lin: Merry Christmas Card my wife Lin made - 12/22/16 05:23 PM
Merry Christmas Card my wife Lin made
My wife Lin made some Christmas Cards and I think she may have made them on Facebook.
Anyway here is my favorite card she made that she posted on Facebook. Some AR members gave a thumbs up and some left comments.
Both Lin and I want to wish everyone a wonderful safe Christmas holiday ;o)
This photo was taken in Girdwood Alaska in spring of 2016

lin: I am missing my wife and Fall in Alaska ... - 10/02/16 12:51 AM

I am missing my wife and Fall in Alaska ...
In Fall of 2015 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz had the privilege of being in Alaska driving around viewing the Fall colors and taking some photographs.
My wife Lin and I drove up to Fairbanks which is around a 7 hour drive north of Anchorage. Fairbanks is 100's of miles away from the ocean and has many different types of trees than Anchorage, Seward & Homer.
I have always enjoyed the 4 seasons and Fall colors because I grew up in the Midwest and experienced them every year.
Here are a several photos with the leaves changing … (12 comments)

lin: My wife Lin sent this photo in a text from Alaska today! - 07/17/16 12:52 PM
My wife Lin sent this photo in a text from Alaska today!
The last time I saw my wife was in Alaska May 24th 2016 when I flew back down to the Lower 48.
One of her sons took this photo of my wife Lin at church today and she sent me a text message with this photo attached.
What a sweet photo and we will be together the end of August in Alaska fishing Halibut in Homer Alaska. 
And then in September or October Lin will be flying down to San Jose to spend time with me in California ;o)
She is such a sweetheart … (12 comments)

lin: Traveling the World and Teaching the Word of God? - 11/01/15 02:09 AM

For the last 5 years as Robert Swetz has been getting older there have been many ideas and future plans running through his brain.
In 2014 Robert Swetz became a Ordained Minister in the State of Nevada and has been thinking of stepping it up a notch within the Ministry.
Both my new wife Lin in Alaska and I have spoken about becoming a Minister in Alaska, or maybe traveling the World teaching the Word of God.
I seriously think Lin is a Saint and she would love to see and listen to her husband in front of a church and or in front of … (14 comments)

lin: Family here - Freezer full of Fish - Can Robert Swetz stay in Alaska? - 07/18/15 02:40 AM
 Lin at Anchor Point Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
With a freezer full of Halibut, Salmon and Octopus in Alaska ... along with family living here, why should Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob go back to the Lower 48?
Well everyone, Vegas Bob's short trip to Alaska is finally coming to a end. VB has to jump on a plane Sunday afternoon and fly back to the Bay Area in California.
               New freezer full of Halibut, Salmon & Octopus by Robert Swetz
Take a this new freezer we purchased just to put our halibut, salmon and octopus we … (13 comments)

lin: What's really bringing Alaska Bob back to the Last Frontier - 06/18/15 10:47 AM

The beautiful young lady in the photo above that was taken at Lucile Lake in Wasilla Alaska is by far the number one reason Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is going to Alaska ;o)
Robert Swetz will be fishing for halibut in Homer Alaska the second week of July 2015 with his lovely wife Lin.
November 2014 was the last time Vegas Bob was in Alaska, and in May of 2015 Lin stopped into San Jose for a visit.
The second reason Alaska Bob will visiting the Last Frontier in Alaska would be it's beauty.
The beauty of Alaska is by far one of … (17 comments)

lin: Life in the Fast Lane - 05/29/15 01:32 PM
Life in the Fast Lane
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been working and driving in the Fast Lane in the Bay Area in Northern California for the last couple months.
Working long hours is taking a toll on Vegas Bob and he is looking forward to taking some time off when this project is complete in San Jose.
The project should finish up around November/December of 2015.
Vegas Bob is seriously thinking about taking one year off from construction and living with his wife in Alaska.
Vegas Bob has already spoken with his wife Lin and she is very excited and mentioned that she is ready … (6 comments)

lin: Can somebody please help me Skype my wife? - 03/11/15 10:26 AM
Can somebody please help me Skype my wife?
When it comes to the computers and technology Vegas Bob is great at loading photos & videos, but not much into chatting on the Internet.
Well my wife Lin bought me a new iPhone 6+ for an early birthday present before she went to the Philippines to visit family and friends.
Lin has been using Skype and other free Internet services for communicating with family and friends ever since they came out.
Lin even loaded Skype and Viber so we could chat while she is in the Philippines. 

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