posting blogs: Vegas Bob expresses less blogging with New ActiveRain Platform - 09/20/16 10:55 PM
Vegas Bob expresses less blogging with New ActiveRain Platform
The New Platform and Look of the ActiveRain Network is wonderful with more gadgets, more color and larger images, but 50% of my comments and 20% of my posts to ActiveRain come from my cell phone.
For a person on the go, traveling from state to state, working a variety of different jobs and or businesses the new ActiveRain Platform doesn't work very well on a cell phone.
I tried posting and leaving comments and it's more difficult and with all the new banners, etc, it's a pain in the butt.
So Vegas Bob will do … (34 comments)

posting blogs: Get more Exposure at ActiveRain by Posting to 5 different Groups - 01/21/16 02:27 AM
Get more Exposure at ActiveRain by Posting to 5 different Groups
So often I see "Newbies" and other ActiveRain members blogging and writing posts to only 1 group or no group at all!
The ActiveRain platform allows members to post to 5 different groups, so this being said, it makes more sense to use 5 groups vs none.
I moderate all these groups down below and roll through them every other week featuring the ones that I like. So if you would really like to get to know Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob/Alaska Bob, this would be a great way to do this.
I also … (15 comments)

posting blogs: Google Juice booms for Alaska Bob - 08/18/15 12:16 PM

The Google Juice for Alaska Bob continues to boom and rise rapidly to the top on Google pages.
With all the written posts, blogging, photographs and videos that Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz continues to plug within the World Wide Web, the ranks continue to rise.
And of all the networks that Robert Swetz plugs to, YouTube and Activerain seem to be to be the top 2 ranked for search engine optimization.
So a heads-up for readers that want their posts to rise to the top of Google pages the fastest ...
YouTube and Activerain 
Here is a video Alaska Bob took in Alaska in 2014. … (12 comments)

posting blogs: 22 - 23 page on Google Search of Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob - Robert Swetz - 07/28/15 11:12 AM

Hatchers Pass Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz did a Google search with the name Alaska Bob and at this moment is only showing up on pages 22 -23.
Vegas Bob thought for sure he would be higher up and is thinking about doing several videos at YouTube, which will bring his ranks up much faster.
YouTube is known for having the number #1 search engines/optimization in the world.
Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
So Alaska Bob will continue to post blogs, etc within the World Wide Web and try his best to rise up the ranks of searching the name … (12 comments)

posting blogs: Positive Attitudes are Accepted - Please refrain from Negativity - 07/17/15 04:16 AM
Many years ago when I first joined the Activerain network back in January 2008, Robert Swetz was a babe in the woods.
And yes Robert Swetz had his many ups and downs with members, being accepted and learning to post blogs.
Within 2 years at the Activerain network, Robert Swetz was given the name "Vegas Bob" by some of his favorite friends and associates.
Vegas Bob formed over 20 groups at Activerain, formed over 600 friends and associates, and did his best to fit in.
We as members don't have to agree with every ones posts, opinions, etc at Activerain.
So that being said, let's do our … (43 comments)

posting blogs: Vegas Bob stays at Activerain with Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart comeback - 06/28/15 01:06 AM
With the purchase of Activerain by Ben Kinney and Bob Stewart coming back, Vegas Bob has given second thought on leaving the network.
Vegas Bob met Ben Kinney at a Activerain seminar many years ago, along with Bob Stewart around 2010 in Las Vegas Nevada.
Both Ben and Bob are very intelegent individuals and Vegas Bob feels with both of them coming back that the Activerain network will finally turn around in a positive way.
There were many Activerain members that left and or quit posting blogs when Trulia and Zillow took over.
With 20+ groups at the Activerain network and over 400+ friends and … (35 comments)

posting blogs: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz meets Alaska Bob in The Last Frontier ;o) - 06/17/15 11:13 AM

For anyone that follows Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, Alaska Bob and blogs about "The Last Frontier" here is another ;o)
Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has written several posts with beautiful photographs of Alaska.
And will continue posting until his next visit the second week of July 2015.
So if you come across any posts by Robert Swetz with "The Last Frontier" within the title, take note that there will be great photographs of Alaska from his vacations in 2014.
Here are two wonderful photographs taken by Robert Swetz in Whittier Alaska in 2014

posting blogs: Why do I get less comments when I post about Real Estate? - 04/11/15 08:25 AM
I have been posting blogs at the Activerain network for 7+ years now.
I became a member of Activerain back in January 2008 and have over 3800 posts on the network.
It's so strange to see less comments left at my posts that are written about Real Estate, it puzzles me.
Are there any other members at Activerain that also receive less comments when they post about Real Estate?
"Inquiring Minds Want to Know" 

posting blogs: Vegas Bob's wife bought him a new iPhone 6+ - 03/03/15 01:59 PM
Vegas Bob is very excited because his wife bought him the new iPhone 6+ 
She mailed it from Alaska 4 days ago and I will be picking up my new phone at her sisters home in Fremont California tomorrow after work.
Vegas Bob is very excited and wondering if he will be able to post blogs easier than he has been able to lately.
I have photos of my new iPhone 6+ which is gold in color but my old iPhone 4 will not allow me to post new photos to the Activerain network ;o(
Maybe my … (13 comments)

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