las vegas: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Embarrassed by Unemployment Division in Nevada - 12/28/15 02:28 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Embarrassed by Unemployment Division in Nevada.

Vegas Bob has been trying to contact the Nevada Unemployment Division by their automated system, phone, etc for 4 weeks now with (Zero) results.
And there is (NO) Unemployment Division Office Building in the State of Nevada. I am embarrassed to think of any state especially the State of Nevada that runs the Unemployment Division the way that they do.
It is so frustrating and to think that all the people that work in the State of Nevada that have to deal with these idiots at the … (8 comments)

las vegas: Any Activerain members visiting Vegas Thanksgiving to December 20th? - 11/24/15 08:07 AM
Vegas Bob is wondering if any Activerain members are visiting Las Vegas during Thanksgiving day until December 20th.
Vegas Bob would like to hook up and buy lunch for any AR members visiting Las Vegas for the next 3 weeks before he heads to the North Pole.
Please give VB a call at 702 443 7156
if your going to be in town ... ;o)

las vegas: Real Estate Agent Robert Vegas Bob Swetz sells Las Vegas Nevada - 11/21/15 12:56 AM
For anyone interested in purchasing and or selling Real Estate in Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada, Robert Vegas Bob Swetz can help you.
And "YES" Real Estate Agent Robert Vegas Bob Swetz sells  properties in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada.
Whether you are interested in Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Hotel Casinos, etc, Vegas Bob can hook you up.
So give Vegas Bob a call today direct at:  702 443 7156
or email him at:
Search Results Robert Vegas Bob Swetz | Facebook Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power ... Robert (Vegas Bob) … (1 comments)

las vegas: 3 Day Weekend for Vegas Bob & Alaska Bob ;o) - 11/11/15 09:47 AM
Working as a union glazier on a construction project in downtown San Jose, Veterans Day was a holiday for us. 
But because VD feel on a Wednesday the men decided to change our day off to Friday and create a 3 day weekend.
I am very excited to say that I will be spending my 3 day weekend in ... Las Vegas
The Entertainment Capitol of the World ;o)

las vegas: Happy Halloween "Black Magic Woman" Vegas Style - 10/31/15 12:25 AM

Here is a fun Halloween video from Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas Nevada ...
Vegas Style
Havr a Fun Safe time today and please drive slow through the neighborhoods ...

las vegas: Alaska Bob's last day working in San Jose - set for November 25th - 10/21/15 10:56 PM

Alaska Bob is very happy to say that his last day working construction in San Jose California will be November 25th ...
AB/VB had set a previous date in December, but has recently changed it!
Vegas Bob is looking forward to getting back to Las Vegas, sleep in his own bed after staying in Morgan Hill NorCal since January 2015.
Vegas Bob is going to hook up with his brother and family, take some CE classes for RE, study for his Alaska state test for RE, update his passport and take care of some business transactions.
Its really going to be nice to get out … (17 comments)

las vegas: Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob sure misses his Family & Friends - 10/10/15 01:22 PM
 Sunset over the hills of Santa Cruz by Robert Swetz 10-10-2015
For the most part Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob try to focus on the NOW from day to day!
But every once and a while the mind starts to wonder into the past, 1 year, 2 years, etc.
Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob/Vegas Bob has traveled around the world & America all his life ever since he was a teenager, and still travels to this day.
I have lived in many states & cities across the United States and made many friends along the way.
Well I miss my family in Minnesota, Las Vegas, Alaska, … (11 comments)

las vegas: Alaska Bob is very excited about his next visit to Alaska - 10/01/15 12:34 PM

Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is getting very excited about his next visit to Alaska.
Alaska Bob will be spending Christmas with his new family up in Anchorage.
AB will also be spending the cold winter days of January & possibly February.
Because I will be spending time during the winter months, I thought I would share some photos that I took around the mountains back in November of 2014.
And for anyone wondering how Vegas Bob is going to handle the long cold winter days & nights of Alaska.
Well, I was raised in the Midwest with very similar winter temps as Anchorage or Homer Alaska.
In fact, … (8 comments)

las vegas: The Date has been Set ... 12 - 21 -2015 - 09/20/15 11:16 PM
Robert Alaska Bob Swetz aka Vegas Bob has really been brainstorming this decision he finally made over the weekend.
This coming Date 12 - 21 - 2105 Robert Swetz will ...
Be headed back to Las Vegas to get his "Ducks in a Row" like ...
Finishing his CE classes for his RE license in the State if Nevada, studying the state test for the Alaska state license for RE and the state test for RE in California.
Along with this Robert will be making some huge decisions on some of his other businesses, and deciding if he will be moving to Alaska for the … (13 comments)

las vegas: Vegas Bob predicts 2016 - 2017 boom of homes sold in Las Vegas - 09/16/15 10:45 PM
There are some very large construction projects coming up in Las Vegas Nevada in 2016 & 2017.
Along with a boom in construction projects on Las Vegas Blvd and other parts of the city, comes a boom in home sales.
Right now the wait is because election year in 2016 creates a slow down of construction and uncertainty of investors, corporate America, etc.
There is a great chance that Robert Swetz will continue selling Real Estate in Las Vegas and work on construction projects for the next couple years.
And of course if Robert Swetz stays in Las Vegas in 2016 & 2017 you can … (7 comments)

las vegas: Alaska Bob Tours by Robert Swetz - 08/11/15 12:37 PM
   Eagle River Alaska by Robert Swetz
After a long conversation with my wife in Anchorage Alaska this evening, we both came across a great idea.
The idea crossed my mind several times when I was shooting videos in Alaska in 2014.
Along with working on getting licensed to sell real estate in Alaska, Robert Swetz will be taking new videos and promoting the beautiful state on Alaska.
 Big Lake Alaska by Robert Swetz
And Robert might possibly start his own Tour guide service called Alaska Bob Tours.
Alaska Bob loves taking videos and has promoted Las Vegas, the state of California, Utah, Arizonia, New Mexico, Minnesota, … (28 comments)

las vegas: It's been to long since I saw my father ;o( - 08/07/15 12:17 PM
My father quit traveling by air several years ago because of his knees and back, so it's been long time since I've seen him.
His last visit to Las Vegas was 2-3 years ago, I can't even remember. And it's been around 4-5 years since I have visited him in Minnesota.
There is a friend of mine that sent me a text message yesterday and mentioned that the doctor has given his father 90 hours to live, give or take and my friend is the same age as me.
And my friends father mentioned to his children that he (Does Not) want to be hooked up … (27 comments)

las vegas: Vegas Bob stays at Activerain with Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart comeback - 06/28/15 01:06 AM
With the purchase of Activerain by Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart coming back, Vegas Bob has given second thought on leaving the network.
Vegas Bob met Ben Kinney at a Activerain seminar many years ago, along with Bob Stewart around 2010 in Las Vegas Nevada.
Both Ben and Bob are very intelegent individuals and Vegas Bob feels with both of them coming back that the Activerain network will finally turn around in a positive way.
There were many Activerain members that left and or quit posting blogs when Trulia and Zillow took over.
With 20+ groups at the Activerain network and over 400+ friends and … (35 comments)

las vegas: With 110 degree temps in Vegas, want to buy a home in Alaska? - 06/22/15 09:14 AM
With temperatures in Las Vegas reaching 105, 110 & 115, it's a little toasty outside to be showing homes.
So that being said, who is interested in traveling to beautiful Alaska to look at some homes?
With temperatures of 50 degree lows and between 70 to 95 degree highs, what ideal temps for a vacation, or searching for a second home.
Another bonus about Alaska this time of the year is 22 hours of sunlight to play ;o)
Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz will be studying the state test to get licensed to sell real estate in Alaska this fall.
So whether you want to have Vegas … (23 comments)

las vegas: Focus on Now - The Past and Future are only an illusion - 05/16/15 10:40 AM
Working in California for the last couple months has created so much confusion.
Thoughts of the past and so much thought about the future has been overwhelming Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's mind.
How long will I work in California?
Should I live in California?
Should I keep my place in Las Vegas?
Should I move to Alaska?
Should I get licensed to sell RE in California and or Alaska?
Should I retire?
Should I purchase property in California?
Should I purchase property in Alaska
Should I fix my home in Minnesota?
Traveling to Alaska for several months in 2014 and now working in NorCal has created so many thoughts, that Vegas Bob is totally confused ... And … (21 comments)

las vegas: Follow Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz at YouTube - 05/05/15 11:44 AM

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz has been posting videos from around the world to 2 different YouTube accounts for many years now ...
From places like ...
Nevada, Las Vegas, Fremont Street, Henderson, Summerlin, Lake Las Vegas, Goldfield, Walker Lake, Area 51, Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Utah, California, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Dana Point, Big Sur, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, Carmel By the Sea, Monterey, San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Lake Tahoe, Eureka, Red Woods, Ferndale, Mad River, Arizona, Flagstaff, Snowflake, New Mexico, Roswell, Socorro, Minnesota, Brainerd, Aitkin, Minneapolis, St Paul, Crosby, Alaska, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla, Homer, and many … (14 comments)

las vegas: Who wants to buy some Real Estate in Las Vegas? - 04/20/15 10:31 AM
Real Estate in Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding cities in southern Nevada have turned around and headed to the stars ...
Vegas Bob doesn't see anything slowing down the Real Estate market in southern Nevada.
Whether your an investor, first time buyer, interested in a great vacation property or searching for a great retirement property, please call Vegas Bob today at:
702 443 7156
or email him today at:

las vegas: 2015 could be my last year working as a Glazier - 02/19/15 09:58 AM
After 35 years working as a Glazier, I might just be calling it quits.
My back and other parts of my body have really taken a toll in the construction trade.
I did start my own glass company one year ago in Las Vegas and have a real estate license in the state of Nevada and this should carry me through until I retire.
I am working on a huge project in downtown San Jose and it is just tearing my old body down ;o(
My wife in Alaska has been telling me for the last 6 … (11 comments)

las vegas: Having a Home is very important, when's the last time you roughed it? - 02/15/15 11:00 PM
             Robert Swetz with BMW motorcycle in Brainerd Minnesota 2003
Having a Home is very important, when's the last time you roughed it?
For the last couple of weeks Vegas Bob has been roughing it in Morgan Hill California, staying in a friends RV trailer.
Around 5 days per week we did not have access to a shower or toilet because be had to move the RV from the trailer park to a more remote location.
So Vegas Bob had to join the 24 hour fitness in Morgan Hill.

Robert Swetz fishing at Jimmy … (14 comments)

las vegas: How many people know what "Rolling Doubles" are? - 02/10/15 02:11 PM
How many people know what "Rolling Doubles" are?
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz landing a job working on a construction project in downtown San Jose.
Vegas Bob is a union worker and the project is a union job.
In the state of California, this coming Friday & Monday are designating holidays.
The foreman of the project asked Vegas Bob and the other men if we wanted to work Friday & Saturday, and we said yes.
Well this being said, if we work Friday & Saturday this will be what Is called "Rolling Doubles" 
And I am not talking about … (21 comments)





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