happy: (Happiness within) is now available at Amazon.com ;o) - 11/28/12 03:56 AM
Robert (Vegas Bob) SwetzMy new book 'Happiness within' is now available at Amazon.com - http://lnkd.in/yy8JJS
Online shopping from the earth's biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry, tools
I am very excited to announce that my new book 'Happiness within' is now available at Amazon.com
(Please click on the link above) to order now and bring some Happiness back into your life ;o)

happy: New Book Happiness within published this week by Robert Swetz - 11/26/12 10:29 PM
Happiness within ‘Quotes’ (new book) Robert Swetz Posted by robertswetz in Happiness within, Uncategorized. Tagged: Feel Good, HAPPINESS within, Happy, New Book, Oprah Winfrey, Photography, Robert Swetz, www.HappinesswithinRobert Swetz@wordpress.com. Leave a Comment
Happiness within book by Robert Swetz
I would everyone to know that my new book (Happiness within) is being published right now at: www.HapinesswithinRobertSwetz.wordpress.com I received the final proof 2 days ago and I just sent a email to the publishing coming giving them the green light to print 100 copies.
The publishing company of my book Happiness within is Publishers Express Press located in Troy Wisconsin at: www.PublishersExpressPress.com.
Publishers Express Press is publishing this book along with my other (new book) ‘Dark … (7 comments)

happy: New Book Happiness within by Robert Swetz published in December 2012 - 11/22/12 01:17 AM
« Happiness with by Robert Swetz to be published November 2012     22NOV
Happiness within book published in December 2012 Robert Swetz Posted November 22, 2012 by robertswetz in Uncategorized. Tagged: HAPPINESS within, New Book, Photography,Robert Swetz. Leave a Comment

Here is one photograph of twenty five that will be in my new book ‘Happiness within’ due to be published in the beginning of December 2012.
Happiness within will be available to purchase directly from Robert Swetz,PublishersExpressPress.com and AmazonBooks.com.
This book is a great Christmas gift, birthday gift, family to family gift and friend to friend gift.
HAPPINESS within, Robert Swetz - Blog happinesswithinrobertswetz.wordpress.com/Share Leave a Comment. Happiness with by Robert … (12 comments)

happy: HAPPINESS within due out just after Thanksgiving 2012 - 11/20/12 02:24 PM
Happiness with by Robert Swetz to be published November 2012 »   5OCT
HAPPINESS within (New Book) by Robert Swetz Posted October 5, 2012 by robertswetz in Uncategorized. Tagged: HAPPINESS within, New Book, Robert Swetz.Leave a Comment
HAPPINESS within by Robert Swetz                                                                                 10-4-2012
Everyone is always searching for “Happiness” so I decided to write a book about Happiness.
When we are born into this world, Happiness for the most part is kind of a natural feeling of course unless we are hungry, tired, fall down, get hurt, are scolded or scared in some way.
At a very young age Happiness is a feeling we really enjoy and a … (7 comments)

happy: "Good Night" from Lake Tahoe - 11/18/12 01:33 PM

As this week runs into a major holiday I wanted to share some beauty with all of you from Lake Tahoe. 
Thanksgiving Day is this coming Thursday and I wanted to wish everyone an early Thanksgiving. Please try and be kind to your family, friends, co-workers and everyone around you. Your kindness can make all the difference in the world and if you don't believe me ... give it a try!
Love one another and gives thanks everyday as if it were Thanksgiving Day!
Vegas Bob is in a very happy mood because he will be closing on a … (13 comments)

happy: Happiness within due out in November 2012 by Robert Swetz - 11/16/12 11:20 PM

I am happy to announce that my (new book) "Happiness within" will be published in November 2012.
The publishing company is sending me the final proof the beginning of next week. Once I give them the green light it will go into publishing.
This book Happiness within will be a great Christmas gift, and a great book for all ages. The book is filled with wonderful photographs from my travels around the world.
This is a complete feel good book, easy quick read, and filled with great points and tips on happiness.
This book will be available at Amazon.com … (12 comments)

happy: HAPPINESS within (New Book) by Robert Swetz - 10/05/12 01:45 AM

HAPPINESS within - (New Book) due out Christmas of 2012

HAPPINESS within by Robert Swetz                                                                                 10-4-2012 Everyone is always searching for “Happiness” so I decided to write a book about Happiness. When we are born into this world, Happiness for the most part is kind of a natural feeling of course unless we are hungry, tired, fall down, get hurt, are scolded or scared in some way. At a very young age Happiness is a feeling we really enjoy and a feeling which we try to repeat as often as possible. Whether this feeling of Happiness comes from … (13 comments)

happy: "Fun Times" at Lemos Farm Half Moon Bay California by Robert Swetz - 06/03/12 02:11 AM

Several different times on my way to Half Moon Bay California from San Francisco I passed this Farm called Lemos Farm with pony rides and some of the most interesting objects to photograph.
The rode that passes Lemos Farm is a winding road with so many cars passing by that it's very difficult to pull over to stop. Well there was no way that Vegas Bob was going to let this stop him from taking some fun interesting photographs of Lemos Farm.
So the last time VB passed Lemos Farm he quickly pulled over, waiting patiently for cars to pass … (9 comments)

happy: "Good Morning" my friends and have a Great Weekend ... ;o) - 06/02/12 01:28 AM


happy: Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas Nevada Vegas Bob's Friend "BIG MIKE" - 04/14/12 06:51 AM
Saturday, April 14, 2012
Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas Nevada Vegas Bob's friend "BIG MIKE"   My friend "BIG MIKE" gave me the latest information on the (New) Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Here are several photographs and "BIG MIKE" and Vegas Bob will be headed to the Heart Attack Grill next week for some great food. If a person weighs over 350 pounds the meal is FREE. I took more photographs but my camera was acting up and several great photos didn't show up, I will try again this evening. There are hospital gowns … (11 comments)

happy: Robert Swetz's answers to "Life" come from Traveling the World ... "Blast from the Past" - 04/14/12 01:39 AM
(photograph by Larry Johns) 1976
Late Friday evening I wrote a post about "Life" and Traveling, how Traveling has always been a part of my "Life."
It was only minutes after I wrote this post about "Life" with photos attached that I rolled over to FaceBook and came across this photo of some buddies I have known forever, since grade school. Here we are back in (1976) preparing to climb Mt Hood from the Timberline Lodge in Oregon. It took us 8 hours to get up there and another 6 to get down ... "Those were the days" ... not a … (7 comments)

happy: Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz's Burmese Family continues to grow in America ;o) - 04/11/12 10:07 AM

Another 4 Burmese Family Members arrived in America 2 weeks ago straight from Myanmar/ Burma. My brother-in-laws wife and 3 daughters are now living in Las Vegas Nevada.
Since 2002 till 2012 Robert Swetz's Burmese Family has grown to a total of 14 ... and you will never guess where they all live in America?
The new members of the family are the twin girl in the wheel chair, my brother-in-laws wife and 2 other daughters in the middle of the photograph.
Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz & Burmese Family very excited about ...   www.videosbyvegasbob.com/?p=3233 Dec 3, 2011 – Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz & Burmese Family very excited about Hilary … (6 comments)

happy: "HAPPY EASTER" Family & Friends ... ;o) - 04/08/12 01:12 AM

"HAPPY EASTER" Family & Friends ... ;o)
Robert Swetz would like to personally wish everyone a very "HAPPY EASTER" ... today is a day to remember a very important date in history when a true miracle happened.
Today is a day to remember how lucky we are to have the choice to choose which direction to live in life here and after. 
Today is a day to remember our love for our families, Friends and all human beings in the World.
Let's learn to love one another and rejoice this day in full and ever day to follow the … (11 comments)

happy: "Friday Funnies" did Michael Jackson teach these Elephants to Dance? (Volume Please) - 03/22/12 11:54 PM

happy: Try and be HAPPY with the things you have ... ;o) - 03/21/12 01:26 AM
Try and be HAPPY with the things you have ... ;o)   So many people in this world complain about all the things they don't have, instead of just being HAPPY with the things they do have. I even find myself complaining sometimes about gas prices, the way someone acts, what their wearing and little things that really don't add up to anything. I have been to 3rd World Countries so I should know better ... This photo (above) was taken on a small island in Myanmar/ Burma. This boy and 3 girls have NO television, NO radio, NO car, NO … (14 comments)

happy: I believe that everyone has some Kindness within them ... - 03/18/12 01:29 AM
Around twenty years ago I read part of a book that mentioned Love & Kindness in all of us. Well after I read this book and went out searching and changing my attitude towards others, I was very surprised how it worked.
Through our lives we program our minds into throwing up walls and barriers when we are hurt for many different reasons, a way of protecting ourselves from being hurt again. Well I believe that these walls we form have a way of restricting our way of life, and can keep us from being who we really want to … (6 comments)

happy: What happened to the LOVE in this WORLD? - 03/17/12 03:51 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz What happened to the LOVE in this WORLD? So many people are caught up in Material, Greed and disrespect of others. Let's learn to share our hearts, lives with others around us. Let's try to enjoy life like these young teenagers in the photo ... ;o) … (9 comments)

happy: I guess you never know who's going to walk through the door? - 03/02/12 12:40 AM

I spent 3 weekends in a row showing a beautiful (New) home in Lake Las Vegas on a "OPEN HOUSE" ...
There were many people that came through the door complimenting how beautiful it was. How much they liked the tile floors, granite counter tops, views of the Strip, Lake and Mountains from the second floor.
On the last Sunday of my 3 weekends I was getting ready to pack up my things and leave. As I was standing in the front of the home texting some employees at our businesses a shiny old Buick rolled up.
A gentleman around … (20 comments)

happy: VACATION - VACATION - VACATION - 02/25/12 04:26 AM
That's right ... Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz might be headed to Myanmar/ Burma and Thailand in the next several weeks. I just spoke with Nu Nu over the phone and she wants me to apply for a Burmese Visa ASAP. There is no emergency ... She just misses me ... I will apply for my Visa and keep everyone up to date on my progress ... Maybe Vegas Bob will be in Myanmar for "Water Festival" ... Burmese (New Year) Celebration ;o) If I go this year it would be my 3rd time celebrating New Years in Myanmar ... "I am … (12 comments)

happy: "Good Morning" everyone and have a HAPPY DAY ... - 02/24/12 12:39 AM
Friday, February 24, 2012 "Good Morning" everyone and have a HAPPY DAY ...     "Good Morning" my friends and I would like to personally wish you all a HAPPY DAY ... I have been very busy with open houses on the weekends and preparing to visit California.  This funny photograph was taken at the Roswell Parade in New Mexico last year for the "Fourth of July" Celebration ... Celebrating Independence Day and the UFO Crash back on 7-4-1947 ... I am not really sure what these creatures are? "Alien Smiley Faces" Have a wonderful weekend everyone and "BE HAPPY"   … (13 comments)





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