happy: Let's get Positive! - 03/07/09 03:58 AM
 Let's get Positive!
 Nobody likes a Depressing blog, so I am following this one with a more positive note from my previous post.
 Things are going GREAT in Las Vegas Nevada, I have been selling so many homes it's like the market back in 2004.
 I have been making so much money I am looking for investments around the country so I can retire early.
 I am in great health for my age, I have a warm and loving family that thinks the world of me.
 I am debt free and want to stay that way.
 I can travel around … (19 comments)

happy: Some thing to brighten up the day by: Robert Swetz - 02/15/09 04:29 AM
 I would like Sunday to be a day of relaxing, sharing moments with your families, worship and Happiness!
 I have thrown this post out there just for that purpose and I want to thank everyone for their comments and kindness. You are just a great big bunch of great people at this network and I hope it never changes. And if there are any changes, I hope there all for the better.
 Here is a wonderful happy photograph of some of my family below to Cheer up anyone that feeling down. And as happy as these people look in this pic, … (7 comments)

happy: To my Sweethearts Cherry & Nu Nu on Valentines Day! - 02/13/09 03:26 PM
                                    To my Sweethearts Cherry & Nu Nu on Valentines Day!
                    This is a little something special I have written for both of you on Valentines Day.
 I had a dream about a little girl named Cherry seven years ago, and since that dream me and your mommy Nu Nu became married. The vision of you Cherry in my dream, has brought us together.
 (Cherry), though I have only met you twice when I visited Myanmar (Burma), I really miss you and love you like father's do. Me and mommy will continue to pray for you to come and join us in America.
 (Nu … (8 comments)

happy: Boating on Lake Mead - Nevada - 02/06/09 01:19 PM

 Lake Mead has been warming up now for the last three weeks. It's always warmer at Lake Mead than Las Vegas.
 These photographs were taken 3-4 weeks ago when we went boating around the Lake. We rented a boat and went over by the Hoover Dam and some other places around Lake Mead.

 These wet bikes above are for rent and just waiting to be driven!

 If you have close friends in Las Vegas you can go for a cruise on one of their boats.

 You can rent house boats like these in the photo above and … (9 comments)

happy: What do you know about boat a cruise? - 01/28/09 07:27 PM

 What do you know about boat a cruise?
 My wife is very interested in going on a boat cruise this early Spring, and I wanted to ask everyone at Activerain their opinion on boats cruises.
 Have you ever been on one?
 Did you like it and have a fun time?
 Where is the best place to visit on a boat cruise?
 Did you get bored?
 What was your favorite event on the cruise?
 If you have been a boat cruise, would you ever go again if you had the time and money?
Me and my wife look forward to reading your … (12 comments)

happy: What is the best comment you have ever received from a customer? - 01/24/09 12:51 PM
 What is the best comment you have ever received from a customer?
 We have all received nice comments from customers, but have there been any comments that have really stuck in you head. A comment that was given to you and you thought to yourself, that is so nice of them to say.
 I would like everyone to get out a piece of paper and think about all the nice wonderful comments customers have given to you in your years in the Real Estate business. Write down the ones that you can remember and if they sent you letters, collect them … (7 comments)

happy: How long have you been in the Real Estate business & what is your favorite experience? - 01/20/09 01:00 PM
 How long have you been in the Real Estate business & what is your favorite experience?
 I wanted to mix up my blogs some and throw these two questions out there. I think there will be more response from people that have been in the business longer than others.
 It will be very interesting to read comments from others and to know how many years they have under their belt.
 Also, what has been you favorite experience in the Real Estate business?
 I myself have been purchasing Real Estate properties for over twenty years and have been licensed in the state … (17 comments)

happy: Fun in the Sun at Lake Mead - Nevada by:Robert Swetz (Photos attached) - 01/18/09 04:14 AM

 Saturday 1-17-2009 we rented a big pontoon boat at Lake Mead, Nevada and went boating. Temperature was a sunny 75 degrees and was it fun!
 We cruised around the lake with the music playing and the girls were doing the swim dance here.

 This photo above is Nu Nu, Zach, Zin Zin, Tha Tha, Happy and Zach is use to Minnesota weather and was very warm so he took of his shirt.

 Above is a photo of some more dancing and below is of Zach taking a nap.

 I took around 550 photographs of many different things from … (6 comments)

happy: The family is growing and full of smiles - by:Robert Swetz - "Is that a UFO?" - 01/17/09 02:23 AM

 The family is growing and full of smiles - by:Robert Swetz - Is that a UFO?"
 We went for a little hike only ten miles from The Las Vegas Strip at Red Rock Canyon in the evening. My son Zach has been her for four days now and we are all headed to Lake Mead to play in the sun.
 This photograph was taken 1-16-2009 at Red Rock Canyon and from left to right -
 My son (Zach), My beautiful wife (Nu Nu), my sweet adopted daughters (Zin Zin), (Happy) and very last (Me Me).
 I took everyone to the … (9 comments)

happy: One of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen (judge for yourself) - 01/12/09 03:26 PM

 This has to be one of the most beautiful sunsets I have captured in a long time.
 This photograph was taken at Serpent Lake, Crosby in Northern Minnesota 1-11-2009. My wife and I spent 4 days visiting my family for the holidays a little later because we could not leave at the holidays because we own retail stores in Las Vegas.
 Being a photographer I took many many photographs of nature, snow, family and more. I have enough photos to keep me busy for the next two months. I also have some photographs of a new baby addition to my sisters family, the cutest … (18 comments)

happy: Does anyone recognize any of these people? - 01/05/09 01:33 PM

 Does anyone recognize any of these people?
 Anyone that knows my blogs by now may recognize several persons in this photograph. There are two for sure that you have seen around, and the other two may be more difficult. There are a total of 4 persons that I would like for you to point out.
 The other children are a bunch of other little tourist guides when I was on vacation in Myanmar (Burma). They all wanted to tell me stories of their town, but there were only a couple that spoke English. All the rest spoke Burmese.
 These children … (9 comments)

happy: Anyone with "Happy blogs (please post here)! - 01/03/09 03:20 PM

 Anyone with "Happy" blogs (please post here)!
 If you have some happy stories that you would like to share with everyone, please post them at:
 This group started out very small, but my dear friend Laura Watts has really jump started it and there are some really great members here. I have been waiting from some of them to post their blogs, but I think they have been real busy around the holidays.
 My name is Vegas Bob and I ran into this strange character named Sponge Bob at Circus Circus, he really liked me because we both have the … (26 comments)

happy: Very (Happy) group is starting to grow, thanks to Laura Watt's! - 12/30/08 02:36 PM
 I formed this wonderful group    HAPPY AT ACTIVERAIN      around 6 months ago and apointed Laura Watt's administrator because Laura is nothing but (Happy)!
 Laura continues to post, invite and talk with others about the group and I would really like to thank her for here help.
 Here are some fun photographs I took around the Flamingo Hotel, I hope to get some laughs from some of you.
                           Photo below = You go first, the water looks to cold for me!

                                    Photo below = I think I have fleas!

                           Photo below = Hey, what do you think of … (11 comments)

happy: What really brings happiness to you? - 12/21/08 04:25 PM
 Before you comment quickly with your words, I would like if you took a moment and really thought about the question in the title.
 Most people are going to come back quickly with family in their comment. What about the family brings you happiness.
 For me, it's not family because I come from a family of broken marriages and family dysfunctions, so this answer will not work for me.
 Like I mentioned in my blog before this one, this is happiness week because of the holidays and I don't want anything bringing me down.
 Happiness to me is traveling and taking … (16 comments)

happy: Three of my favorite girls again! - 12/19/08 05:39 AM

 These are three of my favorite girls and the reason for the blog is to break up the day and bring a little smiling sunshine and happiness to "The Rain"
 Some of you may know these girls from other posted blogs, and if you don't these are their names.
 Zin Zin on the left, my lovely wife Nu Nu in the middle and Happy on the right. That's right "Happy"! When Happy was born her mother never had a name picked out because where they come from in Thailand the Astrologer's or family doctors help them with naming their children.
 The … (10 comments)

happy: With the colors displayed in this Flower pic - (no words needed)! - by Robert Swetz - 11/15/08 08:25 AM

 Photograph taken by Robert Swetz - Las Vegas, Nevada 11-15-2008

happy: Friday Fun - Forget the Words (my favorite girls) - 11/14/08 04:08 AM

 photograph by Robert Swetz





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