kind: Get to know Laura Cerrano by Robert Swetz - 01/20/16 07:01 AM

Photograph by Robert Swetz Myanmar South East Asia 2010
Get to know Laura Cerrano by Robert Swetz
When I first joined the ActiveRain network in 2008, I had the privilege of becoming friends with Laura's mother Carole Provenzale.
And since Carole went to Heaven I have become very close friends with Laura Cerrano. And if you don't know Laura at ActiveRain, you are really missing out. Laura is a wonderful, kind, loving human being and I picked out this special photograph to post for Laura that I took in Myanmar (South East Asia) in 2010.
This ones for you Laura and I will be calling you soon … (14 comments)

kind: Another day bringing me closer to retirement ;o) - 04/26/15 11:07 PM
Monday - Monday just hate that day, but today and everyday brings all of us closer to retirement ;o)
Mondays have never been my favorite days, along with many other working people.
Many people are half asleep and out of sinc from relaxing over the weekend, and no ... not everyone works on the weekends.
So that being said, lets try and be kind, smile and be nice.
The rewards of being kind and showing respect are worth a great return ...

kind: Do your think there is a Power outside of us helping guide our Life? - 04/26/15 02:04 AM

 Reflection Lake Wasilla Alaska 2014
For the two years I have taken less control of my life and allowed events to fall into place.
I believe as we get older we become wise and learn from our past mistakes we have made along the way.
I also seriously believe that the people and ??? around us plays a huge roll on the outcome of our choices we may choose.
Everybody has ups and downs within their lives and "yes" I have had them also.
So that being said ...
How many people out there believe that there could be a source, some type of power, spirit or something helping … (8 comments)

kind: I need to hang around more creative people - 04/24/15 11:13 AM
Ever since I was very young, I have always been a very creative person, as a child, teenager and far into my adult years.
As a young child I was painting and drawing quite often. As a teenager I continued to paint water color and oil paintings, and my parents purchased a Polaroid Camera in the late 70's when I was a teenager.
To this day I continue to take photographs, videos, paint and write books.
One of the problems is all the people around me lately don't take photographs, videos, paint, etc.
These people have a hard time understanding me as a creative person and … (16 comments)

kind: Vegas Bob would like to wish everyone at Activerain a wonderful weekend - 04/17/15 01:06 PM
It's been a long week for Vegas Bob, with work and other things.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends and associates from Activerain ... ;o)
And if you get some extra time away from work, even a hour or two, try and spend time with your loved ones.
And please be kind and loving to everyone, even the mean people because they need love too...

kind: Remember ... whatever you throw out there comes back ;o) - 04/16/15 10:53 AM
Now let me ask you ... do you like when people are friendly to you or angry?
Do you like when people are loving or hateful?
Well it's all up to you ...
Whatever you throw out there comes back ;o)
Do onto others as you would have them do onto you ..
There are many types of people in this world and me, I prefer the loving, kind honest, caring type.
So if you like these type of people then try being like this yourself.
You will find it's quite rewarding ;o)

kind: You are so much "Different" than other Real Estate Agents we've met - 03/25/14 04:02 PM
You are so much "Different" than other Real Estate Agents we've met
For anyone that is searching for a Real Estate Agent to List their Home for Sale. Or for anyone that is searching for a Real Estate Agent to help them Purchase a Home, there is one Agent that stands out from the rest ...
Before Vegas Bob became a licensed Real Estate Agent he use to purchase Vacant Property all over the United States. Mostly Vacant Lake lots, River lots, Vacant Land, along with several homes here and there in the Midwest and California.
When VB moved to Las … (12 comments)

kind: It's all about your "Positive Attitude" so what's it going to be??? - 03/13/14 02:44 PM
It's all about your "Positive Attitude" so what's it going to be???
Right when you wake up in the morning is when your Attitude starts to form.
It could depend on whether you got a good nights sleep, drank too much alcohol the night before, got hit with another snow storm, lost a loved one, got divorced, lost your job, and many other (negative) occurrences.
Fell in love, bought a new car, bought a new house, got a raise, sold your home, your stocks tripled, got a new job, won the lottery, got married, retired, sold a 10 … (12 comments)

kind: Vegas Bob will be rubbing elbows with Millionaires will it change him? - 03/03/14 04:02 AM
What happens to people that rub elbows with "Millionaires"?Does it change people? Once a person reaches a certain age, does their personality usually stay the same, even when Money is involved?
And I am not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, I am talking about 20-30-40 Million dollars! If a person goes from a upper class life style to a very-very rich life style, do they become snobs, a-holes, arrogant?
Vegas Bob has always wondered this because when VB comes across Millions, he doesn't want to change. VB wants to continue being kind, loving, understanding and just himself.
So when … (25 comments)

kind: Yes Vegas Bob sells Commercial and Residential properties in Las Vegas - 02/05/14 11:20 PM
 Back in 2008 when Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz first joined the ActiveRain network he was known as a Commercial & Investment Real Estate Agent, and a professional photographer. But what some people don't realize is Vegas Bob also sells "Residential" homes.
 So just recently Vegas Bob has changed some of the names and words on his profile page at ActiveRain. Vegas Bob has dropped the professional photographer and added Residential along with Commercial.
 Over the many years of selling Real Estate in Las Vegas/ Henderson and the surrounding areas of the Las Vegas Valley, Vegas Bob has sold Residential homes.
 Here are just a … (5 comments)

kind: (Happiness within) is now available at ;o) - 11/28/12 03:56 AM
Robert (Vegas Bob) SwetzMy new book 'Happiness within' is now available at -
Online shopping from the earth's biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry, tools
I am very excited to announce that my new book 'Happiness within' is now available at
(Please click on the link above) to order now and bring some Happiness back into your life ;o)

kind: I believe that everyone has some Kindness within them ... - 03/18/12 01:29 AM
Around twenty years ago I read part of a book that mentioned Love & Kindness in all of us. Well after I read this book and went out searching and changing my attitude towards others, I was very surprised how it worked.
Through our lives we program our minds into throwing up walls and barriers when we are hurt for many different reasons, a way of protecting ourselves from being hurt again. Well I believe that these walls we form have a way of restricting our way of life, and can keep us from being who we really want to … (6 comments)

kind: This will be VEGAS BOB'S last post to Activerain - "Searching For Loving Spirits" - 12/30/11 02:03 PM

This will be VEGAS BOB'S last post to Activerain - "Searching For Loving Spirits"
There is no misprint in the title of this post, and Vegas Bob has thought about this post for quite some time! Some big changes are coming Robert Swetz's way in 2012 and one of the top changes on his list is to be in search of only (Positive, Kind, Loving, Gentle ... Spirits).
Life is short and VB has no time for negativity in his life, so for anyone out there that doesn't fit into VB's post ... sorry!
And for anyone that may … (23 comments)





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