my last post about winning some surprise, please take a look at this (link) ..........
 And I am wondering why there is a (Gold) frame around my profile photo? Did some body make a boo-boo?
 There are some wonderful members that joined Activerain in 2008 and we have been (Rocking) this network!
 Let's keep up the great work everyone and try and keep Activerain the funnest Real Estate network within the web!
 Robert … (9 comments)

happy: Are there any (Happy) campers around Activerain? - 07/23/09 11:12 AM
 Are there any (Happy) campers around Activerain?
 In search of Happy campers, Happy blogs, Happy members, Happy stories, Happy pictures, Happy families, Happy friends, Happy religious encounters, Happy visions, Happy dreams, Happy children, Happy parents, Happy Real Estate stories, Happy school experiences, Happy movies, Happy weddings, Happy networking stories, Happy traveling stories, Happy gifts, Happy holidays, Happy games, Happy cars, Happy boats, Happy airplanes, Happy pets, Happy work, Happy plants, Happy clothes, happy shoes, Happy friends, Happy love, Happy food, Happy thoughts, Happy books, Happy music, Happy, Happy, Happy!
 Please post your Happiness at ......... HAPPY AT ACTIVERAIN

happy: Where can I find happiness? - 07/12/09 02:33 AM

 Where can I find Happiness?
 When we are first growing up and very young Happiness comes much easier to us like illustrated in the photo above. A little Hi-five from (Elmo) to the little girl sets off a start of Happiness.
 And as we get older in life Happiness becomes a little more difficult to find, especially when we become teenagers and we are getting prepared for adulthood. We are more confused and start thinking we have all the answers to life, only to find out we know very few.
 Then there is short time Happiness like when you purchase … (17 comments)

happy: There are about 104 members that want to read (Happy) posts, do you have any? - 07/11/09 05:26 AM
There are about 104 members that want to read (Happy) posts, do you have any?
 If you have any Happy stories and want to share the with people that love Happiness please post them here .......
 We look forward to reading them

happy: I just received a call from a customer interested in a 1.5 Million dollar Real Estate Investment! - 06/20/09 10:43 AM
 I just received a call from a customer interested in a 1.5 Million dollar Real Estate Investment!
 I guess when it rains it pours and it has started pouring around Vegas Bob in Las Vegas Nevada.
 I just got off the phone with a person that will be flying in next week to Las Vegas Nevada. They found me on one of my posts to Localism and they were asking me questions about Activerain.
 They want to spend around 1.5 Million dollars on a custom home and they want to use cash. I guess that throws out the lending part of … (16 comments)

happy: Try Giving instead of Taking! - 04/22/09 12:18 PM
 Try Giving instead of Taking has been my way of thinking in the last 15 years of my life.
 When I was a boy growing up I always was willing to take what I could get, but as I have become older my way of thinking has changed.
 I started giving arournd 5 years before I met my wife and after being with my wife all I do is give.
 My wife loves every one and gives, gives and gives! And with so many takers out there sometimes it back fires on her.
 I have been giving so much for so long … (12 comments)

happy: Vegas Bob may be joining another Activerain Members Real Estate Team! - 04/06/09 12:14 PM
 When I first joined Activerain just over one year ago there was a member from Activerain in Las Vegas Nevada and this person is huge at AR & knows many, many people around the network.
 I met with this person about 5 months ago and I really like what I have been hearing about their Team of Realtors.
 I will be meeting with the team on Tuesday 4-7-2009, shake some hands and get a feel if this might be a team I can work with.
 If it wasn't for the Activerain network I would have never met this … (9 comments)

happy: Happy - Happy - Happy :o) - :o) -:o) - 03/26/09 01:44 PM
 The market has been picking up now for quite some time and I want to hear all the (Happy) stories!
 I am searching for (Happy - Happy - Happy) blogs!
 There has been a wonderful place for all the Happiness with some very (Happy - Happy - Happy) friends. And that wonderful place is ...................
 Let's read what your (Happy) about and the (Happier) the better, we love this stuff!
 Remember everyone our (Happiness) comes from within ourselves, no one can make you feel (Happy) this is your choice.
 Here are just a few things I am … (12 comments)

happy: I may be joining a new Real Estate Team that I met through Activerain! - 03/12/09 09:17 AM
 I may be joining a new Real Estate Team that I met through Activerain!
 I spoke with a huge player at Activerain today and a huge Real Estate agent in Las Vegas, Nevada.
 Within the next 30 days I may be making a big move and joining this persons team within a new Real Estate company.
 I met this person through Activerain just over one year ago and I never, never thought I would ever possibly work with them.
 This person is the head of a huge growing lead generating company in Las Vegas, Nevada and I can not share any … (14 comments)

happy: My huge (HAPPY) Family! - 03/08/09 10:56 AM

 This blog is all about being (HAPPY) and here is a photo of my Burmese family in Las Vegas Nevada.
 We meet at the Buddhist Monastery early Sundays and eat food from Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). The money that is collected at the gathering is donated to the monastery to help pay for the building, food for the monks, etc.
 The Burmese population is growing in Las Vegas and 5 of these people in this photograph are really my relatives. Anyone that really knows me and follows my blogs has seen some of these people before, can you tell me … (5 comments)





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