happy: 10 Days and Counting - 12/09/15 11:53 PM

For anyone that has been following Vegas Bob, Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz you might know why he is counting the days and it's not Christmas!
Robert Swetz will be going on a long journey, a long journey into a far distant land of ice, snow, grizzly bears, moose, wolf, mountain goats, halibut, king salmon, his family and a new place he calls home.
With the (new) name Alaska Bob, Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob will be flying out of Las Vegas December 20th to be with his (new) family.
Robert has a one way ticket, has leased out his home in Las Vegas … (10 comments)

happy: New Attitude Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Reeling in the Years - 12/09/15 05:09 AM
Starting on the end of December 2015 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be into a New Attitude and Reeling in the Years.Vegas Bob is tired of acting his age as a older adult ;o/
  So that being said Vegas Bob will be acting like a 40, 30, 20 and teenager all through the year of 2016.And if I hear from anyone ... "Please act your age Vegas Bob" I am going suggest that I like acting this way and you are entitled to act any age you like.
 Vegas Bob is going to jump at the chance anyone wants to do something fun, … (14 comments)

happy: Another great year 2015 at Activerain for Vegas Bob & Alaska Bob - 12/07/15 03:59 PM
Another great year 2015 at Activerain for Vegas Bob & Alaska Bob
2015 was another milestone for Robert Swetz at the Activerain network, and January 2016 will mark his 8th year at Activerain.
The Activerain network in 2015 was purchased back from Zillow and Bob Stewart came back aboard ;o)
My predictions for the Activerain network for 2016 are great and I am looking forward to another year, and a new President of the United States.
I am looking forward to forming more "Friends & Associates" and creating more business across the board.
I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for … (9 comments)

happy: Does Robert Vegas Bob Swetz need comments and likes at Activerain? - 12/02/15 04:12 AM
Does Robert Vegas Bob Swetz need comments and likes at Activerain?
As a Ambassador at the Activerain network with ...
1,645,816 points
Following:     834 members
Followers:     610 followers

2 in Nevada 2 in Clark County 2 in Las Vegas Life Time Stats: 4568 Posted Blogs 10,440,401  Total Views 20 Different Groups at Activerain With all the business that Vegas Bob receives from the Activerain network, VB would have to say NO! Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will keep posting blogs at the Activerain network andyou can keep reading without leaving likes or comments, it's your choice! And there will be NO hard feelings ;o) "JUST SHOW ME THE MONEY" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    4568 Blog Posts10440401 Views  

happy: Robert Alaska Bob Swetz continues to rise searching Google - 11/21/15 12:12 AM
That's Right Robert Alaska Bob Swetz continues to rise searching Google.
Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz continues to rise while searching the Internet at Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
This is very exciting because it took Robert Swetz approx 2-3 years to reach number one and first page of Google, etc, while searching the name "Vegas Bob" ...
So what's the big deal with the nickname Vegas Bob or Alaska Bob?
Presence and business ...
As a licensed real estate agent, artist, photographer, video director, it helps business and creates a better connection relating to these talents.
So why is Robert Swetz so excited about the name Alaska … (3 comments)

happy: Name Alaska Bob by Robert Swetz hits First Page of Google - 11/14/15 02:29 AM
  Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz is happy to say that the name "Alaska Bob" through Robert Swetz has finally hit First Page of Google while searching the name.     This happened several weeks ago and Robert Swetz is very excited about finally hitting First Page. I had a vision and reason for pushing the name Alaska Bob and this vison came true in about 6 months.      
Robert (Alaska Bob) Swetz - ActiveRain activerain.com › Nevada › Clark County › Las Vegas   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Nevada and Specializes in Commercial & Residential Properties … (5 comments)

happy: Alaska Bob from Activerain Holiday Excitement - 11/04/15 10:45 AM

With the Holiday Season around the corner, Alaska Bob wants to know who's excited?
Halloweens over and Thanksgiving is coming up fast, followed by Christmas and New Years.
It has been over 20 years since Alaska Bob/Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz celebrated the Holidays.
Well with his new family in Alaska, Robert Swetz will be celebrating Christmas & New Years this year.
In fact Alaska Bob will even have a Christmas stocking hanging with other family members ... Wow!
The last time Robert had a Christmas stocking was when he lived with his parents as a teenager.
And that's been so many years, I can't even remember … (11 comments)

happy: Traveling the World and Teaching the Word of God? - 11/01/15 02:09 AM

For the last 5 years as Robert Swetz has been getting older there have been many ideas and future plans running through his brain.
In 2014 Robert Swetz became a Ordained Minister in the State of Nevada and has been thinking of stepping it up a notch within the Ministry.
Both my new wife Lin in Alaska and I have spoken about becoming a Minister in Alaska, or maybe traveling the World teaching the Word of God.
I seriously think Lin is a Saint and she would love to see and listen to her husband in front of a church and or in front of … (14 comments)

happy: Great Halloween video from Vegas Bob Fremont Street Las Vegas - 10/30/15 11:16 AM

Here is a great video from Fremont Street downtown Las Vegas Nevada by Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz.
In 2011 Vegas Bob captured over one hour of great Halloween video footage of music bands, costumes and so much more.
Here is one video of 7 videos that Robert Swetz loaded to two different YouTube accounts ;o)

happy: Thank God it's Friday ;o) - 10/22/15 10:18 PM
For some reason I have always liked Friday ...
Whether it was from being programmed when I was younger in my school days, remembering pay days later on in life, or from others yelling and celebrating Fridays.
I would like to thank God it's Friday ... ;o)
So for anyone else out there that love Fridays, here's to you and I and everyone else 

happy: Alaska Bob's last day working in San Jose - set for November 25th - 10/21/15 10:56 PM

Alaska Bob is very happy to say that his last day working construction in San Jose California will be November 25th ...
AB/VB had set a previous date in December, but has recently changed it!
Vegas Bob is looking forward to getting back to Las Vegas, sleep in his own bed after staying in Morgan Hill NorCal since January 2015.
Vegas Bob is going to hook up with his brother and family, take some CE classes for RE, study for his Alaska state test for RE, update his passport and take care of some business transactions.
Its really going to be nice to get out … (17 comments)

happy: Alaska Bob is Excited about Flying Home for the Holidays - 10/12/15 11:31 AM

Russian Village of Ninilchik Alaska by Robert Swetz
Alaska Bob is getting very excited about going home for the Holidays ;o)
Working on a construction project in San Jose California since February of this year has only allowed Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob a 10 day visit all year in July.
So I am very excited about getting out of California, and chilling in Anchorage Alaska ...
Sure it gets cold, sure it snows, sure the days have very little sunlight ...
But I will not be working and spending quality time with my wife and 2 boys.
And how long will Vegas Bob be chilling in … (31 comments)

happy: Thanks Activerain for bringing Alaska Bob to the first page of Google - 10/09/15 11:26 AM

The strangest thing happened to me while the Curtain was down at Activerain for maintenance yesterday October 8th.
Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob (did not) know that the Activerain network would be shut down for maintenance Thursday October 8th.
So I Googled the name Alaska Bob like I do everyday just to check it's ranking.
Low and behold, around the same time I searched Alaska Bob and was writing a post, the Activerain network was getting ready to Close the Curtain.
The results of AR closing the curtain, etc shot the name Alaska Bob down to page 20, and days before it was showing up on … (24 comments)

happy: Alaska Bob visits San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission California - 09/29/15 11:19 AM
The San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission located at Carmel by the Sea Monterey Peninsula California is such an amazing place.
I have been traveling to Carmel by the Sea for so many years now, and this was the very first time that Alaska Bob has ever been inside.

Last Saturday 9-26-2015, I took these wonderful photos of what some call the Carmel Mission for short.
And for anyone that spent time at Carmel by the Sea and
haven't had the chance to step inside the mission, take a look inside next time.


happy: Alaska Bob enjoying the warm weather in BIG SUR California - 09/27/15 04:25 AM

Unbelievable ... Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob finally was able to get Internet service where he is staying in Morgan Hill California.
Saturday Robert Swetz spent around 5 hours at the beaches of BIG SUR, relaxing and hiking around.
In fact VB hiked down some cliffs that other travelers were scared to hike down.
Which gave VB the whole beach to enjoy with his higher power ... God ;o)
As I sat there in privacy, I spoke with my higher power working on which direction he wanted me to go.
Thanking him for the my health, success, beauty of the BIG SUR, Pacific Coast and so … (28 comments)

happy: Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob - Robert Swetz hits 2nd page of Google - 09/17/15 11:51 AM

Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob finally hits 2nd page of Google when searching the name ALASKA BOB ;o)
I never thought in a million years that I would rise that fast, but with steady blogging and posts with the name Robert Alaska Bob Swetz, it has happened.
In the beginning of 2016, Robert Swetz will share with readers more on his concern and reasons for rising to the top.
I had to post this blog on my smart phone because the Internet is down, so it's a real pain in the butt.
Thanks for the follow and Stay Tuned ;o)

happy: Alaska Bob's wife and boys saw Obama in Anchorage today - 08/31/15 11:00 AM
Early this morning when I heard president Obama was going to be in Alaska, I had to text my wife and the boys.
Later while I was at work I recieved a call from my wife, and she was so excited because president Obama went driving by while some of the main streets were blocked.
With the small size of Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska with approx 300,000 people, it's not very difficult for locals to know when The Man is in town ;o)
Obama is in Alaska talking about Global Warming and helping change the name of Mount McKinley back to Mt … (41 comments)

happy: Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob fish Jim Creek Palmer Alaska 4th page of Google - 08/20/15 12:21 PM

Palmer Alaska by Robert Swetz
Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob fish Jim Creek Palmer Alaska hits 4th page of Google.
Robert Swetz never thought that this video would ever climb the pages of Google as fast as it has.
This video below and the post below the video will be taking Alaska Bob to the 1st page of Google, and how much longer before this post hits 1st page, nobody knows.
Vegas Bob is predicting 1st page of Google around October of 2015, give or take a few weeks.
At the very bottom of this post is Robert Swetz's climb to the top, starting with one … (15 comments)

happy: (New) Group ALASKA BOB TOURS formed today - 08/15/15 06:29 AM
This group is open to all Activerain Members that have been to The Last Frontier, dreaming of visiting Alaska, etc.
Photographs and Videos welcome to this group and ALASKA BOB aga Vegas Bob looks forward to featuring his favorite posts ;o)
Please (click) the underlined words to join the group:

happy: Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz possible Homer Alaska purchase - 07/25/15 05:35 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz aka Alaska Bob's possible purchase of property in Homer Alaska is looking real good.
Vegas Bob went through his financial statements and investments in Las Vegas this morning and is real impressed with what he saw ;o)
Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob might just be taking on another great nickname ...
And with the possibility of owning a piece of "The Last Frontier" aka Alaska, why not?
Robert Swetz will go by Vegas Bob when he's in the Lower 48 and when he is in Alaska he will go by the name of Alaska Bob ... and just a heads-up everyone!
Robert … (14 comments)





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