happy: Vegas Bob Celebrates Memorial Day in Las Vegas & shows clients homes - 05/22/15 06:01 AM

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz is in Las Vegas Nevada celebrating Memorial Day and showing some clients some homes.   For anyone that follows and or tries to follow Vegas Bob in his travels and bouncing around from Las Vegas to California to Alaska, please take note ...     No matter where Vegas Bob is and or what he is doing, he always makes time for his clients.   Vegas Bob will go out of his way to show homes, list homes and take care of his clients. And for any reason Vegas Bob can't make an appointment than he will … (15 comments)

happy: Feeling Blessed with the Life I have - 05/10/15 02:37 AM

I have always felt blessed being born with all my body parts, my health, the loving people around me, a roof over my head, food to eat and so much more.
There are so many people and children in this world that take life for granted, complaining about all the things they don't have and want.
I have traveled to many countries in South East Asia, Myanmar/Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.
I have seen hundreds of thousands of poor children living in shacks with no doors, windows, etc, and so many without homes or food.
Lets please try to accept the things we have, our … (18 comments)

happy: La Selva Beach Robert Swetz's favorite beach in Santa Cruz - 05/09/15 10:35 AM

La Selva Beach is by far one of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's favorite beaches in Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz, Capitola and Rio del Mar are very nice beaches, but La Selva is much more laid back with very few people ;o)
Here are three very colorful photos that I took with my iPhone 6+ today.
And for anyone that has never been to La Selva Beach that is spending time around the Santa Cruz area, check out one of my favorite beaches in NorCal.
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz finds hundreds of - Videos By ... videosbyvegasbob.blogspot.com/.../robert-vegas-bob-swetz-finds-hundr...  Feb 3, 2015 - There are very few public … (13 comments)

happy: Vegas Bob is making 100+ per hour today ;o) - 05/08/15 11:28 PM
 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been working Saturdays now for several months, which is "Double Time" ;o)
Double Time is 100+ per hour, free Dental & Medical, + pension, + money going into a 401K and another separate pension. This is great money and Vegas Bob is always excited to make this, even though 50% of the people he works with are rude, vulgar, etc.
The way Vegas Bob sees it is ...
The job won't last forever and when the job is finished, Vegas Bob will be able to purchase a small condo in Vegas, Anchorage or Alabama ;o) 

happy: Some Eye Candy directed towards Roy Kelley and Activerain members ;o) - 05/03/15 02:53 AM

This very colorful post is directed towards one of my favorite friends at the Activerain network.
Ever since I met Roy Kelley over 7 years ago at Activerain, he has always added such color with his beautiful flower photographs ;o)

Well I also enjoy taking photographs of colorful, beautiful flowers and flowers are such amazing plants.

And for anyone that doesn't know Roy Kelley at the Activerain network, you are truly missing out and please give Roy a shout when you get a moment ...
Roy Kelley can bring color and beauty to anyones eyes ;o)

"Thanks again Roy for being a Friend and for all … (22 comments)

happy: Vegas Bob's daughter and Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines - 04/29/15 01:19 PM
   Wednesday, April 29, 2015 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz daughter and Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines   Here is a photograph that was taken 2 months ago in the Philippines of Vegas Bob's daughter and Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines     Vegas Bob's daughter just arrived in the United States with the former president of the Philippines.   They will be attending the Mayweather - Pacquiao "Biggest Fight" in History Saturday May 2nd 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada.   Vegas Bob recently found out about his daughter attending the fight only two days ago, so it wasn't enough time for … (27 comments)

happy: Vegas Bob was created by members of the Activerain network - I am thankful - 04/25/15 04:56 AM
Vegas Bob was created by members of the Activerain network - I am thankful  When Robert Swetz first joined the Activerain network back in  January 2008, six months later members of Activerain started calling him "Vegas Bob" ...   At first Robert really wasn't sure about the name and though it was kind of silly, but ran with it anyway.   Since 2008 Robert Swetz has created a very large group of friends and associates within the Activerain network.  Vegas Bob has hundreds of friends and associates along with 536 Activerain members following his blogs.   Since 2008 when Robert was … (5 comments)

happy: A Comment is a Comment whether its Long or Short ;o) - 04/11/15 07:19 PM
In my opinion ... a Comment is a Comment whether it's Long or Short ;o)
If a member takes the time to roll by Vegas Bob's blog platform and leave a comment, I am happy!
Some members think when they leave a comment that it has to be long and all drawn out.
Heck, I think that if any member that follows me that leaves any comment ... Even just a "Hello" is fine with me.
I know that all of us lead very productive lives, within our professions and personal lives.
So thank you all once again ,,, Friends and Associates for stopping by my … (16 comments)

happy: Vegas Bob has Internet for 3 days so he's loading photos to his Activerain Library - 03/28/15 01:27 AM

Great News for Vegas Bob ... Internet for at least 3 days, VB is so excited and just loaded a bunch of photos to his Activerain Library.
Because when VB doesn't have internet he can still load some from his AR library, but now streaming new photos.

So here are several for my AR friends to view, and please forgive me if you have seen these photos before.
And I will be following a post about "Watermarking" photographs for the Internet because I have so many and I like to put my name across photos … (14 comments)

happy: Looks Like Vegas Bob may be working in San Jose for a while ... Condo? - 03/02/15 09:31 PM
Well it looks like Vegas Bob will be working in San Jose for a while, so should he purchase a Condo for a place to stay and another investment?
Vegas Bob is getting tired of sleeping in his friends RV in Morgan Hill and seriously thinking of stepping it up a bit.
San Jose's real estate market is very slim and super expensive when it comes to purchasing a home, but condos are a little cheaper.
A cheap 2 bedroom Condo in San Jose will cost about the same as a small home in most parts of the … (12 comments)

happy: The Wizard of Oz or The Wizard of Activerain? Laura Cerrano knows - 03/01/15 12:44 PM
One my later posts that I blogged towards the end of the week was met with a comment from one of dear friends at Activerain.
My friend Laura Cerrano left within her comment that Vegas Bob was the Wizard of Oz ... ;o)
When ever Vegas Bob comes across comments like this, he is always taken by surprise with a smile on his face.
When I first joined the Activerain network back in January of 2008, Laura's mother Carole Provenzale was a very dear friend of mine. Then when her mother left Laura Joined us full time at … (15 comments)

happy: Halibut Fishing Trip planned in Homer Alaska 3rd week of June 2015 - 02/22/15 01:42 PM
I am very excited about setting up a charter boat to fish Halibut in Homer Alaska.
I have a relative that lives in Wasila Alaska that has lived in Alaska now for 7 years. Well he has fished off charter boats in Homer for several years now.
He is setting up a trip around the 3rd week of June this year. Price per person is $300 dollars and persons fishing can keep 2 halibut fish. The weight of halibut fish can run from 30 lbs to 300+ give or take.
Now some people this $300 dollars to fish … (16 comments)

happy: What Really Truly Makes You Happy? Happiness Within by Robert Swetz - 02/09/15 01:34 AM
    What Really Truly Makes You Happy? Happiness Within by Robert Swetz   Continue to "Focus" on what Makes You Happy! That is of course if it's Legal, Healthy and doesn't harm you or others ;o)   Think about this Happiness, Write down this Happiness, Create more situations that will bring about this Happiness.   Because along with this Happiness will come more Positive Attitude and Help make your Life more Meaningful ;o)    
Happiness within | HAPPINESS within (New Book) by ... https://happinesswithinrobertswetz.wordpress.com/

    Robert Swetz would like to personally thank everyone for their interest in my book 'Happiness … (15 comments)

happy: Water Festival Celebration April 11th 2015 Myanmar Burma by Robert Swetz - 02/08/15 10:51 PM
  Water Festival Celebration April 11th 2015 Myanmar Burma by Robert Swetz   Water Festival in Myanmar falls on the 2nd week of April every year. Water Festival a New Year Celebration that last approx 5 days. All the cities and towns close all their businesses for 5 days and the whole country of Myanmar is full of music on stages, water sports and so much more.   Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has had the opportunity to celebrate Water Festival in Myanmar 2 different years. Vegas Bob rode in the back of flatbed trucks with local Burmese while other Burmese sprayed water from … (11 comments)

happy: Day Dreaming of Phuket Thailand - 02/08/15 02:27 AM


happy: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is Planning a Vacation to Myanmar Burma Bagan 2015 - 02/07/15 01:23 AM
    Mandalay Myanmar 2010   Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is Planning a Vacation to Myanmar Burma Bagan 2015   It's been almost 5 years since my last visit to Myanmar. I have been to Myanmar 4 different times, Rangoon, Mandalay, Bagan and other cities.       Bagan Myanmar 2008   When ever I look through my thousands of photograph & videos I really think about Myanmar and traveling there again in the near future. I am hoping of traveling to Myanmar towards the end of 2015.       Rangoon Myanmar 2010   The country of Myanmar which use to be called … (9 comments)

happy: Finding Time to Focus and Go with the Flow of Life - 02/05/15 02:25 AM

Homer Alaska 2014
Finding Time to Focus and Go with the Flow of Life
With all the many different businesses that I have, it sometimes becomes very different to stay "Focused" and Go with the Flow of Life.
So lately I have bee finding that quiet calm place or time in the day to think about everything.
I have also been waiting patiently, letting time take it's toll and Go with the Flow of Life.
This has been working very well, vs hitting it to hard everyday and pushing to make things happen faster.
What I have found … (11 comments)

happy: Million Dollar Homes for Sale at Lake Las Vegas Henderson Nevada by Robert Swetz - 02/04/15 01:59 AM
  Million Dollar Homes for Sale at Lake Las Vegas Henderson Nevada by Robert Swetz   Lake Las Vegas has to be one of my favorite places to show homes, and some may ask why?   Well, most of the homes around Lake Las Vegas are priced to sell at 1 Million+ and every home is unique and different. Also in the more "Ritzy" area of Lake Las Vegas, celebrities live there so there are gates, guards and great security.   For anyone interested in viewing beautiful homes around Lake Las Vegas and or anyone interested in selling their home at … (5 comments)

happy: Happiness Within book by Robert Swetz available at Amazon Books ;o) - 02/03/15 05:14 AM

  Posted by "Super Star" at 7:45 PM  Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: great news, Happiness within, happinesswithinrobertswetz.wordpress.com., happy,Photography by Robert Swetz, Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz, www.VideosByVegasBob.com Location: Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Inyo National Forest, 10001 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA … (2 comments)

happy: My Close Friend Travis Walton's Birthday 2-3-2015 by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 02/03/15 04:21 AM
  My Close Friend Travis Walton's Birthday 2-3-2015 by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ;o)   Well today Febuary 3rd 2015 is my friend Travis Walton's birthday. Robert Swetz met Travis many years ago in Snowflake Arizona. At that time Travis's book "Fire in the Sky" had been out of print for approx 15 years. Travis and I discussed why he book had been out of print for 15 years.  I mentioned to Travis that I had a close friend in the Midwest that worked for a publishing company.     Travis mentioned at that time that his funds were tight so … (3 comments)





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