licensed: Glass & Metal Specialists searching for General Contractors in Morgan Hill & San Jose California - 05/15/17 09:34 PM

Glass & Metal Specialists searching for General Contractors in Morgan Hill & San Jose California
Glass & Metal Specialists have a contractors license in the state of California for installing aluminum extrusion and glass.
Glass & Metal Specialists is insured & bonded, and are licensed to do work in Morgan Hill and San Jose California.
For any general contractors that are searching for a great glass company to install glass on their projects please call
Robert Swetz at: 702 443 7156
or email GMS at:
Please visit GMS website at:
Glass & Metal Specialists

licensed: Residential Homes - Summerlin Red Rock Canyon - Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 01/26/16 07:47 AM

Here are some videos of Summerlin Las Vegas around the Red Rock Canyon area that been getting a lot of attention through the Internet.
I thought I would post them again and remind people interested in purchasing a home in Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada, that Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz can help you a home.
And remember ... even if you are visiting Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada and you are looking at homes on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc, chances are you will end up using a Real Estate Agent.
So why not use "Vegas Bob" ... a licensed licensed agent (Realtor) in the … (7 comments)

licensed: How many Activerain members miss Vegas Bob? - 08/12/15 02:15 PM
There sure has been a lot of posts written about the name Alaska Bob being replaced for Vegas Bob.
So I was wondering if some Activerain members are thinking ... enough of Alaska Bob ;o/
We want Vegas Bob Back ...
Well just a heads-up everyone, Robert Swetz has been posting thousands and thousands of stories, photographs, videos and so much more under the name Vegas Bob for around 7 years now.
Even though Robert has been trying to replace the nickname Vegas Bob with Alaska Bob, the many blogs over the years will never go away.
Robert Swetz will continue to sell real estate in … (9 comments)

licensed: State of Nevada Ordained Minister Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 12/22/14 01:26 AM

State of Nevada Ordained Minister Robert Vegas Bob Swetz   In March of 2014 Robert Swetz aka "Vegas Bob" became an Ordained Minister in the State of Nevada.   That's right, Vegas Bob can marry couples in the State of Nevada But prefers to marry couples in Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding Las Vegas Valley.     If there are any couples planning on getting married in Las Vegas and would like to get married by Vegas Bob, please feel free to contact VB at:   or call him direct at  702 443 7156      

licensed: Realtors leave Home Inspectors & Home Staging to the Professionals - 12/07/14 03:16 PM
Realtors leave Home Inspections & Home Staging to the Professionals
When it comes to Home Inspections and or Home Staging, please leave this to the Professionals. As a Realtor you are a Professionals in the Real Estate Industry, so please refrain from acting as Professional in a business your not educated in.
And Home Inspectors & Home Stagers please don't act like Reators, leave Real Estate to the Professionals, unless you are (Licensed) as Professional in a certain trade and or business. You can get into serious trouble not being licensed and can also get sued for acting like a licensed Professional in a … (13 comments)

licensed: Are there any Brokers or Real Estate Agents that are licensed in 2 different States? - 08/14/11 10:26 PM

 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz is thinking of getting licensed in California, and of course is already licensed in the State of Nevada.
  VB is interested in getting licensed to sell Real Estate in the State of California. Are there any members of AR that are licensed in 2 or more States?
  Does anyone know if VB has to pass both tests to get licensed in another State or just pass the State exam?
 "Inquiring Minds Want to Know"


licensed: Can I be licensed to sell Real Estate in two different states? - 04/03/09 11:52 AM
 I have known several agents that are licensed Real Estate agents in 2-3 different states.
 I am interested in becoming licensed to sell Real Estate in another state. If there are any agents or brokers that are licensed in more than one state, please send me a comment and give me your opinion on this subject.
 Do you think it's worth having a Real Estate license in another state?
 Is it true that I only have to take the state test to become licensed in another state?
 I look forward to reading your comments on this subject!
 Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)

licensed: How long have you been in the Real Estate business & what is your favorite experience? - 01/20/09 01:00 PM
 How long have you been in the Real Estate business & what is your favorite experience?
 I wanted to mix up my blogs some and throw these two questions out there. I think there will be more response from people that have been in the business longer than others.
 It will be very interesting to read comments from others and to know how many years they have under their belt.
 Also, what has been you favorite experience in the Real Estate business?
 I myself have been purchasing Real Estate properties for over twenty years and have been licensed in the state … (17 comments)





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