material: What's Next??? - 10/31/15 11:53 AM
As I get older in the Game of Life different thoughts, ideas, beliefs, etc come into play.
Our minds think differently when we are growing up, from the day we are born, to a teenager, reaching our 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and so on.
Our priorities change all through our lives and thoughts that were very important many years ago, become less and less important.
Well for the last 5 years and as I get older and closer to retirement, "What's Next" seems to play over and over in my head.
And as I come wiser and realize the world day in and day out … (17 comments)

material: It will be years for Robert Swetz to take over the name Alaska Bob - 07/26/15 07:25 AM

Mount McKinley Denali National Park Alaska 2015
Robert Swetz is on another mission that will take years to accomplish ...
Vegas Bob is in the process of purchasing land in Homer Alaska so VB is going to continue post blogs and material with the name Alaska Bob in them.
Robert Swetz spent approx 5 years taking over the name Vegas Bob after some Activerain members gave it to him.
And now Robert Swetz will be working very hard on taking over and putting himself at number #1 for Google searchers with the name Alaska Bob.
There are reasons for Robert Swetz's madness and if you look … (15 comments)

material: Layover in Seattle gives me time for one more - 07/10/15 09:14 AM
Well it looks like Vegas Bob has been given another oppertunity to post one more with a layover in Seattle.
Vegas Bob just wanted to touch base with all his friends and associates from the Activerain network.
Some of you might be wondering why Vegas Bob blogs about his vacations, times and dates, and why he doesn't worry about intruders coming to his home while he is on vacation.
Well the main reason Vegas Bob doesn't worry is because the properties where VB lives are under unrecognizable names. It would be impossible for anyone to really know where VB lives, and that's the way … (9 comments)

material: Please spend time with your family July 4th - Money isn't everything - 07/03/15 03:43 AM
For any of you out there that are caught up and or possibly controlled by money, please try and take a break.
Sure Money is important for paying bills, getting ahead and or keeping up with the "Jones" ...
But did you know for the most part, many of us can make money anytime?
And did you know that if many of us were to budget more and or get rid of some of the material and or garbage we have collected over the years that we would have more money and time for our families?
Time with our families, relatives and close friends cannot be replaced.
Time … (10 comments)

material: Jealousy of people creates Hatred within People by Robert Swetz 2014 - 05/11/14 01:11 PM
Jealousy of people creates Hatred within People by Robert Swetz 5-11-2014  
Jealousy of people creates Hatred within People by Robert Swetz 5-11-2014
Within a world full of Greed & Material ... Jealousy creates so much Hatred. Instead of people being happy for the one's that have succeeded in life, they show jealousy & hatred.
A little word of advice from Vegas Bob ... If you really like success and would like to have the nice cars, homes, clothes, etc. that you see successful people are sporting. Then study them, stop talking bad about them and expressing your "Jealousy" ...

And for some … (6 comments)

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