help: I can't find New Members First Posts ... HELP! - 10/18/16 01:55 PM
I can't find New Members First Posts ... HELP!
Since the NEW ActiveRain platform came out Vegas Bob has not been able to leave comments to New Members First Posts ...
Can someone please show me where I can read and or comment to New Members posting on the ActiveRain network
Thank You ;o)

help: Please Watch the Story Of Nico an Abused Dog - Carry the Messages with You - 10/10/15 04:02 AM
Here is a post my friend Robert (Bob) Gilbert posted about Nico an Abused Dog.
NOBODY has the right to abuse humans, animals and or any living creature period ;o/
 It's very hard for me to watch videos like this, because when I do I can feel the pain of the animal and or the person taking the video ;o(
I seriously believe that anybody that abuses has EVIL running through their brain.
Please take a moment try to watch the Story of Nico, and help spread the word and or help animals around the shelters ;o)
Please Watch the Story Of Nico an Abused … (9 comments)

help: I’m A REALTOR® I’m Not A Magician But I Do Have Some Secrets To Share - 09/28/15 12:23 PM
Robert Alaska Bob Swetz aka reads so many posts at the Activerain network.
And moderating 20 plus groups at AR, it's a great reason why ;o)
This post of Michael's is wonderful, straight forward and very unique.
For anyone that hasn't read this post, please take a closer look, 20 likes by AR members along with these wonderful comments, I seriously believe this post should go GOLD ...
Are the God's at Activerain around to read Michael's post?
Could use a little help ... 
I’m Not A Magician
But I Do Have Some Secrets To Share
When you hire me for your real … (13 comments)

help: Family here - Freezer full of Fish - Can Robert Swetz stay in Alaska? - 07/18/15 02:40 AM
 Lin at Anchor Point Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
With a freezer full of Halibut, Salmon and Octopus in Alaska ... along with family living here, why should Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob go back to the Lower 48?
Well everyone, Vegas Bob's short trip to Alaska is finally coming to a end. VB has to jump on a plane Sunday afternoon and fly back to the Bay Area in California.
               New freezer full of Halibut, Salmon & Octopus by Robert Swetz
Take a this new freezer we purchased just to put our halibut, salmon and octopus we … (13 comments)

help: Zillow sells Activerain to Ben Kinney - 06/19/15 10:29 AM
Zillow Group today announced it has entered into an agreement to sell ActiveRain to the Ben Kinney family of companies. 
Learn More
Vegas Bob is trying to determin if this is good news or bad news ???
VB really doesn't know anything about Ben Kinney, and wondering if he should ???
Without reading more about this pop-up at the Activerain channel, can anyone clue in Vegas Bob ???
Is it Ben Kenny or Bob Kinney ???

help: In Search of Activerain members that can help VB get licensed in Alaska - 04/04/15 01:00 AM
Vegas Bob is interested in getting licensed as a Real Estate agent in the state of Alaska.

Vegas Bob wants to become licensed in 2 states and sell both real estate in Nevada and Alaska.
And Vegas Bob wants his friends and associates from the Activerain network to help direct him.
If Vegas Bob wanted to do it by himself he could, but VB likes asking for help. 
Sometimes we learn more by asking for help then by doing things ourselves ;o)
So are there any AR members that can put VB on the … (9 comments)

help: Can somebody please help me Skype my wife? - 03/11/15 10:26 AM
Can somebody please help me Skype my wife?
When it comes to the computers and technology Vegas Bob is great at loading photos & videos, but not much into chatting on the Internet.
Well my wife Lin bought me a new iPhone 6+ for an early birthday present before she went to the Philippines to visit family and friends.
Lin has been using Skype and other free Internet services for communicating with family and friends ever since they came out.
Lin even loaded Skype and Viber so we could chat while she is in the Philippines. 

help: I am "Tired" of staying in your Trailer - 02/18/15 09:25 PM
Vegas Bob is "Tired" of staying in your Trailer
For anyone that's been following the stories about Vegas Bob with no Internet, etc, here is the latest.
Vegas Bob has been working on a project in San Jose for around 3 weeks now, and has been staying in a friends RV Tailer.
The RV Trailer has some engine problems so the license tabs are expired, which means its not up to code for the RV parks.
well for 9 days now poor Vegas Bob has had no wifi and or Internet, no place to shower or go … (9 comments)

help: Update on Sweet Lucas - 02/09/15 06:29 AM
Vegas Bob has know Joni for so many years at Activerain and I was touched when I read this story about Lucas.
I am reblogging this story so more people can pray for Lucas, bless his heart.
And I will be showing this post to my new wife "Lin" who lives in Alaska.
When I first met Lin, I thought maybe she was a "Angel" but have come to the conclusion that she is a "Saint"
What is she doing with me? We are sure that God brought Lin to me.
Lin's prayer are very powerful with children … (11 comments)

help: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has a Solution for the Long Cold Winters - 02/04/15 11:15 AM
  Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has a Solution for the Long Cold Winters   How many of you are tired of the long cold winters?   How many of you are tired of shoveling snow?   How many of you are tired of driving in snow and ice, and the dangers that come with it?   How many of you have arthritis, getting older and your bodies are in pain from the cold or dampness?   I could go on and on about long cold winters because I grew up in the Midwest with below zero temperatures, snow, salt on the roads, etc. … (18 comments)

help: Please Raise your Hand if your Speak English - Only 30 out of 100 people ;o( - 02/03/15 12:48 PM

Please Raise your Hand if you Speak English - Only 30 out of 100 people ;o(   What happened to the America I once knew? Where did all the English speaking people go? When did Spanish become the number one spoken language in America?   Did I just wake up from a 50 year comma? It seems like the older I get the more I don't understand what people are saying anymore, because they are not speaking the language I grew up with when I was younger ;o(     In 2014 I spent approx 90 days over a 5 month … (11 comments)

help: Vegas Bob is begging Corporate America in Las Vegas Nevada to "Please start Building" - 02/03/15 05:22 AM
  Vegas Bob is begging Corporate America in Las Vegas Nevada to "Please start Building"   Construction in Las Vegas Nevada has been very slow now for around 4 years, and it is very discouraging to many Local Construction workers.   The state of California has been building (New) Construction Projects like it was no tomorrow, and Vegas Bob has been wondering WHY?   Tourism in Las Vegas Nevada has been doing very-very well, so what has Corporate America been doing with all this money?      Investing the money in California? WHY?   Cities across the country have been given … (11 comments)

help: Vegas Bob's Internet Access is so slow, it's totally frustrating ;o( - 01/13/15 09:52 AM
  Vegas Bob's Internet Access is so slow, totally frustrating ;o(   Vegas Bob is staying with some friends in the Bay Area and their Internet is totally frustrating. VB is ready to go stay at a motel or something, and it's not just today. This "Bad Internet" has been going on for at least a week now      Vegas Bob is ready to pull his hair out ;o/ and are there any of you reading this know how VB is feeling?     4 Ways to Speed up a Slow Internet Connection - wikiHow › ... › System … (8 comments)

help: Brainstorming Las Vegas San Francisco Seattle by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 11/18/14 06:32 AM

Brainstorming Las Vegas - San Francisco - Seattle by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz     Vegas Bob continues to "Brainstorm" and think very strongly about whether he will be working as a glazier in construction in Las Vegas, San Francisco or Seattle.         Vegas Bob has been waiting patiently for a HUGE project called "Resorts World Las Vegas" to really break ground and start hiring glaziers. Not really sure what's holding up this 3-4 year project, but the wait continues to frustrate Vegas Bob.   So until RWLV really takes off, Vegas Bob will be driving once again … (5 comments)

help: Is,,, Helping Brokers & Agents? - 11/12/14 06:59 AM
Wednesday, November 12, 2014     Is,,, Helping Brokers & Agents?   Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been wondering for several years now if these type of websites/networks are really helping the industry or hurting it?   I know Trulia bought and then Zillow bought Trulia so Vegas Bob has to really be careful about what he says around the World Wide Web.   So instead of Vegas Bob expressing his concerns and opinions, he was wondering if readers would like to share their incite to my question.   And with these websites and networks already in place, … (5 comments)

help: Can ActiveRain Help Robert Vegas Bob Swetz find a Home to purchase? - 11/06/14 04:52 AM
                Can ActiveRain Help Robert Vegas Bob Swetz find a Home to purchase?          
                        Help Robert Vegas Bob Swetz find a Home to purchase 
    Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is searching for a small retirement home somewhere in the United States, and here is what Vegas Bob is searching for ...   Small 1 story 2-3 bedroom  1-2 bath Small lot  Small town Low crime Low property taxes Mild winters Fixer upper ... Maybe   Vegas Bob has been purchasing real estate for 25 years now and is a licensed agent in the state of Nevada.   … (8 comments)

help: Thomas Edison shares his words on Failure with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 10/24/14 06:37 AM
Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Nevada
Failure is really a matter of conceit.People don't work hard because, in their conceit,they imagine they'll succeed without ever making an effort.Most people believe that they'll wake some day and find themselves rich.Actually, they've got it half right, because eventually they do wake up.'Thomas Edison'
Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz, Real Estate Agent - ActiveRain     Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz specializes in: Commercial & Residential RE, Land, ...Email: Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz; My Blog: ROBERT SWETZ - Photographer  ... Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - ActiveRain     Aug 17, 2014 - 4 days ago - Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob … (24 comments)

help: Moderators at ActiveRain Groups unable to feature posts "Patience" ;o) - 10/03/14 05:04 AM
Below is a post I wrote several days ago about (Not) being able to feature ActiveRain members post to my 25 different groups.
Word has it that all of the groups and moderators have been effected by this tech problem.
Vegas Bob really feels bad about this problem and his hands are tied for the moment until that ActiveRain network fixes this problem.
ActiveRain is not allowing Vegas Bob to Moderate his groups ;o(
Wow ... Vegas Bob really doesn't know what's going on around the ActiveRain Network. If there is a tech problem or if someone is keeping … (15 comments)

help: Help STOP Foreign Investors from purchasing Real Estate in America :o( - 04/20/13 03:40 AM
Foreign Investors continue to purchase Real Estate in cities across the United States of America. In fact huge corporate banks are working on special package deals for Foreign investors ... "Will it ever End"?
 HUGE Corporate Banks loaned money so many Americans could purchase Real Estate in America on ballon loans and arms back around 2003 - 2006 stating that they could re-finance towards the end of the ballon or arm. What they forgot to mention is that the United States would go onto a recession, their homes would be upside down and most Americans would lose their homes into … (3 comments)

help: List of Children "Murdered" in Connecticut - (Give us your Opinions) - 12/16/12 12:50 AM
Robert Swetz 30 minutes ago   PublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose Friends777S INCSee all lists...Videos By Vegas BobPhotography by Robert SwetzHarvard ClassmatesFamilyLas Vegas, Nevada AreaRealty One GroupSeifried ConsultingBody Jewelry Etc.Harvard UniversityAcquaintancesGo Back There are many sad and angry people across the world because of the children that were murdered in Connecticut Friday.May these children "Rest in Peace" within the heavens above ... :o)(And may the shooter "Rest in Hell" for taking the lives of these innocent children ... :o(On Saturday, the Connecticut State Police released a list of the names of the 26 victims who were shot and killed at a Connecticut … (13 comments)

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