las vegas: Vegas Bob brings you Video footage of Downtown Las Vegas Nevada by - Robert Swetz - - 05/22/10 05:04 AM
I will be posting Video footage of "Fremont Street" in Downtown Las Vegas, from "Neon Lights" to "Music" and so much more! Vegas Bob (Robert Swetz) lives in one of the most exciting entertaining cities in the World ..... (Las Vegas Nevada) and I am going to take you on a ride with my Video footage! If you have ever been to Las Vegas this will be a (Flashback) and if you have never been to Las Vegas after viewing my Videos you will think you were there and or want to come and visit .... Video by Robert Swetz (Vegas … (11 comments)

las vegas: These tourists had unbrellas in hand but some unknown force has pulled them up! - 04/01/10 02:31 AM

 The Activerain network may have brought some colder weather and possible rain, temperatures in the beginning of the week were around 80 degrees and now it's around 50 degrees.
 These tourists had some umbrellas in hand and then this unknown paranormal force of some kind slowly pulled their umbrellas up, it is the strangest thing I have ever seen.
 I am just trying to figure out what force could possibly do something like this and why?
 But the more I think about it the more I come to realize .............
 It must have been my relatives playing around again.

las vegas: Multiple Offers Guidelines for Licensees - 03/28/10 11:34 PM
Multiple Offers Guidelines for Licensees
When Taking the Listing
 1) Explain to the client that competing offers may be received.
 2) Discuss with the clients options for handling multiple offers.
 3) The client decides how they want to handle multiple offers.
 4) Advise the clients that may wish to seek legal counsel if they do receive multiple offers.
Sellers Make the Decisions - Examples of Options
 1) Accept one offer in writing, and reject all others in writing.
 2) Reject all offers in writing and encourage higher offers.
 3) Counter one offer, reject other offers in writing
 4) Delay … (2 comments)

las vegas: "April Showers bring May Flowers" ....... - 03/28/10 04:13 AM

Photograph by Robert Swetz

"April Showers bring May Flowers" .......
 "I can see clearly now the (Rain) is gone"..........
 Wait a minute even though Las Vegas has had it's fair share of rain in the last few weeks the (Rain) is not gone! And believe it or not there is more (Rain) coming April 1st, that's right Las Vegas can always use more (Rain).
 And I am talking about a different type of (Rain) ............
 The Activerain Network will be in Las Vegas Nevada April 1st for RainCamp, and it is going to be exciting. Here is more … (16 comments)

las vegas: This couple hit the "Jackpot" in Las Vegas and went on a very exspesive picnic ... - 03/14/10 09:33 AM

This couple hit the "Jackpot" in Las Vegas and when on a very expensive picnic ...
OK let's see if Vegas Bob can create some serious googlejuice by connecting more of his (links) to yours ........
ROBERT SWETZ (Vegas Bob)  2010

las vegas: Own a part of the (Fastest Growning City in the Country) Las Vegas Nevada: Commercial Land for sale, Industrial, Mud-1, C-G, C-P, Etc. - 03/13/10 02:30 AM

 Commercial Land in Las Vegas continues to hold it's value, prices have dropped some but nothing like the Residential sales and value. The (Dirt) in Las Vegas zoned Commercial is very expensive, but I have seen the value double, triple, etc. since I have lived here seven years now.
I am in the process of purchasing some Commercial land in Las Vegas and sitting on it for 5 years and making some good investment money to retire with.
I have some Land Property Owners in Las Vegas around the Airport, Henderson and Downtown, that are willing to sell. These are unlisted properties (Pocket) listings, … (3 comments)

las vegas: Vegas Bob offering free Gondola Boat rides at "The Venetian" to Love Birds from Activerain ....... - 02/04/10 01:52 PM
 Vegas Bob offering free Gondola Boat rides at "The Venetian" to Love Birds from Activerain .......
 Once again Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) is offering FREE boat rides at "The Venetian Hotel" in Las Vegas to any "Love Birds" at the Activerain Network.
 With "Valentines Day" around the corner LOVE is in the air all around the World and Las Vegas Nevada.
 So if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas Nevada and are a (member) of the Activerain Network Vegas Bob will treat you and your loved one to a FREE boat ride in one of these Gondola boats … (10 comments)

las vegas: Rumor has it Homes in Las Vegas have been reduced more than anywhere in the Nation! - 01/31/10 10:58 PM
 Rumor has it Homes in Las Vegas have been reduced more than anywhere in the Nation!
 And if this is true what are you waiting for? Log onto  or contact this Vegas Bob guy ASAP! I also heard this weekend that a newer Foreclosed home in NW Las Vegas sold for as little at $25,000 dollars.
 Homes in Las Vegas are at a all time low so if you have ever wanted to get out of the cold take a look at some employment options and find out if there is some work out here that would fit you … (7 comments)

las vegas: Which city in the United States will rebound the fastest? - 10/05/09 05:07 PM
 Which city in the United States will rebound the fastest?
 We are rounding the end of 2009 and 2010 looks like another slow year.
 In Spring of 2010 the market will be up with sales moving very quickly but then the rest of the year will continue to level off.
 One of the cities that is going to rebound faster than any other in the United States is going to be Las Vegas. The tourism is so huge inLas Vegas Nevada and with the opening of (City Center) people will be flocking to Las Vegas by the thousands.
 Las Vegas Nevada … (9 comments)

las vegas: Rumor has it this winter is going to be a (Long Cold One)! - "Is that Kenny Rodgers Home?" - 10/04/09 11:59 AM

 Rumor has it this winter is going to be a (Long Cold One)! - Is that Kenny Rodgers Home?"
 My sources have told me that this winter is going to be a bad one if you live in areas where there is snow and cold temperatures.
 Many years ago we use to drive by this beautiful home over looking the Mississippi River in Dayton Minnesota. At one time it was Kenny Rodgers home, really not sure any more but we like to believe it is. Here is a post I wrote back in January about Kenny's home.
 Kenny Rogers Home

las vegas: "Let's sell some Real Estate" Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) has been given the GREEN LIGHT! - 09/02/09 11:23 AM
 "Let's sell some Real Estate" Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) has been given the GREEN LIGHT!
 Yesterday I spoke with one of my Brokers from The Realty One Group in Las Vegas Nevada. I mentioned to Dave about all the Leads I have been receiving from the Activerain network and other sources, and how busy I have been with construction at MGM City Center.
 I told Dave I wasn't working my leads and letting them go cold, he is helping me with all the bases.
 Dave hooked me up with two of the best Commercial Agents in Las Vegas to help me … (5 comments)

las vegas: Britney Spears coming to Las Vegas September 26th - 27th 2009 - 08/30/09 12:27 PM

 Britney Spears coming to Las Vegas September  26th - 27th 2009
 I was going to reserve two tickets for the Britney Spears show but after looking at the prices and asking Nu Nu we decided not to go.
 After the price of the tickets and tax, two tickets would be around $1200 dollars. I asked Nu Nu several times and she said no,for this price we could go to Thailand for two weeks.
 Sorry Britney but Vegas Bob will not be comingto see you, my wife has seen you in concert before and she said to see you in … (8 comments)

las vegas: Celebrities that have purchased Luxury Condos at The Mandarin at MGM City Center by: Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - Part One - 08/29/09 12:07 PM

 Celebrities that have purchased Luxury Condos at The Mandarin at MGM City Center by: Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - Part One
 The Mandarin Building at City Center should be opening December of 2009 and there are some celebrities that have purchased High-rise Luxury Condos there. The 3-4 bedroom, 2-3 bathroom units start at 2 Million dollars and there is one Japanese billionaire that purchased 18 units. If this Japanese man had used me to purchase these Condo Units I would have made around 1 million in commission.
 There are 12 Celebrities photos in front of the Mandarin facing Las Vegas Blvd … (7 comments)

las vegas: "White Birds of Water" - 08/11/09 12:01 AM

    by Robert Swetz  -   &

las vegas: Some very unhappy past customers, how can I explain to them ................ - 07/07/09 01:19 PM
 Some very unhappy past clients, how can I explain to them ................
 Around 2005 & 2006 I sold quite a few homes to customers in Las Vegas Nevada, and half of these people I am still in contact with. Some were family, friends and co-workers.
 For the last couple years now I have had discussions with them about the market, some are hanging on to their homes even with the lost values of 60% plus. And some have lost their homes due to interest only loans and 3 year arms.
 It's very difficult to have positive conversations with these people because they feel I … (46 comments)

las vegas: Beautiful Flowers around the house by: Robert Swetz - 05/31/09 03:04 AM

 I wanted to capture the flowers around the house before the heat starts to burn them up. Temps in Vegas have been around 95 - 100 and going strong.
 Here are some very colorful pics of flowers around our home, some flower plants are as tall as 15 feet.

 Beautiful pinks


 Blues/ Purples


 And a little something extra ....................
 These photographs were taken by Robert Swetz 5-30-2009 in Primm Nevada - duplication is prohibited by copyright laws - all rights are reserved. I have re-sized the photos so they may be a little fuzzy. … (9 comments)

las vegas: What's happening in your neck of the woods? (please comment) - 05/30/09 03:58 AM
 What's happening in your neck of the woods?
 I moved my Real Estate License from the Summerlin office over to the new South West office. South West is the fastest growing area in Las Vegas. There are 650 agents in the Summerlin office and only 130 at the SW office.
 My license is hanging with the Realty One Group of Las Vegas Nevada and there are around 2000 agents.
 When I spoke with my Borker at the new SW office he mentioned to me that sales in April & May were record high sales since the Real Estate Company has been around.

las vegas: Vegas Bob to Busy to hook up with President Obama & Senator Harry Reid - 05/27/09 11:13 AM
Vegas Bob to Busy to hook up with President Obama & Senator Harry Reid!
 I was disappointed when I missed President Obama & Senator Harry Reid at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada.
 I have been caught up in work, taking photographs, traveling, chasing aliens, riding horses and more. Senator Harry Reid's office was working on our daughter Cherry's case last year and the beginning of this year. They were unable to help us with our case and we were very disappointed about that.
 You would think that Senator Harry Reid would have some type of power to help a little … (2 comments)

las vegas: Latest News from Las Vegas - Man found at Caesars Palace Las Vegas was murdered - Story by Vegas Bob - 05/14/09 01:36 PM
 I posted this blog on 5-11-2009 and the latest news from Las Vegas is the young man found was murdered by his friend.
 The dead young man was beaten over the head by a rock by his friend and the police have him in custody
9 hours ago a body of a young man was found at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada (edit/delete)

 Vegas Bob has just came from a crime scene at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada.
 A young mans body was found this morning in the bushes at the back door of Planet Hollywood. … (4 comments)

las vegas: Who would like to purchase a home for Vegas Bob? - 05/05/09 11:28 AM
 Who would like to purchase a home for Vegas Bob?
 I am looking at purchasing another home so when my friends from Activerain come to visit Las Vegas, they have a wonderful place to stay.
 "Here's my idea!"
 Purchase homes in Las Vegas from Vegas Bob! Out of the 145,557 members at active rain all I would need is 5% of you to purchase a first home, second home, third home. I don't care how many homes you would like to purchase.
 Move your families and friends her and purchase homes, purchase homes in Las Vegas as rentals, winter homes. I don't … (2 comments)





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